Thank you Jorge for inviting me to this truly amazing experience.  In over 40 years of practicing I have done many meditation retreats and yoga retreats.  But nothing as amazing as this.  The combination of Goenka style Vipassana and Yoga with beautiful music is exquisite.  In all my years of doing Yoga, lip service was paid to yoga as preparation and integral to meditation.  Well, this is it.  Amazing use of Yoga and movement and music to open the body so that meditation can be still and profound. Wow, it is an amazing honor to do a Quepasana course.  And then there is the location.  The most beautiful beach estate in Maui has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Jorge is so incredibly generous to provide everything, good tent cabins, beds, great food, and so freely offered.  I am amazed and inspired, grateful, appreciative and more.   I feel more rested and deeply relaxed than I remember.  I have stopped a 4 cup of coffee per day habit, no wine with dinner, probably lost 10 pounds and feel great.

Thank you Jorge for such a profound time here – so revitalizing, renewing and resetting.  So glad to be able to purge out all that no longer serves me.  Thank you for holding such a deep and agenda-less loving presence.    It has helped me to reach into the most tender, delicate spots buried deep within and heal them through the dynamic process of self-realization.  Blessings.

What a beautiful experience.  Thank you so much for this incredible gift!  I really appreciated the crystal clear instructions of the techniques and the light hearted  attitude with which it was presented.  You are a phenomenal teacher and I am so grateful for your immense generosity in sharing yourself and creating this amazing space for growth and healing.  I felt completely supported and genuinely cared for through the presence of you and your staff, especially Maryann, who is an incredible angel who seemed to be always on top of everything.  The location, food, and accommodations were all superb.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to deepen their meditation practice.  PS.  My baby was dancing wildly in my belly every time you played the singing bowls.  Thank you for welcoming us here and for offering such a magical, potent journey. Blessings and Aloha.

First, and foremost I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of Quepasana. The fact that it all came together was a blessing in itself. MaryAnn, I TRULY appreciate you following up on my application for me. My soul needed Quepasana on every level, and even though I didn't get to talk with Jorge please tell him that his caring energy, guidance and gift of Quepasana was so INSPIRING!!! My heart will forever be so full due to everyone's loving support and presence. After it all, I was definitely overwhelmed with emotions of love, awe, excitement and having to talk again! I had so many profound experiences that were overwhelming to express at the time, and I'm definitely a cry baby lol! I since have written everything down, and been able to digest it all. 


If you can also let Jorge know that my shoulder pain has since been GONE! The mere fact that I was able to witness the pain coming and going with my mind through body scanning was such a huge shift. He seriously makes me want to pursue my goal of teaching people how to meditate. Meditation already had been a huge part of my life and made me more mindful, peaceful and present, but the eliminating of pain was completely unexpected. I remember him answering one of my questions and saying "keep doing the work" lol and "the pain will eventually loose it's grip on you" - but all that was going through my mind was "BUT HOW LONG WILL THAT TAKE?!" Silly me. That part was all up to me too, and the fact that I honestly haven't felt any pain since I left is just a plain miracle because that pain has been consistently present in my life since 2013.... and I've tried so many things to make the pain stop. Everything was truly magical!

With the fullness of my heart, peace in my mind and light in my spirit - MAHALO NUI LOA to Jorge for his amazing contribution to humanity, to you for making sure everything was comfortable, easy and delicious and the entire Quepasana family for being a presence of loving energy.

Warmest Aloha,


I am truly grateful for this amazing experience where I feel truly given to and loved.  This experience has been beyond my dreams.  The instructor is humble and wise.  Thank you for making this experience gentle and loving with the frequent breaks and easy flowing movement with a voice full of compassion and thoughtfulness.  I have traveled the world and had many extraordinary adventures, and this has by far exceeded them all.  The environment, the great care that made me feel loved and facilitated the journey to my soul was extraordinary and life altering.  I feel strong and ready to handle life’s challenges.  Wow!  Maryann is an amazing cook.  I feel her love and compassion in every bite I take.  Her creativity in the kitchen making amazing healthy dishes make me not miss meat which I did not think was possible.  You are a giving and loving person.  I love your smile and gentle ways.  Thank you.

Dearest Jorge, Maryann and Servers – Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.   What a gift you are giving, and to take this time to sit, be silent and receive was the best gift I could give myself.   I have been wanting to do Vipassana for a long time, but was intimidated and never made the time.  But this version of a course seemed so nurturing and inviting, and it was!

I am excited to bring this practice into my daily life, and am so inspired by what is possible.  I loved the LED lights, aesthetics, cabins, attention to detail and the extra love put into all of it.  Maryann’s signage is so fun!  I look forward to serving future Quepasana courses in any way I can and am happy I live here on Maui!.  As for Ponomakena, I am so glad this special land is in your care now!   My daily snorkel was a spiritual experience I cherished greatly.  (Saw a 6 foot eel, several turtles and a barracuda).

Also, I have never felt so loved and nurtured in a massage before –   Truly an angel that brought me to tears. 

I am so excited to share this lifestyle with others!

Friday was the best Yin Yoga EVER!  It’s great when you lose track and take a spontaneous talk

What the world needs now is Quepasana, sweet Quepasana.  It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of..  I am extremely grateful.  You all are awesome.  A chance to go deeper and deeper.

Before attending this course I considered myself aware of the extent to which my mind acts on its own accord.  Someone who may be considering attending a Quepasana course and is thinking it will be a peaceful, relatively thoughtless and clear minded experience is in for quite a shock.  We are ALL far crazier than we think.  I expected that my mind’s activity would lessen because I was not speaking or interacting with the world through my phone screen, which I do for hours every day.  On the contrary, my mind has never seemed more active, bothersome and disruptive to my attempts at meditation, no-thought and awareness.  As if it felt threatened, or understood that its dominion was being challenged, it came, full force and consistently pulled my attention away from the present moment.  In the book Power Freedom and Grace, Deepak Chopra states that of the 60,000 thoughts we have per day , 95 percent of them are the same ones we had yesterday, and so on.  However, during my stay at Ponomakena, my mind exhumed thoughts and memories I had not entertained in years.  I found myself remembering things I had all but forgotten, especially trivial content from movies and such.  It made me regret all the time I spent watching stupid things through a screen as they endlessly tormented me in my attempts to stay focused.  I doubt I would have ever realized the extent of my inner chatter without coming here.  For this I am eternally grateful


The food is spectacular!  So tasty, filling and perfect!

I love Quepasana.  It is an enormous privilege to be here now, thank you so much for hosting all of this all of us.  Eternally grateful

I got the breakthrough I was hoping for this morning when I remembered something you said last night as I was fighting away fatigue in one of the last sits for the day.  You described how one can often chew on thoughts like a dog chews on a bone.  The insight hit me like a jolt.  Big I immediately ordered little i to fetch up one body scan.  As soon as little i did that, Big I ordered it to do it again -  fetched for almost one hour!

This has been a great experience.  I feel so welcome.  Although the schedule is rigorous it is very doable.  Jorge is passionate about sharing Vipassana with some unique and very helpful twists.  He has a lighthearted sense of humor as well.  It is clear that the entire course was developed very mindfully including the location, the cabins, meals and schedule.  Having all the little extras was fantastic.  Candles, notes about meals, music, lighting, etc.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and all of the beautiful people who have made this course possible.  I feel that you have found the ideal balance in Vipassana and this real world we live in.  I had been searching for four years for the right place to do this and when a friend told me about Quepasana I knew I had found my home! 

Quepasana = Vipassana+Yoga+Being Human+Magic

On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed the Kundalini and the Yin Yoga and also found the ten point meditation recording helpful.  The talent last night was soul touching and the food! (need I say more?)

Interestingly enough, in my early life it was much easier to be a critic than a celebrator.  With years of building pockets of stillness- along with honesty and humility, I can happily say that I’m now a celebrator.

I celebrate life, the beauty of all living things, this spectacular planet, the ability to soften my heart, all those that came before and those of the future.  In this moment of time I celebrate you all that make this course a reality.  Jorge, your land, your amazing open heartedness, including all the pieces of the process that brought you to Mother Maui.  MaryAnn and Jeff who work tirelessly from day break to evening.  Special kudos to MaryAnn for taking the organization and responsibility in her hands so the dance of Quepasana flows.  Not to leave out the epicurean delights that emanate from her creativity. 
I particularly love what the younger generation gleams from this course. – Only to shape their lives, their integrity with the fierce and powerful message to listen to their heartsong and that it will never forsake them.

For myself, at this chapter of my life where I am putting the finishing touches to my life – this course consistently allows me the opportunity to dive deeper into my source.  As I bring this life to completion (when the time comes) enabling me let go and fly high with ease.

We are beautiful like-minded friends from time without beginning.  I love you.

I highly recommend this silent course experience.  You deserve to give yourself an opportunity to connect with your higher self and to gain powerful tools to guide you on your journey and its turbulent times.  You learn how to release the stress trapped in your body based on your inability to accept life as it is and to seek the lesson and growth that it offers us.  These tools will enable you to free your body from disease and addictions which are caused by an inability to surrender to life challenges and discomfort.  I was grateful for the body scanning and the guided meditation that helps you stay in your body and observe where your negative trapped emotions exist.  The meditation helps you to locate those areas and with awareness and focused breath relieve it for those areas.  The power in silence helps you to stop and disrupt the negative thought patterns.  It felt great to stop the victim story and be in a state of awareness and acceptance with all these powerful tools to take back with you.  You will also strengthen your mind and body with Yin Yoga and organic vegetarian meals that help to raise your vibration and to make massive changes in your thinking patterns.

I was pleasantly surprised with the hour of massage and the opportunity to play crystal bowls and charge my crystals as well.  The bonds of friendship I made with like-minded spiritual friends will be cherished.  The spiritual facilitator was extraordinary with his profound words of wisdom and guiding you to honor your body by being gentle.  There are a variety of sitting arrangements for your comfort.  I highly recommend it.  You deserve it.  I don’t ever remember feeling so loved and given to in such abundance and happiness with kindness and compassion.  There were adequate breaks and rest time.  It was very orderly and timely with meals and snacks.  You will not be wanting for anything.  The privilege to feel so cherished will give your mind a rest to recharge and get back to your life feeling empowered, calm and well rested with amazing tools to take away that will greatly enhance your life forever!

Thank you for this phenomenal experience.  It has filled me with grace.  I am a regular meditator and I appreciated learning Vipassana and Yoga.  I am going back home and will incorporate yoga into my daily meditation program.  I had the experience during one of the meditations where I was deconstructed and I became particles in space.  I still knew who I was as particles.  The word Alchemy comes to mind when I think of this.  I found the somatic work wonderful.  I felt some of the deepest levels of rest through those exercises.  I have been resistant to yoga in the past, but no longer!  I loved the Yin Yoga and I’m going to get a bolster!

I feel the contribution your organization makes to the world is priceless.  I feel very strongly that meditation is a gateway to awareness and raising consciousness.  We must WAKE UP! Much love for your work.

Each breath

Like many winds

The yin space

Like the still of Summer evenings

In the moment

To and through fields

Of passing wild flowers

The gusty turbulence

Of love

And love softly

Come for the meditation, stay for the food

The only problem I have is thinking I am separate from God (Source, Tao, etc).  I am here to serve and align myself with good.  May my heart greet all those that I meet today.  The only job I have is to be a point of light on the planet.  (Inspired while cooking with MaryAnn)

This is so beautiful.   Thank you all.  You are so beautiful.  Filled with so much gratitude.

So my rating on the five hearts scale is ∞/5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥……….   I look forward to coming back soon.  I know we call this a course, and it’s also a great RE-TREAT, treat and treat again.  Day 1 was challenging for me and I loved breathing through it all and staying in the moment.  The rest of the week just kept getting easier and better (tho’ not challenge free)  Gracias! Mahalo – Merci – thanks!

Silent course feedback:

I find the location and setup to be aesthetically appealing and really set the stage for a dynamic experience to be still and to experience my soul and the universal life force.  I am grateful to have my own living space and to sleep in peace.  Thanks for putting up the hammocks, a great addition.  I was delightfully impressed with the crystal bowls and having the opportunity to play and charge my crystals with.  I hope when I return I have the pleasure of playing them.  The body work was a WOW.  I was not expecting that and was grateful to have my body experience such delight and feeling of being loved.  I cannot say enough about the frequent and delicious meals.  I felt full here with such amazing care.   What an amazing cook!  It is going to be hard to go back to my cooking.   I save the best for last.  I consider you to be an amazing spiritual guru.  I really appreciated feeling comfortable to be gentle to my body and being constantly reminded to do so.  Your voice is soothing and compassionate.  The frequent breaks for my sore body were needed.   I love your music choices.  It put me in the mood to silence my busy mind.  I loved your words of wisdom and find them to be powerful and I will take them back to my daily grind.


I really liked how you kept changing up the meditation options and exercise routine especially Sunday the free style dancing and guided meditation.  I will never forget this amazing week where I for the first time in my life was still and I got a chance to give thanks and praise to my soul.  I have such great tools to take back to my daily life to make this world a better place for me and others.  I will remember to pause and scan my body to identify my stress and release it with acceptance for life as it is and to meditate before I take action to make the best choice available to me.  Thank you for your wisdom.   I will honor universal consciousness expressed as my soul in this short term body by meditating first before I start my day so that I may be better equipped to surrender to life lessons and challenges instead of responding out of fear and anger negatively contributing to the chaos that we have globally co-created.  Thank you for creating a powerful ripple effect to make this world enjoyable and to live together in peace.

May abundance of health, wealth, joy, love and happiness be with this place and all who enter it.  You are valued and appreciated by me more than words can express.  You have positively changed the course of my life and I look forward to “paying it forward”

OMG.  I think I have died and gone to food heaven.  Amazing!  Cooked up with so much love and wanted nothing in return.  How awesome is that?


Tuesday I cried in front of everyone and it was a big, big challenge.  When I felt my tears coming up I asked my guides to wait to be alone to cry out, it was the time of release!  Do you know why I cried?  Sadness?  Suffering about being broke or poor? Fear to be in my situation?  No, my soul cried out of pure joy, thankfulness and reverence for all that has happened to me….. It was a deep time of humbling letting go of unnecessary pressure on my shoulders accumulated since years of spiritual initiations and missions.   About Thursday morning, my soul faced my lower dimensions due to a lack of nicotine.  The intense breath of fire helped me transmute… or try to… because my resistances were intense!  I’m thankful for this experience on Thursday morning during yoga and meditation, being pulled down by addiction like that did show me what I need to be doing to free myself of what does not serve me any more.

Thank you for what you do for the spirit, the one, the unity.  This is beautiful beyond measure and to have served you during this week was a deep honor.

Thank you from my heart, spirit, mind and body for such a heavenly setup.   It could not be better to come home in such a roly poly playful, blissful, accepting way.  The gods must have sent you and your crew to help us see the endless mystery in ourselves and all around us.  My wish is to contribute to this awakening, I will listen closely to the whisper of the gods.  My heart and spirit is in tune with yours.  Thank you to everyone.

Here we go again……..  What just happened?  Touching, feeling the love of who I am with profound and deep gratitude for who and what you bring.  For all the persistant work and coming through yet another layer.  And mostly for showing up fully with such a big heart.  You give freely what works for you.  The ability to guide with your verbage is a poetic truth for us to rest in the natural great peace – which we all deserve.

Quepasana = a florucopia of insight, awareness, meditation, nutrition, change, flow, here today, gone tomorrow but always present, always there.   Oh yeah, sunshine, wind, rain and rainbows.

I am so deeply touched!  This has been an amazing exquisite experience.  Just what I was longing for:  diving into the spaciousness and beauty of silence, being held and cared for by angels, and in one of the most sacred places in the islands of Hawaii; a true refuge, a refuge of nature, a refuge of love, a refuge of hope for the troubled times we live in.  I would not have enough paper to express my gratitude.  Thank you, gracias, mahalo.  It is easy to dream, but it takes so much more to manifest. 
Regarding the practices, I think it is brilliant the way you are bringing Goenka and Reggie Ray (Tibetan Buddhism) together.  The way Ray works with the Soma brings in a whole new dimension to the meditation practice. I very much enjoyed the earth descent practice today.  I was surprised I had trouble staying awake for the 10-point practice although I have listened to that or other similar recordings before.  Maybe the fact that today it was earlier in the day made a difference.  I very much like Ray’s work and in this context it very much expanded my exploration.

I think this is the perfect medicine for a lot of us longing to go deeper but not able to find the context, the holding or the method.

I definitely would like to offer my energy to support this vision and hopefully to be able to be one of the angels, either offering massage, or anything else that might be needed.

So much grace!  Alleluya!  

I spent a good part of my late teens and 20s following the touring musical rock group the Grateful Dead.   My all-time favorite lyric is from a song called Terrapin Station.  The line is: “statements just seem vain at last”.   To sit in silence and just be – so simple yet so profound.  Thank you Jorge for being the change we all wish to see in the world.  Infinite blessings upon you and the whole Quepasana team.  May Quepasana continue to blossom and touch people for many years to come.  A Hui Ho!

Thanks for all the heart renderings, honesty, safe space to go deep and look forensically within to become a kinder being.  Thank you for your loving humane service.


Quepasana helped me take, live, be my first breath on this planet, it seems.  Eternally grateful for every moment, your kindness love and grace…  Mahalo Nui Loa, thank you.  Infinite love and gratitude.

Mahalo for all that you are and all that you offer, Jorge.  I offer my deepest gratitude to Libby MaryAnn and yourself for so graciously and openheartedly hosting my ohana.  We are so blessed and thankful.





Aware of




All ways

I was already in love with Ahihi-Ke’anau, where these courses are held.  And now I am in love with Quepasana and ALL IT IS.  I feel great gratitude for what you have created Jorge.   You are a true visionary, manifestor and generous being who has attracted and gathered an amazing team/family to throw a great party!

Jorge, your ego free offerings and clarity of thought and speech are truly edifying, easy to get and assimilate.  (You’re pretty funny too, even your corny jokes! J) Congratulations on making it happen and living your dream and sharing with us.

As you know, MaryAnn is an absolute treasure.  So glad you found each other. 
I have done more Yoga these 7 days than in the past 20 years and happily , pain and injury free.  Your gentle guidance and constant reminders to stay in the comfort zone helped this happen for me.  Thank you! ( And the massage on day 7 could not have been better timing, she is an expert and a sweetheart).

At first I hated Regi Ray’s 10 point meditation and voice, and I hung in there and got it the third time, yay!  Earth Descent meditation affected me profoundly in finding my roots and groundedness and will balance nicely with my watery-ness.

How to find the right words to describe with the right energy and measure why Quepasana is so important and efficient to awaken and heal each of us for the creation of the new world and what it is truly about?

It was my first one and this week has been simply magical.  So deeply grounding, healing purifying to connect with our higher dimensions, our body and beyond….

To have found a way to combine the use of the five senses in the process of the healing is a genuine idea!  The transformation becomes so efficient and intense!  Yin Yoga was much more challenging for me than I could have imagined… And so, so much inner bliss and relaxation come after those challenging moments!  Equanimity, equanimity…

To combine Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, massage music is the perfect support to optimize our Vipassana meditation practice at its best!!! The alchemy takes place with wonder during all the week, step by step, layer after layer, release after release!

The final inner transformation is deep, intense, simply a magical blessed life change experience!!!  7 days printed in the golden book of my destiny!

Thank you to all the diligent and organized members of the Quepasana team…  Thank you to every Jedi student, brothers and sisters like me who decided to co-create this moment of eternity, this moment of profound communion, fraternity and reflection.

And thank you Jorge, a soul like no other.  I know how rare it is to see a man devote himself, his time, his energy and his money to heal as many souls as possible!!  This is extremely rare and precious..  Jorge, what you have accomplished, dreamed and created deserve all the support and benedictions of our creator, the force, the infinite realms of love!!!  And so it is and will be as it is…. As it is…..

May Quepasana continue to flourish, to free more and more souls at this so special time of the creation of the new world, the new reality, the new unified earth nation.

These 7 days have been a pure reflection of consciousness and love, a pure example for the creation of the new paradigm.  And the food was a perfect example that every human on our planet should have at any time, so delicious, so health and so much love inside.

Long, long life to your soul mission Jorge.  May the love and the seven rays of the creations shine through.   THANK YOU ten thousand times and much more.  Infinite recognition love and kindness. Soul to soul, heart to heart, Jedi to Jedi!

Thank you again and again.  I cannot express my growing love for this process.  I fall in love in layers and layers.  Never ending goodness!! Thank you for this opportunity to tune in!

Mahalo!  This has been an extraordinary week!  I can’t remember feeling so cared for, nourished and supported on so many levels.  The generosity of the land, water, teachings, staff, food and, of course you have left me humbled and awakened.  Turning 65 this year I definitely noticed a downshift in my aliveness.  I am reset!  The spark of aliveness has returned with new motivation to continue.  Not having had a consistent yoga practice for many years – I spent the first three days meditating on the sensation of pain – then a shift, a softening.  I turned toward essence, toward emptiness in my body a reminder of who I really am.  You are a unique combination as a teacher:   Joy, creativity, profound generosity – a delightful vital being!  I will return.  I have returned!  With a softened grateful heart.

What a trip!  I really can’t express what the experience was like with just words.  I’m sure that has been said before, but it’s true.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an experience is worth everything.  I was brought to tears more than once with gratitude for all the servers and the people that made this happen.  I had some of the most powerful and subtle experiences of my life.  This really should be experienced by everyone.  Jorge, thank you more than words can express.  You’ve impacted my life more positively and powerfully than you’ll ever know.

To start, a HUGE THANK YOU to Jorge and everyone who helped in making this experience so beautiful.  Having attended a Vipassana course before, I came with expectations…. I know, not good!!!  So of course I got to deal with my frustration all week.  I guess that was my lesson this time.  Not what I expected but I had to face it through a lot of pain, anger, no concentration, scattered mind, I got through.  This sunset meditation everything finally clicked! J I feel blessed for being here.  I feel peace and ease, happiness and love.  Once again, thank you!  Oh, I forgot to say the place and the food could not be more perfect.  Gracias!!

Dearest Jorge,

What does one say when one’s heart has been blown wide open?  To have the time to really be quiet in a setting that is beyond magnificent.  To get to know oneself, to dive deeper, to feel my breath, my core, my heart, my joy and my tears.  To be so relaxed and enjoy a rhythm that is so nourishing.  There was nothing to do, to fix or plan, to take care of, truly a freedom that is rarely known. And with just a word to bring a smile to my face, but more penetrating an inner smile to my being.  All this and so much more because of what you offer here.  Such a heart you have to offer such a gift!  A gift so grand and so heartful I have never experienced in my personal life.  I have deep gratitude for you and the opportunity you present to all who are willing.  And such a beautiful gift to the community here.  Maui is already such a heart centered place, bestowed with endless beauty.  And now Quepasana is opening heart after heart, creating a network of individuals who are now connected in such a rich way, comrades of a higher ground can raise the vibration of our beautiful island and ripple out to so many.  I love your analogy to be as a prayer flag, fly high.  I wish more people to step into their power and calling, as you have, thru the silence so we can really hear one another.  You have provided an extraordinary experience, comfortable, nourished with words that break it down to its simplest purest form.  I thank you for all the thought and love you have put into it – and all the work.  And to swim with all my colored fish friends everyday- Just topped it off for me.  Glorious, stunning.  I will take home a new relationship to silence and to myself.  My inner journey continues to flourish.  A thousand thank yous until we sit in silence again.  In deepest gratitude and love.

Dear MaryAnn,

Even though you are busy behind the scenes and not sitting with us, your presence has a profound impact.  You weave the web of continuity and care to create a seamlessly flowing and nurturing experience so that all that attend Quepasana can flourish in their noble silence and meditation practice.   Your warm and gracious reception breathes life and evokes aloha in us all.  In fact, I suspect my experience with the burgeoning Quepasana community was the tipping point for my imminent move back to Maui on January 1, 2018.  In the spirit of the Kuleana we share, I hope we will have lots of opportunities in, out and around Quepasana to laugh, love and talk story. 

Dear Jorge,

Honored to share common ground in the sacred silence with you at Ponomakena.  You have created a Vipassana beacon of light for communion with the Aina.   Blending spiritual perspectives and lineages has always resonated best for me.  While many staunch Buddhists may say Quepasana is watering down the purity of the original transmission, I say Vive la Difference!  Your joy de vivre, humility, equanimity and Mexican flair are a welcome breath of fresh plumeria laced aloha air.  Many will welcome the spaciousness that you have opened into the Vipassana tradition.  The moving meditation practices of Yin and Kundalini yoga are brilliant and effective in building bridges of centered awareness through breathing life between the worlds of meditating and activity.  All that lying on the Earth in the daylight hours in Savasana was an unparalleled nourishing experience.  In my own confrontation with Mara, it was as your somatic recording teacher said in recounting the Buddha touching the earth….  A transcendant heart opening experience I will never forget.  I look forward to joining the Quepasana community in service.  Deep bows.

From day one onwards I am getting deep insightful downloads effortlessly just looking at the ocean, waiting for a meal, resting in bed.  The formal meditations were a struggle until day 6 sunset when I let in  the body sensations which surprisingly only were telling me what  an incredible life I have lived and how precious our time here on Earth is in these bodies.  That was the first moment I truly let in a phone call from one day before Quepasana.  My doctor was arranging for specialists and more tests since this one did come back positive for cancer.  Every moment, every sensation, every thought, every action has the clarity of being precious if we let it in.


“The art of living – Real living is feeling free and uninhibited and, instead of being guided by external forces, following the internal direction of the heart.”  I wrote that many years ago, but did not realize exactly what it meant until this week.  You guys nailed it!  Thank you!  What a blessing! Forever grateful for this life changing opportunity.


When I first signed up for the Quepasana course, I thought it was 10 days.  Then I found out it was only 7 days and I thought, that’s enough.  Now I wish it were 10 days.  I look forward to sharing this experience of Quepasana with you again.

Team Quepasana,

My whole being is full of GRATITUDE.  For this 7 days of self-love.  I have been a believer that gentleness is powerful and this meditation course allowed that wisdom to sink in another layer.  The land the course is held on is quite possibly the most peaceful place I’ve been.  The birds singing, ocean waves, pleasant breeze, hardly any car noises made the experience peaceful and I felt safe to dive into my awareness.  The time in silence is PRICELESS.  I really enjoyed the “shake rattle and roll” warm up.   I would love if you could make a video and send it to all of us to assist in integrating this into every day.  This was also the first time I’ve spent many hours connecting to center point and I am hooked to add it into my daily meditation practice.  I’ve done a Vipassana course before and and really appreciate there is movement in this course, it feels necessary to keep the chi moving so the sits can be more accessible.  Absolutely loved the playlists, especial the dharmic music during Yin Yoga.  Would love that too if it’s on Spotify.   The somatic guided meditation was a fun way to explore the body and the 10 point practice allowed me to access deep fear that I had no clue was sitting in the bones of my feet.  Also, really appreciate the humor and dance party we enjoyed.  It feels that the spiritual life can be so serious and it seems healthier to smile, play, laugh more when appropriate.

Big thank you to the kitchen crew!  Holy yummmmm. Everything was delicious, healthy and nourishing.  Makes me consider going back to eating mostly vegan since all this fiber and bone broth really eased my digestive issues I’ve been having the last year.

Many thanks to Maryann for organizing the logistics, behind the scenes flow and feeling like the sweet mama bear to all of us.

One area of improvement could be to hold and request the silence be honored.  I saw many friends and partners talking a lot and one person came up and started sharing that he was having a hard time and wanted to leave.  I felt rude not to respond but I wish he had not started to share with me in the first place.

This has truly reconnected me with the yin of my being.  I am excited to recommit to a daily movement and one hour sit practice.  It is not only necessary for my evolution but I know it is assisting the universal frequency to be higher and higher.  Much love and many blessings.

Thank you again Jorge for taking us on this fantastic voyage into ourselves.  Even before the course I knew it would be great.  But I had no idea it would be so awakening.  I had taken a Vipassana course a decade ago and truly had a breakthrough experience but over the years have slipped back into the painful illusion of our “normal society”.  Even having some expectations to fill, this course was above and beyond what I could have expected.  Thank you for giving me the gift of myself! It feels very liberating to know that the constant search isn’t necessary and we are already here.  You have inspired me to deepen my personal practice and prioritize my spiritual life to become the forefront again.  I want to let you know that if you ever need any help, or someone to connect to I will always be available.  I know in my heart we will be crossing paths many more times to come.  Mahalo!!

Aloha Jorge,

The last day in the yoga shala you placed some wonderful essential oil on me.  So comforting.  Perhaps you had a sense of me being in a sensitive state.  Later when I started to sob I felt your presence and caring heart, your loving kindness.  It helped me to move through my emotions.  Thank you.  I was crying because my heart felt so open I could feel everything and I could especially feel the earth and all its dwellers, the birds, the trees, the blue ocean and all the beautiful fish, how their lives are being threatened and their safety unknown if left in the hands of those who do not act from their hearts.  Being present to myself and all of us here at Quepasana this week gave me a sense of participating in something greater than myself – whose vibe and intention and words spoken and unspoken, were added to the something unspoken, and energy that can help bring our beautiful planet forward into balance.  Again thank you for your helping to infuse the world with loving kindness.  May it ripple out to all beings.

Quepasana is the best thing that’s happened to Maui in a long time!  Yeah!

Overwhelmed with kindness, joy, happiness for that which is being received while here.  Learning so much awareness, creativity, continuous flow into the unknown awareness of being.  Mahalo Quepasana

Well it worked!  At the mornings early meditation I sat down, got myself in position and no sooner had I settled in I had a strong pain.  I just sat down, I was frustrated, I did not want to sit like that for an  hour; I was ready to give up…..

Then you reminded us to scan our body, so I did just that and started to bring awareness to the painful area, I poured loving attention into it and it suddenly started to disappear!  Thank you for your guidance.  Most grateful.

Thank you!  I love you, and your family and what you create.  I believe a gong would be extra amazing along with your crystal bowls.  As far as the somatic meditation, this really opened up my inner eye to go deeper, breathe deeper.  I took a couple or three somatic meditations for it to kick in, and it did.  Thank you for continuing to play them. I like the music but towards the end of the final days best.

Thank you for holding such a sacred safe space here.  I am able to penetrate into my deepest shadow side and not be disturbed by outside distractions.  Thank you for  your generosity of spirit and holding such an impeccable peaceful presence.

Lost for words.  Magical!  Profound!  Deep!  Healing! Beautiful!  Amazing timing!   Dream Team,  all of  you beings.  Magnificent space on all levels.  Family!   Friends! Loved Earthlings!   Love you all.

Haole means “no breath” in Hawaiian.  “Spirit” means “breath” in greek.  Anapana practice is what gives Haoles access to spirit.  Mana is energy, or life force.  Mana is in the air we breathe.  By breathing in Maui air, we are charging our systems with Mana.  Anapana practice is how we revitalize our bodies with Mana…  You are an excellent Vipassana teacher, and I fully support the somatic exploration of Vajryana tantra, but I want to encourage you to keep anapana practice as the primary tool used to purify the mind, revitalize the body and connect us with spirit…   Thank you, thank you, thank you. With Metta, Bless!

Thank you Quepasana for your hospitality and love!  I appreciate everything that has been shown to me…. Grateful for your private words during my tough moments and your joy for life is contagious Jorge!

Maryann, you have been a light in my darkness, a sould I feel I have met before and your guidance (silent or voiced) has been powerful yet endearing.  Unsure if you have children,  but if you don’t, you have the warmth and love any daughter could ask for.

Mahalo Nui Loa.  Thank you my wizard friend.  Body, mind, soul, beingness is soaring more than I could ever wish for.


Thank you always for this creative heartfelt experience.  This one truly changed my life..  You have given me space to reset my system which has aligned me back to source.  I felt my essence in a way I’d never had to date.  The best description of it is the “I’m with us” photo.  Feeling the way in which all thoughts are energyforms that if we resist literally get stuck.  Our beings and heart center are natural frequency transmitters.  We help transmute the energies of the planet through our bodies.  I felt that on a level I never have beyond an intellectual process and into a knowing and feeling experience.  And when we resist certain energies they get stuck until we learn to surrender…. Then they begin to shift… the body work I got with the essential oils aided in the release and stuck energy.  I’m inspired… more creativity to play with.  Thank you for all you do.  I look forward to Maui.

Ever since I was very young I have suffered with the effects of a temper.  My mother used to force me to count to ten.  At times she would have to place a hand on top of my head to hold me down.  I’ve had difficulty throughout my life expressing my emotions in acceptable ways.  Being socially akward gave bullies an easy target.  People who I considered friends betraying me, lovers hurting me and leaving and many other circumstances has left a lot of emotional residue.  I have need quick to defend, quick to anger…..anger, the one emotion I show clearly.  If I am hurt, even sad or depressed it all comes out as anger.  The only place I have ever felt any peace is at Quepasana where in noble silence I am left alone with my thoughts.  Where, through meditation I can begin to break down my patterns of resistance and reaction.  For the first time in 30 years I am hopeful that one day not only will I love myself again, but I will truly feel and be at peace.  I am so grateful for this gift you have given to me.

On the mat I sat

I sat and I sat

I sat and I sat

And my mind kept the chat

I thought about this and

I thought about that

Am I fat?  Should I get a cat?

Is the earth maybe flat?

And I sat on the mat

I sat and I sat

Wondering, wondering where it’s at

Playing, paying tit for tat

Ego being such a brat

I sat and I sat

On the mat I sat

Wishing for a hat

Sneaking like a rat

I need a doctor “stat”

On the mat I sat

I sat and I sat

I sat and I sat

Wondering where it’s really at

Then it hit me like a bat



Gratitude flows from my heart to yours.  You have been an angelic blessing on my journey.  This year has been a huge year for me already.  Many breakthroughs, and it all started with Quepasana!  I believe January and February courses really pulled back the sling on slingshot, aimed me, and set me off into right alignment with my higher self and the cosmic forces at work.  Your strong presence to show up is extremely contagious.  I hold you and Libby and all the Quepasana foundations in high respect for the beautiful service you are making available to the public.  I feel honored to be able to be a part of this sacred service in any way that I can.  Your heart is wide open!!

Angels from heaven.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you.


Everything about Quepasana is suffused with love.  I’ve never been in a setting where so much was given so purely.  The way the grounds were prepared, the food, the music, the administration, coaching and teaching – were all given from pure love.  It’s been a beautiful and unique life experience I will treasure.

It brings me to tears to tap into the depths of love and kindness you express through your gifts.  You are the vibration of love and generosity.  I feel deep gratitude and appreciation for the teachings of self love, grace, kindness that have been bestowed upon me.  To all the sweet helpers  that made this dream possible:  Thank you for all your contributions of time, gentleness, body work, song, nourishment, creativity, cleaning, organizing, bell ringing and love.  I see all of your generosity returned to you tenfold.  The light of love surrounds us, guides us, is us.  I look forward to all the ways I can contribute to this beautiful Quepasana.



…I honor your experience and ability to share the Dharma.  You lead by example.  You do a very great job conducting an experience of deepening understanding of non-self.  I have been practicing vipassana for several years, but you have been practicing for longer than I have lived and from that dedication and discipline I am inspired. It is no simple feat so see the things in oneself that have been ignored.  When I see those parts in myself I am brought to tears.  Thank you for holding such a beautiful space of an awakening experience…. I would like to give back in any way. When there is an opportunity please reach out.




Thank you for your generosity to this community of humanity.  I have no idea how you pick and who pick for being part of the group, but I surely love how you mix all ages as you did in this group.  It is inspiring to see so many young adults being so willing open to look inside.  What an amazing gift you give to all of us, and to allow to give to ourselves.  For me, the last 25 plus years , caring for others making myself available to others, witnessing so much suffering, being exposed to people with secondary trauma.  Being able to just be there for myself, not needing to look out for someone else, paying close attention to my needs….. It is so beautiful.  You envoke this caring here, that is evidently so very gentle, so palpable.  It shows in your instructions during Yoga and meditations.  It is evident in your voice when you speak.  I love the simple clean tender words and the reminders to be gentle with ourselves.  It is also very beautiful that it feels that you have no ego involved about your messages – purely to pass on what you have learned and experienced – to pass on to others.  That way it is also received so beautifully – as it is given so generously and kindly.  The tents are fantastic!   Just perfect in every way.  Most comfy bed.  The food is exquisite!  Amazingly yummy!  The problem is that it is tempting to go for seconds, as it is soooo tasty.  The organization of the day’s schedule is very conducive to an easy nurturing rhythm.  I am always looking so forward to what new thing/surprise you have in store J  Ilove the 8-9 PM different experiences.  You truly could not have found a better combination of schedule.  Your beautiful vibes and your high spirit emanate out to the people around you. 

Thank you for your great generosity of your spirit, of your time, of your place.  And that you are so willing to share the joy for life with all of us here and now.  I love your playfulness that you show with all the toys.


I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to dive deeper into my source – our source.  You have so much inside and out that creates this benevolence – this sharing to experience our beings.  Me showing up enables me to go out into the world and be that point of light and shine more brightly – only to give back all that has been given – Grace, grace, grace.  May all beings be happy!!


I am filled with tears of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be together for this work.  You have brought such great energy, love and compassion to the teaching.   I am inspired by  your energy, and life and generosity.  The way you embody the insight that comes from this practice. 


Man, there is a lot going on inside my head!  I thought I’d already done a lot of internal work but I learned this week I’d only scratched the surface.  I’ve been trying so hard to fix my issues that I never before stopped to take a look at my own mind in its entirety and just observe.  I have a feeling that a lot will shift or resolve itself just by allowing myself to experience the sensations in my mind.  I also have the feeling there’s a lot more waiting to surface.  I am glad I could engage in this 9-day course.  It took a few days just to drop in and allow myself to let go of all the worries and responsibilities.  The experience built as it went so I got to practice meditation at several different states of awareness.  I did not get that in the 4 day course.  This was several times more expansive.  Again thank you for this experience.  I hope for the chance to repeat every year.


Mahalo!  This has been a roller coaster for me.  So many ups and downs, ins and outs.  Many moments of clarity and just as many moments I wanted to give up.  Your love and generosity has shown me what I already knew in my heart:  that we all have love for one another and are looking for ways to show it.  This experience has given me a fresh perspective on so many things I couldn’t even begin to write it down on paper right now.  Over the last few months I was ( for the first time in my life truly), ready to shift.  I was open to a new experience to being the person that I am out in the open.  As they say:  “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”  I still have so much growth to do.  But life is a journey, not a destination.  This is just a glimpse of my real enlightenment.  A glimpse that has become the catalyst of my growth.


Mahalo Quepasana Ohana for warm welcoming to your home.  This Aina is sacred.  This Aina is peace.  I am loving kindness.  I am well – All is well.  I am peace flowing with ease and grace.  I am happiness. I am content.  Everlasting flow of gratitude for youniverse.  Mahalo for the blessed hands that prepared the food.  It filled with nourishment, love and kindness.  Mahalo Aina. We are sacred temples of love boundless and free


So are we really just speaking to ourselves?


I am a temple of divine love

Co-creating heaven on earth

I am an instrument of divine light

Co-creating peace on earth

Remember, just who you are

Remember, you are made of stars

Remember, all that you are worth

Remember, all the joy you can bring

Remember, all that you know

Remember, the power of love

All my worries, and my regrets, all the things I have not done yet, I let it go, I let it go, I let it go, I let it go

All the things that people say when things are not going my way, I let it go, I let it go, I let it go

Cause sometimes I gotta take a step back and remind myself that it is all a state of mind

I love and accept myself exactly as I am, in the present moment

I love and accept myself exactly as I am in the present moment  Oh yeah!

As I am, as I am, as I am

Goodbye worry, goodbye fear and suffering, goodbye jealousy, goodbye blame, goodbye judgement, resentment and shame.

Goodbye worry, I don’t think I’ll need you again, not where I’m going

Hello joy and fun, hello healing for everyone, hello grace, hello light of the sun, hello love

It is so good to see you again, see you again, so good to see you again

May your heart burst open in unconditional love.  May your mind be illuminated with infinite peace

May your presence radiate to all beings

May all of the beings in this world be happy and free



My thoughts as a first time Quepasana server:  Wow, I had a super deep and profound experience being served last February for my 6 day first Quepasana course.  I made various preparations to be ready to drop in and really “get” this as much as possible, which I think I did…   But it was not possible to know how profoundly gratifying the experience would be when also serving.  Now I am enlightened to new magic.




Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!  Big thanks to Jorge and the whole Quepasana crew for making this symphony of love possible….. The Quepasana overall format feels brilliant.  I deeply believe that what is called for in these times is embodiment and transcendence.  Quepasana offers both.  I have been away from Vipassana and a meditation practice for a while.  This was a very kind re-entry.  Jorge’s instruction has been excellent.  Grounded, wise, compassionate and playful, he has held a solid container for us.


I thank you again for the deeper levels of self-empowerment you have helped awaken inside me.  You are a true leader.  The mark of a true leader is one whose main interest is in empowering you to lead yourself instead of binding you to them.  True leadership, like true education, does not impose itself on anyone.  It is the gift of being able help others find their own way forward in life, rather than taking away their individual power.  You have a powerful magnetic presence and just from being in your aura people come to deep clarity about their own direction.  Many of the greatest leaders in the world often pass unrecognized by mass society.  Your work and service lives through me and is contagious to all I come in contact with.  Much love malama pono.


Once again, how amazing it is to witness and receive a gift so selflessly and intuitively created.  The warmest tones, the pastel strokes – defined, yet only in the matter of presence.  The entire planet, by grace sprouting lilys, as ones you’ve shone to paint upon a canvas all their own.


Mahalo Nui Loa!  It was a pleasure, joy and true honor to be a part of your positively life transforming practice still yet ever eternally and beautifully unfolding in divine bliss.


I was actually concerned about the many hours of yoga, as I never really loved yoga before but you know how to make it so fun and I look so much forward to those hours.   I totally see how much work and thought you put in it to match the songs to the poses.    Yes, your joy for life is contagious!!  You are a master at guiding us to get deeper, so we can be “home” more again.  That’s what it feels like to me. I arrived back home more again.  


Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you feeding us, opening your beautiful home and so many things so that I/we would meditate.  I hope your heart is filled with oceans of love grace and happiness.  In deep gratitude and state of bliss.


What just happened?


Another stellar course.


Forgot to express in my last note that the food was GREAT and so clearly made with love.  I am so deeply thankful to have had this experience.  I would be grateful to have it again and feel the world needs Quepasana.  It is so very welcoming.  Thank you again for your brilliant leadership.  Thank you ALL!


You leave us speechless with your ongoing generosity, kindness and love.  You inspire us so much and every time we come here we come HOME.  We are in deep gratitude for you in our lives.


And now the work begins….


We are the keys to unlocking love’s greatest potential.  Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for providing such a pristine container for the soul to fully remember.  This experience has nurtured and upgraded me in so many ways, and many others to come.  Infinite bows.  Sat Nam



Where do I start?  Firstly, the generosity, care, love and SEVA that has been put into this course continues to astound me.    The people, the land, the ocean, the air and the nature have been giving and giving and giving and giving of themselves/itself for the past 6 days.  Such love and service changes lives.  It has changed mine.  To be provided for and allowed (forced ) to be still has provided fertile ground for me to be better able to SEE, HEAR, LISTEN to myself.  I have been confusing numbness with equanimity.  As the world and the inner chatter became less, I could more clearly see all of the ways I numb, distract and avoid or cling to anything BUT the present moment.  How funny??  When being in presence is where all suffering ends, and yet I spend 99 percent of the time trying to end my suffering by avoiding the present moment.  It is so amazing!  I hope to come back, if the opportunity opens up again in the near future.  This week has forever changed me and my prayer is that it will continue to deepen, deepen.  A million mahalo.  What grace and infinite blessings.


To all who helped create the quepasana experience that has been transforming me since my arrival on this magical property, including Buddha, Goenka and the rest of the teachers, I must declare that this was, is and will be remembered as one of my peak life experiences, both for the moments spent within the course, on and off the mat, and for the far reaching effects that cannot help to continue to influence my personal development.   I’ve traveled to far away lands and spent thousands of dollars for other experiences, but taking a week off work and driving 20 minutes over here has easily been worth as much or in many cases even more!


Since the Quepasana I attended in June I haven’t written much.  It has been quite the process since that first most life changing moment.   The amount of unconditional love you show within shows clearly and brilliantly around an open heart, feeling place—ever present, pure and beautiful.  The experience you offer, the practice and the space held is unfathomably gorgeous.  For me, the practice has eased my life into a state of grace, acceptance clarity, gratitude, love and longing for further growth and alignment around my heart and soul.  The simplicity, consistency yet ever slowing and unique way you deliver the teachings is so refreshing.  I feel so honored to have shared space, served and (Just BE’d)… in harmony with you .  It is the first time I have felt a real home in several years.  Infinite love, infinite gratitude, may it shine upon you for eternity.


I am filled with deep gratitude for time shared together in the richness of each other’s loving presence.  Each sit uncovers more layers bringing me closer to my core and deeper into my heart and my compassion.  I shed attachments and old judgments I didn’t even know I had.  The reveal themselves to me and then bid their “adios”.  Thank you for Quepasana-  a safe and sacred space for us to gather as one and cleanse our soul.  Much love and Aloha.  Mahalo Nui Loa.


Thank you for challenging me to enter into deep meditation.  I have dabbled for years but never allowed myself to be dedicated to a daily practice.  I see the benefits of meditating through every moment and how that is the most important part, to find mindfulness in every moment – but practicing that takes a lot more patience and a lot of concentration with relaxation of the mind.    I had no idea what places meditation could take me to -- life is a different, more vivid reality in a meditative mindset.  Thank you for helping me come into the truth of acceptance and surrender.  I hope to use my inner strength for coming into a daily meditation practice. So so so many mahalos for all the light work you all do with these courses…. Allowing spirit to flow through you and spread the love and light all around.


Thank you for this rare and wonderful experience.  The place feels lika a buddhafield.  The organization (food, lodging, yoga, meditation) is spectacular.  Very caring, loving spontaneous energy.  I found so much peace and acceptance in me through the loving support of place.  I lived in India with Osho for years and I feel the same peacefulness and the openness to let everything come to light.  It is easy to fall into oneness here.


Mahalo for sharing this silence with us..  Thank you for teaching me how to meditate in Vipassana style.   I am so grateful and admire that you open up your property for this opportunity to share consciousness with so many.   Thank you to all the helpers who cooked and cared for us in so many ways.   And thank you for the glamorous camping accommodations.  Words really don’t encompass all that has been experienced and all the gratitude I wish to express.   I will continue to practice to be more loving, kind, sharing, honest, giving and grateful with consciousness in stillness with gentleness for myself and others.


Thank you,  I have never felt more held and nurtured than in my few days here.  Thank you for allowing us this time and space and giving of your time.  Thank you!


Thank you Quepasana.  Everything is wonderful.  I love this program.  I am filled with loving kindness, I am well, I am peaceful and at ease, I am happy and content.  I am thankful for Quepasana.  Keep up the good work.  This changes people’s lives for the better.  This changes the world and makes it better.


Ain’t no party like a Quepasana party!


This cocoon of silence and support helped me to dismantle many mind made forts.  An environment of loving humans and healing water turned grasping and resistance into equanimity fodder.  Nourishing sustenance and staff chopped chattering thoughts clear in half.  Yin yoga and vipassana sitting hold a type of twin flame fitting.  From one battered soul to another—Quepasana is like being coddled by mother.  Now well armed with tools of the mind, we peaceful warriors all shall embark in kind.  Daily life re-emerges with all of its woes, our sheer acceptance, our knowing, that’s how it goes.  After releasing our tension, our pains in our knees, we now fly like the birds on the wind in the trees.  Ongoing and onward, moving about like a whiz.  Realizing our oneness, in the present moment, as it is.


I was aware before I came here that I have many blessings.  I am the mother of three beautiful souls.  I found my soul mate in my loving husband.   I am self employed in 3 jobs that I love in health and nutrition.  I give all that I can to all these roles but I have struggled increasingly as the years have passed.  Now I know why.  After spending these 5 days with myself, with all my usual demands evaporated by this paradise.    While there may be beauty and grace and giving and serving, I learned and remembered that I too am worthy and in need of the same gentleness and consideration – From me.  If I cannot first nurture, calm comfort teach love and accept myself, how can I be as effective in helping others do the same for themselves?  So, I will return to the world seeking to share this gift that I have received.  Be present.  Be mindful.  Be joyful, accept the painful.  Be curious of the change, it’s there moment to moment.  Thank you for this gift.


It is with immense gratitude that I thank each and everyone of you who contributed to create this Quepasana.  Special thanks to Jorge for sharing your wisdom, grace, love and kindness.  You are truly a brilliant being and I am honored to have you as a teacher and a friend.  Many thanks to all of the generous, talented and loving people who prepared all of our meals.  The food was fantastic and nourishing to the soul.  Your effort and kindess are greatly appreciated.  Blessings to this land and the many people it is healing and helping.  The Mana here is an overflowing source of replenishment and power.  To all of us who participated: many blessings on our way to love, kindness, well-being, peace, ease, happiness and contentment.  May we all shine brighter from this collective experience.


Amazing!  What a beautiful experience.  Thank you for not only sharing your inner richness but also your abundance in the outer world.  Thank you for the simple method so effective and insightful.   I loved the yin yoga with this heartfelt exquisite music.  Just what the doctor prescribed.  The scanning is a real gift for me for learning more sensitivity.  Perhaps one day we won’t need x rays any more.   The evening surprises just like a warm good night kiss.  The cooks and their love warmed by belly and heart.  Thank you for making this experience in my favorite spots on Maui.  Thank you for enriching the Maui spiritual community. 


Unraveling the entanglement:  The kind gentle approach!


To Quepasana:  I am overjoyed to share that this was such as wonderful experience.  First off, the accommodations (the staff the excellent food, the personal tent and the various activities) were outstanding and could not have asked for more.  I am very grateful, second, I was not sure what to expect when arriving with 27 guests, but everyone was not only friendly and courteous, they were so mindful and participatory that it made my experience that much more enjoyable.  Third, the practice.  I can’t tell you how much stress relief I have in being more limber in a mere five days than I may have been in my life.  The introduction into Yin Yoga was so profound, that I’m immediately purchasing bolsters when I arrive home so I can continue the practice.  The meditation was at first very difficult, even with my experience in meditating.  It wasn’t very long before my focus was able to last the full hour meditations.  The clarity I have gained in my stay is so immense that even when I veer off into the future, its merely objectives to complete, lacking the stress, anxiety, judgement, and constant repetition that it once had.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my progress and have you to thank for it.  Here’s to you and this program.  With love, respect and happiness.


Here's a little note I wrote.  You’re going to read it word for word.  Quepasana makes me happy.  Now that I’ve channeled my inner Marley….   Hello from the mainland.  If you asked me 8 months ago if I would do another course, I would have been unsure.  I was terrified about 5 days of meditation, yoga and noble silence.   I was in a dark place and needed to find a new direction.  I did not know if this was it or not but I decided to give it a go anyhow.  I have now been cigarette free for almost 9 months now. I quit to come to my first Quepasana.  I have a renewed energy and vitality for which I am so thankful.  Has Quepasana been a cure-all?  No, by no means.  It is a step in the journey.  Now that I am more aware of sensations I have become ultra-sensitive and over time I realized it was time for a Quepasana booster shot.  After my first course I tried to keep up on a yoga and meditation schedule but it fell away….  I just could not remember what I thought I needed to.   I forgot to forgive myself.  This course reminded me how important it is to forgive myself and that I can’t give forgiveness to others until I forgive myself.  I am a long way from being where I want to be.  I have much personal development needed but I am one step closer.  I am so thankful for the opportunity.  It means more than I can express.


I know I am speaking for many when I thank you for spreading this simple and important information.  For the project, the insight and for taking me under your wind and giving me a chance to drop into Quepasana last minute.    Thank  you for being such a warm guide and for making me feel so welcome, so happy and content. 


As a transgender man, the duality I have lived set me into a sort of purgatory.  Unable to accurately identify in a world filled with identities, I floated along, being one thing and being seen as another.  Being raised as a woman, in many ways, has made me a better man.  In many ways its also made me worse.  Either way, I’ve been living life outside of myself.  A witness to an experience that isn’t really mine, a mind separate from the body, a man steering a figurine out of a female body, completely detached as an outsider looking in on the rest of the world.


Cerebrally, I was aware of the ever changing nature and non-solidity of this dream of a life.  A truth I knew inside somewhere but I was grasping for white knuckling natural urges and ignoring negative emotions.  I tried using extreme actions to break through my bark, attempting to chip away at the things I deemed bad about my personality eventually falling prey to those very traps.  At Quepasana, I leaned that my approach was backward.  You don’t get to really experience you own experience from the outside in.  The Quepasana program leads you to the tools that allow you to do that.  And the bark, its part of me and that’s ok.  This year I will be physically transitioning to match my insides.  I could not think of doing without first gaining these tools.  As Jorge says:  “Every transition is a meditation”.  Words are never enough, but I hope these scratch the surface of my gratitude.


Six year old me thanks you guys


Love and infinite gratitude for all the gifts you bring and share.  3 golden nuggets you speak of:  1)  You are your own greatest guru  2) Be gentle with yourself  3) all the “pain experienced in your body is connected to your mind.  Mahalo Ke Akua


This magical place has revealed how I truly look like.  I cant be thankful enough because my life will never be the same, in a good way.  I love you guys!


The music is very helpful in times of great vulnerability, it also helps ground.  Amazing music.  It has moved many emotions in me.

Love love LOVE Yin Yogaa!!  Mahalo Nui


Incredible growth these last 10 days.   Experiencing how this can be a fast lane to freedom.  I have cultivated much self-acceptance.  This dalai lama saying makes much more sense now:  “How often did you love, did you allow yourself to feel, how much did you let go?”  Recognizing and claiming my own self-inflicted pain has been the most freeing.


Thank you from a wide open heart for your warmth and kindness and inexpressible generosity in hosting us. Each day has filled me with joy and gratitude for getting to be here with you.  Though I have sat many long sits and am steeped in the yogic and energetic arts, I am learning deeply and expanding with renewal and filling with health.  My deep grateful heart says thank you for your vision (patience, determination, steadiness) that brought all of this forward into our lives.  The combination of place, syllabus, accommodations, and warm welcoming open hearts you share with us provide a platform for deep and abiding health and clarity.


This experience couldn’t be better for me.  Many celebrations, and MASSIVE gratitude.


This enchanted spell has been sublime.  Not a beat has been missed in providing a thoroughly grounded and supportive experience.  I’ve believed for sometime that insight meditation was the best method for my analytical thought process but had previously been unsuccessful at maintaining a practice, or even feeling like I was capable of getting it right.  The solid pragmatic manner you’ve presented it in, and the constant vigilance and support have gotten them through my unruly mind.  I believe you’ve provided the tools and a strong foundation to continue my own practice with.  Your constant presence on the mat with all of us, all the time was just so special and kind.  You have exhibited the highest level of graciousness and patience.  Racking my brain to think of any suggestions, but really feel you’ve got this.   The meals were so awesome and everyone was delighted.    What you teach us really works to make it possible to sit.  I get equanimity is the lesson though so it’s all been an opportunity to look at this “I”.  All I really want to express is deep gratitude for sharing so much of your beautiful hearts from the depth of my own heart.


This was probably one of the most profound experiences of my life.  It’s still revealing its gems to me.


Amazing food and atmosphere, but seriously quiet scene.   – Zagats 2017


Extremely grateful for this experience.  Words can’t even describe.  So much thanks to you Jorge and your spirit guides for the incredible space that was held for us all to go deep into the watery realms of the subconscious mind.  Special thanks to the servers as well for their part in holding it down for us.  The vibration you hold is so uplifting and special I am excited to keep on keeping on with our friendship and these practices.

What a joyous gift this experience has been!  Mahalo for your loving kindness and for filling our hearts and tummies with such divine yumminess.  Your servers are greatly appreciated and honored.  May the flow perpetually take you on its wings towards all that your being desires.  Thank you for all the vast sensations and for passing on your wisdom!


This has beren a truly transformative 10 days.   My heart overflows with gratitude to you all for producing such an amazing experience for all of us.  Thank you for eternally amazing moments.


Thank you again for so much generosity, warmth, openness, allowance and sharing.  It has been a peaceful rich and heart filled journey.  Gratitude abounds.


A momentous event in my life to have found my way to such magnificent utopia, to have sanctuary for quiet to explore my patterns and reactions, feelings in my body and PRECIOUS company to float in a particular form of solitude, gives me great pause to consider what else I might allow into my life.  How grand and lovely might my life become?  Is it here already?  The kindness from everyone here comforts and supports so fully.  What an amazing job everyone does!  Fantastic and inspiring.  Tight ship yet relaxed.  Yay!    My mind was often out of control and this course proved difficult for me emotionally throughout.  The steadiness of the instructions and the offering of space guided and allowed for a powerful, potent deep, inside the belly of a whale opportunity.  It just is.  My gratitude just is.

I am grateful.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Inspired once again!  Summarized:  Amazing food, beautiful and magical property.  You can feel Mama Gia speaking to you on this property, especially the pace of the day felt perfect.  The container was held together with love and kindness, with a sense of sacredness throughout everything.   The blessings abound – massage I receive was wonderful from the float tank, to the chi machines to the soft yoga mats provided.  We were taken care of on all levels ---- biggest thank you!


DAY 10--  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here.  This experience is beyond words.  It feels like one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I did not know how to landscape before I came here.  Now I know how to create holes, dig into the rocks, and make space for trees.  People said this would be hard.  They said some days I’d want to leave.  I’ve wanted to leave every day, but I keep staying because there is so much light here.  Thank you.  The sunset we just watched was one of the most magical majestic experiences I’ve ever had.  Infinite gratitude to the quepasana fam!


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You are amazing.  What you created here is such a treasure and will enrich everyone’s life who has the opportunity to take part in it, and beyond.  It is truly a ripple effect.

The light you share is incredible.  Thank you.  My time spent sitting is now peaceful and effortless.

I wanted to take a moment to finally email my deepest gratitude for the gift you have given me... Quepasana was life altering.  I didn't think it was possible to actually change perspective so quickly.  It seemed subtle, how this technique might have an impact on my life,  but it is ever-present and all encompassing. You have helped me to discover a space in me that I didn't know existed and I am forever changed. 

I'm reading the book daily and meditate at least once a day...trying for more whenever possible.  I have a small meditation group every Thursday too. Prior to this,  meditation was a max of 5mins before or at the end of yoga class. Now it is my home and place of foundation and great joy (most of the time :) Your words are my touchstone...I hear you say 'FEEL'  so often.  So simple, yet exact and precise...the answer!

You have created opportunities for me and all who participate that is beyond the beyond... Talk about bringing a horse to water!  Wow! The sounds,  tastes,  smells,  scenery, space, yoga,  and your wonderful team of givers are memories I will treasure and hope to repeat in the future.  I would love to come back to visit and also serve if you ever have a need. Truly... I am here.

In the meantime I have tried to recreate and cultivate my practice at home.  The music was such an amazing part of it.  If you have an opportunity, would you mind sending me your playlist?

You are a wonderful teacher... Thank you thank you thank you



Challenging, liberating, exhausting, inspiring, demanding, empowering, tedious, blissful, hard work, rewarding, confronting, comforting, overwelming, and awakening.  Through this form of meditation - the art of sensory observation - I have deepened my understanding of the dualistic nature of being human. By establishing conscious awareness of what we are experiencing, we no longer need to identify with it, whether good or bad.  We can just let it go and stay in the flow.


So what did I take away from this week?  Reassurance, steadiness, optimism.  I feel stronger, calmer, and more confident in my future and what I can do with it.  Thank you for your generous hospitality in this amazing house in Ashland, the beautiful shala that I will miss very much, tremendously inspiring company, and such great food - coming from a non-vegan, veggie-hater!

I wanted to highlight the experience I had this weekend at the Quepasana course, and encourage you to take advantage of the benefit/opportunity as it is available to all of us. Driving out to the course last Thursday afternoon I was certain I had made a colossal mistake.  On the drive home after the conclusion of the weekend, I am certain my life has been irrevocably changed for the better.

I sent Jorge a note saying I would like a spot at the retreat if it was available.  I didn’t think I had a chance, but was shocked when he replied with an email a few days later including a daily agenda and welcoming me to Que-Passana.  As I took in the schedule that was attached I was filled with apprehension at the idea of 5 hours a day of meditation, 3 hours of yoga, and 4 and a half days of silence.  I had been practicing meditation, and had worked up to 15 minutes a day, I have never done yoga, and not speaking for 4 days seemed impossible.

As I entered the house, I received a wonderful welcome.  My fears melting away as Jorge took me around the facility, introducing me to other teachers, participants, volunteers, and the gorgeous retreat environment.  I knew I was in good hands when I relayed my fear of a giggling fit during a mediation, and he laughed and told me it would be alright.  It was.

As we headed to bed that night, the silence had begun, and with it came an experience of great introspection and personal freedom.  There were challenges along the way too.  Some hours of meditation were blissful, and over in what seemed like 5 minutes, others were arduous and challenging and as if time stood still.  I learned that my expectations had a great deal to do with the difficult sessions and through those sessions learned a new definition or depth of acceptance.  For instance, sometimes I had to accept that my mind was not going to slow down or quietly focus.

The experience with yoga was often similar to meditation as there were poses that I could do and it felt amazing, and other poses where joints and resistance to flexibility could be a little frustrating.  Some of the yoga moves were so funny like the two minutes of flapping the lips together.  Who knew that there is a physical benefit from such activity?!

Speaking of flapping my lips together, the vegetarian/vegan meals were delicious and satisfying.  The care in preparation and quality of food complimented the experience perfectly. 

As Tuesday morning came along, I had mixed feelings about the retreat coming to a close.  I was looking forward to getting back to my kids and home, but also wished that the days hadn’t gone by so quickly.  It was emotional as we closed and started to pack up and say good-bye.  It is funny how so few words were used over the days, but the bond of shared time and experience among us created an understanding that went beyond words.  It was magical.

I avoided the giggling fit, but only barely.

So I want to encourage you to look at the benefit available through Plexis for Vipassana meditation.  It is an amazing benefit.  It is an amazing experience. The Vipassana meditation is a practice which has given me greater compassion, acceptance, and serenity and I’ve only just started.  The retreat is also an experience which takes great courage, but if I can do it, anyone can do it so don’t sell yourself short. 

There are a few of us who will be doing 20 to 30 minute Vipassana meditations together here at the office and if you are interested, let me know.  After the User Conference, we should have a normal schedule and you are most welcome to join.  It is easy to get the basics and my experience validates the phrase “Meditation is a gift you give yourself.”


Thank you infinitely for these teachings in the teachings in the tradition of the Buddha.  As an avid yoga teacher and therapist, I find my first experience with Quepasana full of awareness and healing.  From our first hours sitting quietly, I more than ever realized the body-mind interconnection.    Scanning gave me a sense of all kinds of sensation and the awareness of my body as a vibrational field.  Penetrating, deep.  I felt many blockages, holding patterns and emotions be released.  Cultivating effortlessness unwinding.  Letting go.  I came to recognize a great stillness and peace within me.  In  my service to the world, I am blessed to teach many with disabilities and limitations. I feel renewed and more tapped into the source with my awareness to help them tap into their own body-mind matrix.  And the accommodations, food, property, petri dish, mountain view, hammocks personal chi machines, sauna, pool, dragonflies, rocks and stillness – DELIGHTFUL!


There are few words that can express my gratitude.  I feel as if a fundamentally different way of existing has been opened to me.  I knew that a person could change their path with a single decision however never before had it been expressed to me in such a personal and profound way. For so many years I have struggled with my emotions, being led and ruled by them.  What I could not understand was my emotions have always been a strength, not a weakness.  All I needed to do was to find my center, to find peace deep within so my responses to the outside world would be less dramatic...where I was once powerless now is only strength of reaction.


Sensei Jorge and the Quepasana family!  Gratitude, joy and humble appreciation for sharing these potent teachings in an abundant, nurturing environment.  I am blessed.  I am enriched.  I am healed.  I am more capable to serve.  I am grateful.  I am free.  I am loved.  I am love.


I have done some meditation but never a five-day vipassana or anything like it.  I felt the pace was good.  The breaks to rest and meditate on our own was very beneficial.  The morning yoga sessions got the blood flowing while the afternoon yin yoga took the edge off the day.  At the end of the day Yoga Nidra was an enjoyable visualization experience.  The music was enjoyable and complimented the meditative mood.  This has been a beautiful experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.  Jorge is an excellent instructor.  His calm voice and peaceful approach was a pleasure to be around through this process.  Jorge helps us quiet our minds and improve our focus until we were ready to go deeper.


This course evoked something in me that I haven't felt in a long time.  I have felt showered with love and kindness since the moment I drove through the gates.  It made me uncomfortable at first because I felt that I didn't do anything to deserve it.  I'm beginning to understand where this selfless generosity comes from and why the crew is able to give it.  One of the most impactful parts of the course was the food.  Twice I broke down in tears during a meal because the food was so nourishing and filled with love.  it was overwhelming.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Deep gratitude for all that you give to all.  What you have created here has given me an opportunity to explore my being & create a reality that I did not ever know could exist.  I had the pleasure to be able to serve this Quepasana. It was an honor to give back to this community.  I sat at Quepasana July 2015 and it was definitely life changing.  To be able to come back and sit was a great reflection of how far I have come.  I do meditate almost daily still and it is something that is now and will always be part of my lifetime routine.  Mahalo!


Mahalo nui loa for being such a bright light & beautiful example of what is possible!


Thank you ~ My heart expands as I contemplate the beauty inside the human heart.  There is everything else there too - hardship and suffering, greed and violence, but below it all is the beauty.  One needs simply to sit to find it.  To breathe. To connect. To let all things drop away until only beauty remains and then...expansion.  Thank you for bringing me home.


Thank you a thousand times for opening your space and providing infinite healing and mindfulness.  This experience has completely changed my mind and body and spirit on many levels.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see the light, the truth.


No words can give justice to the profound gift that you have given in providing this immersion and equipping us with consciousness tools that can last a lifetime.  Thank you from the deepest place in my heart.



Thanks again for throwing a bountiful QuePasana party.  It was a cornucopia for the senses: beautiful instruction elegantly delivered by beautiful people in a beautiful home in a beautiful setting with nurturing and beautiful food.   Many times throughout the week I was deeply touched by insights and the generous offerings of love, support and wisdom so freely given by you and the team that you pulled together. 

For someone like me, who has dabbled in meditation off and on for a few years, to finally 'get it' in five short (or long, depending on how you look at it) days is beyond imaginable.  Really.  The artfully laid out program gave participants a taste of altered consciousness ~ while simultaneously adding in sprinkles of playfulness and humor.  I can't be the same thanks to the insights that you shared about the power of the mind and consciousness.


I found this course to be very powerful and effective. In just few days it anchored me into a consistent state of full presence and self awareness. From this insightful state it was natural and obvious to see my own thoughts, patterns and personality. In silence and clarity I felt like my own intuitive healer and conscious life creator. Very powerful life transformations and in a surprising short period of time, all while being deeply cared for by the teachers and facilitators in the course.


IT CHANGED my inner world – eliminated unhelpful patterns – put me more at ease.  Thanks for everything:  Happiness glimpses,  YIN yoga was a highlight,  the overall experience,  new habit of sitting every day, and knowing there are GREAT PEOPLE OUT THERE....


The Vipassana meditation is a practice which has given me greater compassion, acceptance, and serenity and I’ve only just started.  The course is also an experience which takes great courage, but if I can do it, anyone can do it so don’t sell yourself short. 


Thank you for your devotion to sharing the path of Quepasana and for being such a generous host and masterful guide for the journey inside. The Quepasana process of turning inward to feel sensations with equanimity cultivates awareness in a very practical way. The setting, food, chi machines, yoga & massage sessions all combined to create an exquisite and nurturing environment that supported the seated meditations, allowing us to dive deeper into the practice. 


I left White Oaks on the first cold morning since I’d arrived, now alone with all the parting gifts in my heart.  I took one last look at the sky vibrating with stars, then fumbled with my phone searching for the flashlight app.  I felt for the handle and opened the rear passenger door, sliding my one small travel bag on the back seat, just then remembering to pick up the sandals I’d left outside the entrance to the main house.  I took one last look around that temple of peace, gratefully accepting the tears that came from thoughts that words had not yet claimed.  What a great thing it would be to wrap my arms around that place and every soul it touched, I thought. Upon returning home I serendipitously came across the book “Remember; Be Here Now” by Ram Dass that lead me to the following passage:"My universe involves using silence and not waiting for something to happen, because the silence is what’s happening…” That is what I did for five days in White Oaks. Ram Dass also said "I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people…” What a perfect description of my friend Jorge and what happens at White Oaks, I thought.  



What I noticed when I left the course was an absence: an absence of mental chatter.  For perhaps the first time in my life, my mind was quiet.  It was such a gift!  I looked at the world from the present moment.  I related to my family from the present moment.  I came back to work with unparalleled concentration and relaxation - in the moment, what is there to stress about? It's made me a better father and husband, a more effective employee, and strangely enough a more productive person - it's amazing how much energy all that mental chatter can consume!


I went into the course without fully understanding how life changing the experience would be. The opportunity to focus on my mental and physical health over the course of the 4 days that I spent at Hale Mana was one that I would have gladly paid for time and time again. I felt as if I had received both hardware and software upgrades, leaving with increased flexibility, mental focus, and a renewed sense of awareness and peace. The community was extremely hospitable and caring throughout my stay. Though the daily routine can be challenging at times, the benefits of completing the course are long lasting and invaluable. I look forward to my next Quepasana experience and hope to participate regularly in the future.


Even with 5 hours of meditation and 3 yoga classes, there was still ample break time, to integrate, be still, contemplate and self-care with rest. I truly feel like I worked through some major issues. Additionally, the group supporting the sit were just lovely. They crafted offerings of beauty, kindness and love that created a safe container for participants to do the deep work by ourselves, yet still feel connected and uplifted by the messages and energies surrounding us. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and plan to both serve and sit more courses. I bow at the offering and potential for change After sitting with myself for 30+ hours of the course of a 4 day silent meditation, i highly recommend that everyone start meditating... Even just 20 mins a day. All the answers, keys to happiness, and wells of infinite strength are inside you.

Thank you so much for an amazing, inspiring, peace-filled experience.  I will recommend it highly to my friends.  The beautiful surroundings, angelic staff, and the combination of activities all gave me a wonderful sense of peace and the release of grasping I so wished for as my intention for the week. I found this sense of happiness growing within me as I surrendered.  With much gratitude and Aloha.