Thank you for your interest in our courses! 

The demand for our courses has been overwhelming, and continues to grow. Some applicants have waited years to get into a course. Over the years, we have made numerous changes to enhance our ability to offer the gift of Quepasana to more people. As we increased our capacity and conducted more courses, the waitlist only continued to get longer.

Until such a time as we have the ability to effectively meet the demand, we are no longer accepting applications from the general public.

Moving forward we will only be accepting applications through referrals from members of the Quepasana family. If you have participated in one or more Quepasana courses, feel free to refer people to us directly by emailing us or clicking on the “Submit Referral” button below. Please be sure to include the name of the person you are referring, your relationship to them, and any other information you would like for us to use in considering the applicant.

~the Quepasana Team