November 2018

Dearest Jorge,

What a GIFT!  This magical week, this magical place and this magical man who is holding, guiding, inspiring, and visioning the best possible experiences for loving transformation.  You are a Gift!

What a godsend to have your unique capacities of vision and manifestation.  I have also thought about how I would do Vipassana differently – but you- you manifested the best possible version.  Combining Yoga, meditation and your style.  You are one cool dude!

I love the effortlessness that you present. So refreshing and clear.   You seem to embody it and THAT is super inspiring.

Your apparent “egolessness” is truly a wonder to behold and I have to say it again,


 Really I was amazed time and time again as you let it be and refused to puff yourself up to take any credit.

We had a special week.  (They may all be this great) But I loved the combo of a woman teaching Yang Yoga and you offering the Yin Yoga.  Something in that balance touched me deeply.  It was perfect for me.  I feel SO BLESSED!

Can we clone you?  We need more Jorge’s on this planet! 

Embodying the sacred masculine in balance! 

I hope you are gifted with a group of male assistants to support you and in turn learn from you.  (My own dream I know – but so necessary at this time on the planet).  How can we learn about the sacred masculine if we have no visible role models? 

(Oh dear- I have plans for you)

May you be showered with all the blessings and necessary elements for you to continue on your journey of awakening and sharing.  May you receive a thousandfold the love that you give.  I feel SO BLESSED!  Thank you and beyond!

Beloved Jorge,

Another turn in the arms of Quepasana.  This time, when you first saw me, you embraced me and said “Welcome home”.    Those words pierced my heart- they brought me back to my first course where I felt with crystal clarity: “This is my home”. 

What a profound feeling – To have home.

This course, unlike some of the others, was spectacularly ordinary.  A real gift – allowing me to settle into the luxury and beauty of my own ordinariness.  Such variety, these courses!  Each one seems to have a life of its own.  The field was so silky and deep this time. Settled, lovely!  I guess, like meditating, let it go and we will see what the next course brings! J.

Once again, I am flooded with gratitude – your offering – inspiring, daunting, invigorating- calls me to listen more deeply, fully and more openly to big possibilities waiting to be offered through me.

Such blessings, such grace, infinite gratitude, and all-encompassing love.

We live in an abundant universe.  Did I need more proof?  The divine is in the details: A full moon on thanksgiving and watching her sink into the sea at dawn, took her turn to bless the day.

Oceanside outdoor life. 

Blessed bounty prepared by beauty – 5 star vegan chef Maryann and happy helpers.

There is plenty in the planning. 

Mahalo to the forces that brought Jorge to this time and place and we pilgrims to the party.

Zip in and zip out of individual space.  Trees to shade, plants to admire, an infinity pool in which to bathe.  Fish happy to share their space around coral beaming beauty while sea urchins warn “don’t touch me”.  Waves wave, tides turn, everything dances.  Even the red tailed flags on the meditation tent move in yogic flow.  From the chi machines to the hammocks, everything sways. I love it!

Except my tongue – It is still while talking goes on in my head.  No problem when I feel the feelings and scan the soma.  Good stuff.

I especially appreciate not being encouraged to read or write. 

There is a learning curve in this practice.

7750 is a Maui miracle:  A Savasana sanctuary:  New age trim to an ancient practice, sharing big time and paying it forward.  What a gift.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Aloha Jorge,

Wow brother!  Deep deep bows to you and the whole team for this experience.  The container was impeccable, you all took such good care of us and I am forever grateful to be a part of this Quepasana Sangha.

I have been efforting a lot these last many years and I have been slowly winding back inward which brought me here.  As someone who has had to hold a lot, it was a true gift to let myself sink in here and truly receive and not have to hold anything.  Here is  my quote for you:  “Quepasana is a fully 5D Vipassana”.  Man, the frequency is so high here and this land and the beauty is stunning.  As someone very sensitive to energy it was a blessing to tap into the field you all culminated here.  I had many peak and heightened experiences during my course.  From openings, insights, rememberances, releases, and so many meaningful moments of awareness that were very nourishing to my process.  This was the perfect place for me to integrate a very intense last 2 years on Maui.  I felt such a constant reverence in this space.  My Qi Gong practice went to a whole other level and I found myself moved often by this reverence, energy and awareness.  One of my highlights was merging fully with the ocean amongst the reef, balling my eyes out at the beauty and magic of PachaMama’s creation.  I have not experienced something like that since the great barrier reef in 2004.  I know all the sitting and practice primed me for that moment.  Upon coming back I felt my commitment to environmental protection and music on fire!  I also felt deeply moved on Thanksgiving.  The love field was so potent it cracked me open, another pattern interruption into receiving.  The gratitude continues to overflow.  Silent prayerful reverence for the sacredness of this experience.   I definitely received the soul reset I was intending for myself; re-sourced and so deeply nourished.

I needed to charge up for this next chapter and I know this experience  (will have) had a lasting impact on my life already.

My love, respect and passion for Yoga, Qi Gong, somatic release, meditation and mysticism is fully stoked. 

I am so excited to be reinvigorated and committed to these practices again!

I see what you are up to here, hermano.  The space you hold and the many people who will come “home” here.  My sincerest love and gratitude.  Keep going.  Keep us laughing, and also focused!

With appreciation and reverence. Mahalo.

Dearest Jorge,

Thank you for your dedication, authenticity, generosity and commitment to assisting our human family into freedom.  This is a beautiful property, and thank you for sharing.

Of course, I got exactly what was needed.  Dealing with a health challenge and coming to Maui to cleanse and heal, this was my first process after arriving on the island.  

I am a 40 plus year practitioner of Raj Vidja (meditation on light, celestial music, primordial vibration and nectar). I have been unable to “sit” for meditation for several months.  Coming here was a huge leap of faith and although I spent 90 percent of the first 8 days in my pain body (talk about suffering), the “gift” came during Yoga Nidra, I saw clearly what was going on in the body and my recent neglect of the lower chakras, and I saw what was needed while sitting in the pain (not in stillness, my prayer was that I was not disturbing others) and there was incredible grace as I was able to shift 60 percent of the pain.

Thank you for providing the space to do this intense work.  BTW, one of the songs that came on was “You can’t rush your healing” which of course I took as a personal message.  I have enjoyed a healthy body for 70 plus years and was not “accepting” what is, now.  I feel this time of silence has allowed me to be more accepting instead of just wanting to fast-forward to wholeness. 

Thank you again and so many blessings on your journey.

Best. Experience. Ever.  I feel more charged up and inspired than ever before!

Getting in touch with and more familiar with my lower belly and center point has been absolutely transformational and inspiring. 

Movement feels new, graceful, playful and exciting.

After a lot of time away from my Yoga practice, bringing my newfound awareness of center point to our yoga sessions created a surge of life and momentum to dive back in.  I experienced poses in a brand new way. 

Beginning each day with shake, rattle and roll has been so much fun!

I plan to continue to start my days that way.

I have been spending much time facing and feeling some powerful emotional energies that have been suppressed for a long time, and the fear and protective mechanisms that come along with them.  I have been able to be with them without reacting more so than ever, and it feels as if at least one spot of emotion has been released. My relationship with these energies has shifted completely.  I have named the powerful emotions Bert, and the protective mechanisms Fred. 

I see them as friends and do my best to accept them into my experience.

MaryAnn, your presence and your presents, (delicious and fun meals) have brought me so much joy and gratitude.  THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!

Jorge, your embodiment is SO inspiring, your humor nourishes my soul.  Your commitment to service is doing wondrous good in this world.  It has TRULY been a gift.  The best gift EVER!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

PS.  Thank you for taking my phone away for 10 days. I needed that.

Good morning my dear.  I did not have a chance to say goodbye to you.  I think the reason is that we are going to meet again.  Thank you so much for this beautiful magic.  I have so much gratitude to you, it is amazing what you do.  I am ready any time to come and serve at Quepasana again and again….  After living in Yoga ashram in India for 4.5 years, finally I found all this here in Maui.  No need to travel so far. The home is here.  Many kisses to you my dear. 

Please stay in touch and let me know when I can come again.  Love you.

Dear Jorge,

Your creation is my dream come true.  I’ve been hearing my soul crying out for this exact experience and to receive it is a full-on mind bending, reality changing, eye opening doozie.  Why is this a doozie?  Well, this is my path.  My present in the moment as I sit here in your yard -  Yes… but also my future.  I feel called to follow in your footsteps, share with an open hand and home, lead with humble grace all while letting meditation, silence, nature, yoga, music, bodywork, healthy food and the open sharing of love and patience do its work.  Before coming into this experience I knew that it would rattle me and wake something up.   Now I know what that is.  It is the unraveling of my tightly wound grip on “making money”.  As I have found myself in the current situation of looking for a new career and all of my new interest being spiritual, I have felt a dilemma.  What should I do?  How can I follow my true hearts knowing that I meant to be working in the field of awakening with the desire to keep the channel of giving as pure and protected as possible?  I have been at a cross roads, a standstill.  Analysis paralysis as I now understand it.

Being here at your sanctuary gave me the motivation to look deeper into the “problem” and feel for the first time a real and pure desire to create a business.  I know that from that business resources will flow in and thus I will be able to comfortably let them flow out.  This model of a property with mixed uses is resonating in a major, major way.  Thank you for opening up your home for this work, it really is part of the healing for myself and so many others.

I feel a little stuck on where to begin if I’m being honest.  I trust that the timing of everything is divine and yet with my ease and grace flow state I’m in after today’s meditation I’m fearful of leaving the gates with this question heavy on my heart?  What is my next step?  I am feeling so eager to be in action towards this calling of service right now and yet I’m new to the work.

Up until this moment in my life no one has struck me in the way they have chosen to creatively express this strongly until you and Quepasana.  I am forever grateful for your leadership and stewardship of this precious vision.  It’s ahhhhmazing.  Mahalo Nui.

When we did the loving kindness prayer, Jorge asked us to picture who represents that to us. His, Karen’s and your face came up! 

I just wanted to let you know that you reflect that for me so beautifully!


Mahalo for this incredible blessing.  I don’t often use that word, but that is exactly what this is, a blessing.  Although I had my share of hardships, I’ve also been blessed in so many ways.  Raised by loving parents, surrounded by caring friends my whole life, allowed to flourish professionally, and now, being able to attend my second Quepasana course, this one in beautiful Maui.  What a unique and magical opportunity this is.  How often do people get the chance to sit, to serve, to tap in to check it out, and to really feel everything.  I’m just so incredibly grateful, both to work for Plexis and to get to experience Quepasana, right here, right now.  It’s hard to really put this experience into words, but I can say that I’ve never felt emotion like this before.  During sunset meditation on the 5th day, I found a place inside that I’ve only every glimpsed before, a way of feeling and observing that was so pure and so completely in line with the earth.  Afterwards, I watched the sunset, and the beauty of the moment brought me to tears.  Then I kept crying, crying for all the sadness I’ve seen in my life, not because of the sad things themselves, but because of how heartbreaking it was to realize how much time I’ve spent being sad.  I almost can’t describe it.  It was like my emotions transcended to the next level.  It was without a doubt the most profound and meaningful experience of my life, and I could not be more grateful for it, so

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And thanks to MaryAnn for the amazing food!  When I had a craving for dairy, there she was with delicious butternut squash and cashew nacho cheese, or coconut yogurt – I can honestly say I don’t miss real dairy right now!  And she kept the experience mindful while serving, so thank you so much for that.   Thank you both for your beautiful loving hospitality, for creating such a wonderful Quepasana for us all.


You are a breath of fresh air.  You are the birds singing in the sun over the ocean.  You are the leaves dancing in the wind.  You are the ripples illuminating the rain drops.  You are…. Love, Wonder, Awe, Innocence, wisdom, light and JOY.

I am so incredibly grateful that I found my way to you and Quepasana in this spiraling, twisting, magical and surprising ride we call life!  Thank you for welcoming me and supporting me with open arms.  Thank you for continuously guiding me back into the depths of truth that exists within me.  Right here, right now, as it is.  I love you deeply.

Thank you for creating such a nurturing experience for us to explore our inner world.  And for helping us remember that the inner journey is just as potent as our outer.

You are a bright light in this world.  Reflecting back to us the most simple path home.  Bless you in this moment and very moment.  Love you.

Dear Jorge,

When we first met you called me a Jedi.  Now I see you as a Jedi Master.  You and the knights here have done an outstanding and meticulous job of creating a container to hold all of us while we activate.  You are such a beautiful and mischievous human, thank you from the deepest well of gratitude for sharing your light and magic with the world.  Experiencing Mama Maui from this blissful nectar pocket melted me again and again.  I’m still melting, the rising sun is touching me and the birdsong entrancing me.  Your magic is woven into this place and the magic is pouring forth.  I am honored to be given this opportunity.  This is IT!

I am happy and content, with a smile on my face I tilt my light saber to you.


Wow!  You really know how to throw a party!  Your generosity is overwhelming.  Thank you for sharing your heaven on earth with us. 

The beauty of this place was very healing for me.

This experience was fun, challenging, transformative and peaceful.  It was such a great combination of experiences. I am blown away by all the details that you thought of when considering the overall experience.

I am so appreciative of your gentle and loving nature.  As my first Vipassana course I was fearful of what limits I would come up against.  Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your experiences as it helped me ease into the 10 days.  Thank you to MaryAnn for her meals made with love.  I am grateful for healthy food I received during this journey.  Thank you to Katherine for her expert lead in Yoga and for encouraging the ride inside.  I really enjoyed her instructions as they really helped me get into the positions more fully.

From the amazing tents and comfy beds to the delicious meals, from the massages to the dance party, from the serene location to the tea and books.  (I could go on).  All of it created a magical experience for me.

From my numb legs and scattered mind came peace, calm, and loving kindness. 

(\Still working on patience, though feel better prepared to allow an experience to just be what it is. With so much gratitude!


This experience has been absolutely exquisite.  The timing of this in my life could not be more perfect.  I arrived far more exhausted than I knew, coming from a wildly full life.  This pause has been divine., and has provided a level of rest and spaciousness for self awareness that I forgot existed.  While I teach mindful living, open-hearted communication and authentic play through adventure… I had forgotten to take care of myself… forgetting to “put on my oxygen mask first before helping others”, if you will.  Thank you for helping me to adjust my mask.  Oxygen is flowing once again.  I have come to tears of gratitude, almost daily during this course.  Again, exquisite.

I am in awe of your spirit, your generosity and your humility.  The way in which your humor naturally weaves into this tapestry has had me smiling and laughing on a regular basis.  While I’m not leaving this course in a state of nirvana (in fact, I can hardly get through one body scan without being completely distracted and taken for a ride on some story in my mind)  I am rested and clear about some of the work I get to do now. It has clarified the 5-6 stories/wounds/obsessions/neurosis that I get to now unpack in their own unique ways, grow from, and be able to offer myself to serve in a full and more empowered way.
I can feel, already, the ripples this sends into my life, my program, and those I serve… youth, adults, families, and my community.

In deep gratitude and honor for the path you walk. I bow to you, full prostrate. 

I feel my old practice got a defrag and a reboot!  And Reggie Ray was awesome! 

Thank you so much.

What I love about Quepasana is its unique and unexpected pairings:

·       Discipline meets freedom

·       Kundalini mixed with shake rattle and roll

·       Sufi grinds and hip hop

·       Luxury and giving

·       Silence and snorkeling

You speak about Yin being meditation dessert.  Frankly this experience, and you Jorge, are a cherry on top of one of MaryAnn’s vegan gluten free cupcakes—and we all know how good those would be!!

Mahalo for sharing your sweet nature with us.  This experience satisfied my every craving, and left me wanting for nothing.  DELICIOUS LIFE.

Lucky you, an early love note.  Thank you for creating such a nurturing experience for us to explore our inner world.  And for helping us remember that the inner journey is just as potent as our outer.  You are a bright light in this world, reflecting back at us the simplest path home.  Bless you in this moment and every moment.

Dear MaryAnn,

I hope to someday come and serve simply to watch and learn from you behind the scenes – because based on what I witnessed up front- you are too amazing to be true!

Your kindness, obvious gifting of love everywhere, your oversight and combination of skills- from cooking, organizing, supervising and having eyes everywhere make you some sort of “superwoman”

At one point you said you were from the Phillipines, but my guess is that is a cover – you really come from Venus the planet of LOVE… (your height gives you away)  Thank you for being ALL THAT! With a heart full of gratitude.

Dear Jorge,

Of the billions of humans on this planet now, we are the lucky ones.  55 of us, in this beautiful place doing this wonderful practice.

I want to thank you so much for inviting me to this amazing party, it is an honor each time, a great pleasure to serve this sangha.  Deepest appreciation for your committed practice, your generous sharing, and your amazing capacity and inspiration.


Thank you so much for giving me the most special gift anyone has ever given me.  After spending time at Quepasana, all the answers to how to “fix” my chaotic insides became clear.  This course helped me confront a major internal demon that has controlled almost every realm of my life.  When I leave the gates of Ponomakena Sanctuary, I can feel that life will be different.  One of the greatest answers I got while being here is to keep my practice, for this is only the beginning of a truly beautiful journey.

Dearest Jorge,

WOW!  Mahalo Nui Loa from the heart.  Thank you so very much.  You are an amazing being of light.  A true Bodhisattva practicing boddihatta for REAL!  The course is quite a profound journey.   I can see why you call it a course.  I certainly learned a lot.  I had done some of the Goenka Vipassana sits, and they were so arduous, I hated them but realized the benefit of sitting.  Your Quepasana course is a transformative experience, you make it palatable and even really juicy.  It’s touch at times to sit with your stuff, but you make the climb up the mountain a little easier.  There is so much love, kindness and general nurturing that is so encouraging.

Jorge, you are masterful in how you orchestrate the course.  It is done with so much love, patience, meticulous attentions to detail, kindness and joy.  Your generosity is so beautiful and inspiring. You really have attained that Siddhi (Spiritual Attainment)

For me the experience has been deep, and I feel a renewed sense of commitment to my meditation practice.  I also love how you have integrated the different somatic practices.  For me it was the missing link.

Ponomakena – What’s to say? The beauty leaves me speechless (that’s good J)  This is one of the best spots anywhere. 

I appreciate beautiful Katherine’s Yoga classes.  It was a pleasure to have a teacher of her caliber teaching us.  She is a treasure.

MaryAnn:  Could not do it without her.  She has so much love and boundless energy to keep the ship running. She does it all with so much grace and humor.  I love her giggles, they are contagious.  And last but not least, the food was so nourishing and supportive and had so much love.  It was really delicious.
So from the depths of my heart I bow in gratitude to you dear friends.  All my love.

PS.  I love your sense of humor.  It was so uplifting.

Dearest Jorge,

Quepasana has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life thus far.  One of the top 3 in fact, along with hang gliding over the amazon rain forest in Brazil and hiking into Waimea Valley on the Big Island.  Yes, comparable to the beauty of nature in its most epic forms! I cried several times feeling so grateful for the gift of this experience.  The sheer magnificence of this piece of art coming from your heart, mind and soul is absolutely astounding.  I put together and executed a medium size festival last year that I put thousands of hour and every single one of my skills, so I am one of the rare people that can have a sliver of understanding of what goes into something like this.  Holy WOW!!!.  All the details – from the lighting, the feminine products in the bathrooms, the perfectly thought out schedules (which have to change last minute because of some people not coming, I am sure)  The name tags on the tents and spots – I mean, EVERYTHING was so very thoughtful and full of loving kindness.

I appreciate the insects like never before! The ants taught me to be mindful to clean up after myself ASAP.  The flies crawling on me while I meditated brought me back to presence and gave me pleasure.  The choke butterflies were gorgeous reminders of my personal growth, and all THE BEES!!!  YES! These girls I appreciate the most because my husband is a bee charmer and I could feel him with me through them. On thanksgiving they covered my hand and also surrounded me at breakfast and lunch! I cried and was so grateful for the REAL honey that was served that they rob every day at the tea table.

I am grateful to myself for having been diligent to my practice for the last 6-7 months and to my friend for waking up and sitting with me for so many of those hours.  It made my experience much less torturous, I am sure of it. In fact, the only torturous things were boogers running down my face, hormones running wild, and missing my daughter so dearly.  She is almost 7 and is looking forward to KeikePasana.  She also has a practice.

The food has been so amazing!  I usually eat vegetarian and gluten free.  It digested really well and was lovingly prepared.  I especially loved when MaryAnn was serving us with that big smile on her pretty face and her heart taking up the whole table.  The Nachos were my favorite! So Ono!

You have really met your match in MaryAnn.  I can see how much of her love sweat and tears have been shed to make all this happen.  I am happy for you that you have her.  Sara and Attar were great too.

I would love to come back and serve. I am so grateful to everyone here who sat.  they all showed me reflections of myself that were invaluable and have changed my life forever.  The personal growth I received was monumental and will ripple out to every eye that I meet.  I have cried so many times out of gratitude

PS.  I love your voice.

You are such a stellar role model Jorge.  Watching you during today’s party, pulsing with aliveness and leading us with a huge smile gave me a lot of joy to feel and my own huge smile.  You are a rock star for throwing these parties!  Mahalo.

Dear Quepasana Ohana,

Thank you for creating this space where we can gather to learn about Vipassana in a more accessible way.   I feel the addition of the movements and Yoga, Yin Yoga and the music added playfulness and a touch of grace. 

I greatly admire your drive to live your passion of service and contribution.  Maryann, you run a tight ship!  You have made what most people would consider the most stressful job  in the world into fun and joyful service.

Beloved Jorge,

I feel so deeply grateful that I can experience Quepasana with you in this unbelievable beautiful space.

It’s all so magical, lots of letting go, moving into whatever will unfold. 

I started my meditation journey with Vipassana in the South of France when I was 20 years old.  It led me to Osho, and now being 60, I feel almost complete circle.

For me, you have a lot in common with Osho.  You like beauty and combine it with playfulness and love for fun and helpful toys. 

The depth I felt with Osho I feel here right now…

Thanks for making me love Maui again.
Hope to be able to come back to serve in any way I can.

MaryAnn, you also bring so much to the experience.  Your smile, your amazing food and your organizing skills and so much love.  Happy birthday. 

Thanksgiving was so much fun….

Goenka without the Dukka, Vipassana without the psychology.  A treat without the RE, of course.  How sweet it is to be bathed in loving kindness and beauty and random acts of Savasana for 10 days.  The heart expands and I take the gift forward.  Mahalo mahalo.

Dear Maryann,

The Mother  Presence you bring to this experience feels so good to my soul.  To know that I can rest and that you have the reins for my health and well being for this week is deeply comforting.  The way you express love through your thoughtful meals, thoughtful smiles, thoughtful popcorn makes being here magic.  You are incredibly graceful and super-efficient management and creation of systems such that being in your grace feels like being in a well-tended unconditionally loving home.   Sitting in your spotless beautiful kitchen feels like being right back at my mother’s side watching and learning from her flow.  I look up to you and your positive, giggly, bright and cheerful ways.  You have an incredible style and radiance that is so pure and uniquely you.  You add so much to Quepasana.  It simply would not be the same without you. 

Eternally grateful and deeply inspired.

Jorge and Maryann,

It is such luck to be part of this gathering.  I feel exquisitely blessed! Can’t think of any other place and circumstance in this earth that could compete with the fortune of sharing and cultivating our being with such generosity.  Thank you for your infinite caring. 

What a marvelous dance, blessed by the rising and setting of the sun and the moon, playing with the sea, painting the clouds, this is paradise on steroids.  In the midst of battling with Samsara, a mighty stride up the hill of the mind, to reach to most profound “natural great peace” a deep rest into bliss.

Thank you a million times, for this jog, having each one of us touch the depth of our soul, rising back is like tasting a new fresh aliveness and honesty.

May the love you shower bless you a thousandfold.

Dear Jorge, Maryann, and team,

Although I would like to begin with a simple “thank you” for making this available, possible and accessible to me.   It is hardly enough to explain the feeling of gratitude I am leaving with tomorrow. 

The feeling of well being, truly being nurtured is worthy of one thousand thank yous.  Thanksgiving was the first day I have been served in the  true sense of receiving a loving heartfelt meal, the community and awareness of what gratitude means.

The last day, I finally began to drop into my stillness, my own mind (monkey mind) yapping away is enough to continue this for the rest of my life.  I sat without any agenda, and desire to work out an issue.  Simply to create space within the confines of my being.  How amazing. The meditation practice I had done for many years was conflicting.  Understanding the reason behind the body scan was initially hard for me (thinking, overthinking)  What was I trying to accomplish?  The understanding of “uncomfort” and still remain in stillness is extraordinary.  Simple and profound.

As a life wellness coach and meditation teacher in schools, this tool I have learned to apply in my own life, will touch so many others.  For that again, I am most grateful.

In the accommodation, food, service, tea, yoga, music,

movies I am most humbly grateful to accept.

I would love to serve for you in the future.  Please let me know how I can do that.  Now I understand Evelyn’s insatiable need to sit in silence.  This will change my life, as well as the lives of others.  Blessings to you all. 

October 2018 ( class of #58!)

YES!  This is the energy pulsing through every cell of my being – Body mind and spirit.  I am in awe of the perfection of what has been created here to serve so many, it is evidence of the magic that persists in this universe and you are evidence of the magic that happens when we truly let it all go.   The past 4 years I have been living my dream of being a lovingly present papa, a supportive husband, a mentor and an educator, and a production farmer, among other roles.  I have a great capacity to hold and carry forth in service.  I have been inspired and energized and highly productive.  And it has taken its toll. 

While caring so deeply for the world around me, I have completely neglected caring for myself.  This time here has reignited passion and awareness about who I am.  The practices have sung to my soul and I am confident I will carry them forth.  Even as someone who is addicted to doing, I could continue to live this way for weeks, months, or years.  The sense of purpose embodied in these practices seem much more relevant than the strong sense of purpose that guides my life.

I am leaving with clear guidance on how to continue rediscovering myself in every moment.  Thank you!  Thank you for your overwhelming generosity in sharing your gifts with us all.  Thank you for sharing your humanness and your willingness to do your work.  Thank you for answering the call to nurture a concept truly needed at this time.  I am grateful to be able to continue to grow with and serve this community for years to come.

With overflowing love.

So much to say, the words don’t do justice to my feelings.  There is a quality of sacredness in this oasis of love and in you!  I am sooo proud of you.  For having listened, for having understood, for applying every learning received.  The only way to teach is by exactly the way you are doing it.  BY EXAMPLE!

Your commitment, your love, your enthusiasm, your generosity, your light, your thankfulness, your presence, your every word, your every breath is to be imitated so all can find a path to the peacefulness and joy you express and reflect.

I have been on the path for more than 30 years.  I have been around many, many teachers and I have NEVER had the joy of encountering a soul so pure and with so much love and joy!

We are at a very special moment of evolution.  We are here to WAKE UP!  Wake up to love and joy, and the only way to find those is inside ourselves.  So thank you my dear “love soul” for showing us with your example, how to find it within.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing this beautiful sanctuary of love and peace with all of us.  Your generosity goes beyond limits.  You have thought about every detail.  From the shala and the music to the cabins with their so comfortable beds and privacy.  To the simple bathrooms, to the wonderful showers.  And what can I say about the magnificent garden and the GREATEST swimming pool in the region.  Every detail:  From the soap to the tampons to the toys and….. a very special thanks to Maryann who with her motherly quiet love filled our stomachs with delicious food and our hearts with her soft caring love. 

To everyone that participated in making this course a complete success. 

All of you under the kind and gentle guidance of our dear beloved Don Chingon.

I feel overwhelmed by the knowing that:  I have arrived “home with my tribe”.  I can’t wait to continue with this loving experience that has left my heart so full.

Thank you my dear Jorge.  May god continue to shower you with enthusiasm, health, love, abundance, peace, joy, faith, will, perseverance, everything, EVERYTHING!

Thank you for shining for us the way you do!  Thank you for leading by example, without rigidity, only wisdom, clarity and love.

Feel, feel it ALL!

I feel: elated, I’m flying, full of love, marveled, @awe, blessed, loved, contained, supported, pampered, emotional, in love with mother earth, an opened heart, complete, awakened, @ peace, grateful, healed, special, good, powerful, motivated, full of energy, replenished, understood, well, insane J, astonished, wonderful, high vibes, healthy, full of love, wanting to give back, serene, joyful, attuned with nature, at home, my(our) soul is in the fifth dimension.


I always have the most difficult time writing QuepasaLoveNotes because there are no words to do Quepasana justice.

The level of deep inner, life changing, world shifting being done here is profound.  I know it down to my bones, which is why I come back time and time again.  It is an honor to help serve on this journey.  To help each being who walks through the gate come closer to home, to themselves, to source.

It is with deep gratitude I open my heart to receive the countless blessings you share.

Thank you so deeply for crating this sacred container of Quepasana.

I am shining, we are shining, thus the world is shining so much brightly because of this experience. 

Thank you for helping us remember who we truly are.

Dearest Jorge,

Wow!   What a wonder you are.  True living Jedi Master.  Kind, funny, wise, humble, open hearted, empathetic, strong and sincere.  The generosity of your spirit shines through in every way, every day.

Thank you for being an illustration and divine teacher of what is possible to accomplish through dedication and commitment.  I began my meditation practice in India and the Dalai Lama’s teachings in 1997.  My commitment to my practice has waxed and waned over the years.  In 2010/2011 I did a 10 day Vipassana course in Peru.  It was a huge awakening, yet the strict format and patriarchal tone kept me from returning.  And again my daily practice was lost.

Quepasana feels like the perfect balance of format and fun.  Thank you for breathing new life into an ancient tradition.  Thank you for bringing the sweet healing balm to our troubled world.  I loved the inclusion of Yoga and shake rattle and roll!  The yin practices were so therapeutic – all a meditation.  Deep self-care and love.

I also greatly loved the inclusion of the crystal bowls and gongs.  The sound vibration helped me attune more fully to the vibrational matrix of my inner cellular body.  To really feel everything!  Cells vibrating – body dancing.  Pure awareness. 
Oceans of gratitude and infinite love.

Dear Jorge,

Bless your bountiful abundant heart for so generously sharing this incredible experience with so many of us.

Bless your brilliant beneficient mind for coming up with this soulful scheme and the resources to make it happen.

Bless your beautiful beloved spirit for the inspiration behind this exquisite vision and for picking you to manifest it.

A thousand thank yous..

Dear Sweetest Jorge

Tears of gratitude boil up from my heart as I try to give thanks, and put this experience into words.  My world coming forth will not be the same.  You have guided me to find the lost world within myself.  The love and joy that flows out from deep within me is pouring out from every cell, each of them so happy to be felt.  You have planted/this experience has planted, a seed of awareness in my body and I’m ready to nurture that seed and witness what unfolds.

To me this experience was perfection.  To the never ending epic peace and beauty of your land, to the food… the FOOD (MaryAnn is so golden), to the core, which was the beauty of your facilitation and how much Jorge love was just everywhere.  It all cradled me in loving comfort that when the hard times came up I was supported.

Jorge, my body swells with gratitude, it swells with love, from the deepest depth of my body, thank you.

Dear Jorge,

First of all deepest thanks for your seemingly endless generosity, and for a wonderful course.  I, too was thankful for the sound system issue during the week, but most of all I am thankful that no animal was taken for my meals.  I was able to put aside my reflux meds for a week and did not miss my daily coffee regimen or evening drink.

While I did not ascend to the heights of Satori or dive deep into the depths of the earth and beyond, I was most appreciative of the meditation practice, and to resume a Yoga practice after a 40 year hiatus.  Thanks again, and again, what a gift!

Oh my beloved Jorge!

Thank you –

Always for your generous heart and

♥ for claiming, stepping into and honoring your dharmic offering

♥ For allowing so many different kinds of people to come together to listen within

♥ For sharing this beautiful land so freely, so fully, with such integrity.  (The Maui gods are smiling on you!)

♥ For embodying and living Aloha

I am so deeply appreciative and grateful for your capacity to course correct. 

From 53 to 58.  WOW.

In the quiet- without the continuous reaction to the external noise – I had the opportunity to hear the internal noise … which was louder, more chaotic, more rattling than any display from 53!

Each time I come there is a hell realm I encounter, inevitably alongside of a bliss state/experience

3 of the last 4 courses I have been thrown into the pit of sciatica pain, this course, by far the worst.  The pain was so intense that there was no rest at night, and not possibility of doing Yin Yoga (Until day 8 when my homeopathic remedy kicked in, along with unwinding the underlying issues).

I loved the silence, the lack of external input. I’m left with resounding chorus of the birds, and the symphony of the crashing waves.

And yet, how sorely I missed the yin yoga heart melting music!  That one afternoon when the sound system allowed (briefly), unlike you, it worked for me.  My body went into a pavlovian response… a deep surrender, a gentle opening.  ( and I’m hoping it was not me who jinxed the sound system J)

I love how you mix the very serious task of training the mind with the dance of high play-joy.  It is rare in my experience.  And I appreciate it.

I also appreciate the ever changing library.  A powerful support for my process this time was reading “How to Meditate”.  I was surprised by his clarity and insight, and it helped by reminding me that this is the work of allowing all of ourselves.  I took that to the sciatic pain.

Once I realized that I was trying to get away from the intolerable physical pain, and going to all kinds of thoughts like – I am NEVER EVER coming to Quepasana again! It‘s not good for me, I just hurt myself, I’m trapped here, etc.

I turned to the feeling/felt sense that I could not bear it (The pain), and just allowed that.  The kindness of that.  With that turn came a tsunami of rage, which I held in the arms of allowing all of it.  So potent.  So powerful.  To see my hate- as bad or worse than any neo-nazi skin head!  With that full allowing, the shift from separation/alienation to oneness the utter relief of wholeness!

These gems: Life altering.  Course corrections!

The gift of Quepasana.

Another huge gift.  Almost goes without saying  -- MaryAnn.  This time her mastery as a teacher of cooking lit up my time in the kitchen.  The whole process of how she approaches food – with such delight, clarity and spontaneity is another layer of the course.  Her caring attention of all of us from the start to finish of the course (beyond just the food) really grounds the field.  What a team!

To my Quepasana family:

On our first day together I had you each sized up by your appearance, your choice of clothes or scarcity thereof, your spiritual materials or scarcity thereof, etc.  I could tell whether and how much and in what way I liked you.

As scales fall from my eyes and I fall into my actual experience of me, each and every one of you has evolved.  I marvel (and laugh) at the absurdity of wanting you to be anything other than exactly what you are.

Watching each of you fall into your own selves (so I tell myself – for all I know you could each be enlightened masters here to demonstrate the way), has created space for me to do the same.  I bow to you, all of you, and each individual among you.

Dear Jorge,

Thank you for this gift. 

I am honored to have this experience – it is a gift that has changed my life.

You are an inspiration.

You have shown me that discipline and work are along the path of life along with love, acceptance compassion, allowance and JOY.

Wow!!  This place, the ocean, the fish, the air, the dreams, the land, the food, the love! It is infused.  It is truly a paradise.  You have created a beautiful heaven, a place of healing, nurturing, and calm being.  I feel so loved.  I love you!  Thank you!  Thank you for providing this for us, for life!

My mind has always had a tendency to be like a screaming infant, crying, yelling, anxious.  Day seven was a moment where “I” could see my mind as a part of my body, of who I am.  But it is not ME.  My mind is a part of my body, you have given me a framework to use to calm my mind.  It’s a path that requires work and effort, but it is so calming.

This path can allow me to “feel everything”.  FEEL THAT

I have an even more special relationship to silence

I was terrified before starting this course.  Not of the work, but what it could reveal.  What would I find?  I found that my fear is just a feeling!  How does that feel? My ego was afraid its tricks may not work.  My ego mind, the petulant child, what a creative part of me.  This space allowed me to take space to let it (almost) exhaust all its tricks. I say almost because I know now I must sustain my mindful practice.  I know it is possible to “see” outside my mind, see/feel myself as a part of an interconnected, beautiful universe.  I feel calm.  I feel loved.

Thank you! Thank you to the servers.  Amazing!  I am humbled, and inspired that such a place, space and person such as you, who decided to make this happen exists with us, as us, for us, on EARTH.  Thank you.  Love.

#58 group

Despite life’s impermanence, through your guidance with the support of your staff on a sandy beach corner of heaven, I find infinite possibilities. 

I love what you do.  I love you, Man of Makena

We must be doing something right to end up here—heaven on earth!

Or maybe to rephrase, we are being something, nothing and everything all at once.  The side effect is heaven on earth!  What a glorious blessing.  Thank you all for the vision and dedication to your practice and the metta that overflows – through you and right in through me. 

Gotta love the side effects of passing it on and paying it forward!  Gratitude abounds.

NOW is my present.  I have offered myself the possibility of observe and feel each moment as it is.  Now is my PRESENT.  It’s a gift indeed.  I am grateful to all the Quepasana team for their loving kindness.  Keep helping people arising consciousness and make the world a better place.
I also want to thank my Quepasamates.  A bunch of lovely people.  What an interesting experience to hang out in silence with strangers.  What we lived is beyond words.  Meditating with all you guys.   Tuned into my own vibration, then yours, each so unique, then all in one with the universe.  Wonderful!

This is a life-changing experience, this is my key-pasana.  I have now a pass to unity, an unlimited access to the place where ones float in bliss.  Now is my FUTURE.

More than a practice, I want to make it a lifestyle.  I am my own fortune teller.  I’m not the best with discipline and routine but I will do my best and surrender to the humble witness of grace.

(A poem)

My Quepasana Experience:

When I first heard “Quepasana” – not a word I knew

Was this a queue (a line) for the toilet (the loo)?

My friend and I filled my application with joy

With only an inkling of what I was in for – Oh boy!

I soon realized my pretzel with moves and much more

Our “Yoda” said feel everything – I did!  It was sore

I got some relief in the hammock I found a wave of sweet sleep, then a thud to the ground. 
The thing had just ripped and tossed me down onto grass

Not sure what hurt more, my head or my (Pass)

It was suggested to not use my chair, but the mat.

Now everything really hurt, it brought out my brat

When our “yoda” said fidgets were a restless mind

I realized my clients were first, while I’d left me behind

Food has been good and line’s quite fast and then there was popcorn – oh what a blast

To say I feel blessed, this experience sublime,

Could be the understatement of all time

I intend to continue to keep opening the door

With the hope I can one day sit still on the floor


When I first came to Quepasana I was assembling a puzzle with no picture reference.  Then you came in, gave me the picture.  Smiled and said “have fun with it.” Now I can remember what a fun game this is!  My deepest of gratitude to you and the whole Quepasana crew!  Love you fam!

It seems to be rare that I experience such unconditional giving as what has been created for us to receive here.  It is truly inspiring to witness and partake in this gift.  Not only is this course an opportunity to be completely within myself, it is provided so abundantly, fully, gracefully, comfortably – that I feel nourished and safe to really let go and surrender to that pure, unconditional presence that is held in this space.

And believe it or not, it is actually enjoyable!  And all this time I thought being with myself was a rough ride. J

If I could sing to you I would, for I am full; full of my-self; full of love and delight and a new hope

I reach: through fingertips I had left empty.  Through a stomach I had made too full to feel.

Through the back gate of my heart, between my wings where I had forgotten to leave the latch unlocked

Oh sweet opening, sweet revelation between my toes, sweet mask peeled from my face, blinking eyes to see.  I see. 
Through each pore, each membrane, each river of blood flowing to and from my heart.  I am humbled.  A beginner again. 
A first time owner of this brand new spine.  Its tail wags back and forth, it dances in spirals, and atop it a skull perches, offering its up and its down, like mother rocking baby, it says yes, yes, I choose to be here.  I pour water into mouth and set eyes on ocean. 
I am it

Animated water, skipping on twelve toes. I slosh and slish and slide out eyelids for love, for fear, for grief I had forgotten and again I become still and glossy.  The morning summer lake.   You could skate on me for now

I make no promises, hold no fist closed around a shiny thing.

Not to say we cannot shine.

I see a man whose face is soft. Head bowed a bit to the side, revealing the veins of his skull, sun’s kiss upon his shoulders, a heart whose veil is lifted

Generous and humble, he speaks only what he has learned from his own flesh, which he honors with the most precious gifts he has:  Time and attention. He holds this world as he holds himself. With gentleness and trust, with faith that nature will have her way.

I see him not through pupils under eyelids from aorta pulsing red electric mana.  It floods my body, fills my brain, which crackles like arctic ice, fissures through hard held beliefs.

I forget that men in power do harm.  Forget that forests are cleared and left fallow,  I am hope and light, and a bridge to a new way clears.  It is here, now!.  This creature in the shape of an omen, teaches me to breathe into my belly and see a truer world.  And here we are.  She the earth, he the fire, I the water and they the wind, none of whom can be extracted from the other.  And so it is.  And so it is.  And so I guess what I’m saying is thank you.

Dear Jorge,

Thank you for this gift.  This incredibly wonderful generous gift.   Your loving kindness permeates and radiates.  As a beginning meditator, the course was definitely a challenge;  It illuminated how difficult it is to control the inner dialogue and how prevalent those thoughts of past and future are.  Even when actively attempting to remain present!  But every time I started to feel like maybe I’m just not cut out for this, when I started to get frustrated at myself- you’d say something so comforting and true and remind me that where I am on this path is OK.  I am encouraged by your suggestion to commit for a period of time, and I think I am actually going to want to do it!.   Despite it still being a challenge to stay present, those glimpses of “now” are beautiful.

Thank you for being so nurturing, light-hearted and genuine.  May the future Earth have more humans on it like you.  Hey, you’re helping make that happen!

Your light shines so brightly.  Thank you for sharing it.

Dearest Jorge,

What an incredible miracle made up of particles you are!  You are a shining example of power, freedom and grace, and someone who is truly walking their path. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating this experience to help others on their own paths.  The positive impact that you are having on this world is incredible.  You are making a radical difference.  One heart at a time.  Thank you for opening your home and heart to us.  Thank you for allowing servers to return and share in the gift of giving.  Thank you for creating this beautiful community that pours out light, love and abundance.  I feel extremely blessed and grateful to partake in this exquisite gift.

(Those are all just words so please just FEEL the gigantic love bomb being sent from my heart to yours!)  All my love.

Dearest Jorge,

Thank you for another wonderful experience here at Quepasana.   I just came home from 3.5 months of whirlwind travels and needed this grounding more than ever!  I did not even realize there was a course happening, but thank goddess MaryAnn texted me!  It was such a blessing to find a few days to bask in the now, here at your glorious Ponomakena. 
I love seeing the growth of your course.  And seeing so many people powerfully transformed in this space.  I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this community and look forward to a beautiful future continuing to unfold.  I’ll admit I am a little bit bummed I cannot do the 30-day course.  A musician/songwriters dream.  I’ve been talking about that day forever.  When I would have uninterrupted peace, nature, and time to create and channel music through me.  So awesome!

Thank you again Jorge.  Your generous gift is so appreciated- as well as your humor. Refreshing!  Love you and what you do.

Dear Quepasana team,

I am continually moved and so GRATEFUL.  This happening is a sort of fantastic deep deep nurturing and restoration that blesses me to tears, so happy to be here.

I notice new things in my body now and have a sweet centering that I know will echo beautifully into my future.

Dear MaryAnn (mom)

You could serve banana peels with a smile and I’d eat them with relish.  Mahalo nui

Dearest beloveds,

Words fall short of describing how profound this week has been for me.

Thank you Jorge for being a shining example of a yogi and an elder in our community.  We are blessed to have you.

MaryAnn, your culinary artistry is second to none.  As nourishing as it is delicious.  May the spirit of bhakti carry you on.

Mahalo is a word that might earlier have come out as a very heartfelt and genuine response to what has been given.  In the moment, it just is.  No exchange, just MAHALO.

Just today I found that the gravel is quite nice under my feet if I walk slowly and gently.  Then I meet the ground.  I do not beat the ground, I just greet it.

Just today I looked down at my arm and thought “wow” Just wow.  No startling facts about “trillions” of energies or what.  Just wow.  Just MAHALO.  Just as I might, toward a tree, or a bird.  MAHALO.  Wow. Is. Me. Wow! Not because it did or did not do anything spectacular, BUT IT DID.  It Be’d!

In the same vein, this week I seem to remember that in meditation, or any time, I can just meet with myself.  Just greet MYSELF.  That’s a very quiet but a brilliant sort of spectatular.  And very, very sweet.  Mahalo.

My actual Quepasana experience:

Dear Jorge, I came here with deep questions, real big ones.  I had already answered them to some degree, but certainly hadn’t made peace with them.  During meditation, holding poses and reintroducing myself to a practice I’ve let go of for ages, I found myself in turmoil.  I hadn’t realized how poorly I had become at not turning inward for myself.  I happen to be an awesome successful seer for others, but so what if it doesn’t include me?   It’s almost as though my life was so strongly of service, I’d forgotten me.  Yes, I ate better, walked the beach, found friends, lovers, some meaning to this life, but nothing penetrating deeply for me.  I couldn’t understand it.   How could I be such a glorious channel for so many people across phone lines, around my troubled world, and yet be so missing in action for me?

I did not have a practice.

When we were invited to go off and do our practice I had no idea what to do.  I faked it, made it up, pretended to be as obvious a people standing on heads, hands, toes.  I had no rituals, no practices and yet I’ve been beautifully guiding others for 26 years.

I visited rituals and practices, living on an ashram for a while, living in a Buddhist sanctuary for a time, but never adopted my own daily commitment.  As a result, I can see my life as sporadic, patchy, up and down and certainly not consistent.

I came here for answers, life questions.  Do I stay here and simply visit my declining love of my life (my mom) or do I drop everything and go be beside her and help her complete her time?  My time here didn’t address that or any other question, and it should not be responsible for individual journeys. What my time here did is to put me first.  I am intending standing on top of my hill of life, celebrating the new from within all points of my very existence.  I will continue my guidance, I will shine my lantern for others, just because I can and it’s my gift, but now I will see my own light and be still within it daily.

Aloha Jorge,

Mahalo for being  you!  Thank you for all that you are and all you do.  My heart is full of gratitude and I am so inspired by this opportunity you hold space for…. This is what the world needs.  This is what we all need.  Healing, awakening, feeling deep within….. Such a gift to let ourselves get to know ourselves.  Our true infinite “selves” (cells).   You are divine.  Keep on being you.

Dearest MaryAnn,

First of all, thank you for your LOVE.  I feel it so deeply and it means so much to me to have you think of me and personally invite me to come be in this experience again and again.

Having just come home from a whirlwind 3.5 months of travelling I really needed this!  As the busy NYC hustler woman I am I hit the ground hard, running fast October 1st and had I not come here I assume I may have had a mini breakdown from lack of sleep, exhaustion and stress.  So you helped save me!

I admire you and how you hold such a loving, powerful productive and effective space for all you do.  You are a beautiful example of how joy, play and ease can help get the job done – even better!

So thank you, my dear friend.  For seeing me, loving me and always inviting me home to your home and into my own. 
Next time I would love to assist a whole course and work lots of shifts because I feel weird not working.  Ha ha.  But thank you for the gift of rest and silence this time around. 

Dearest MaryAnn,

You are an angel.  I felt your love and support in our first email correspondence, and continually through the course.  Your humor, your steadiness throughout, your guidance and your glorious meals have given me support and solid ground so I could truly let go and surrender into this experience.  It has been a week of receiving blessings.  Thanks to you and Jorge and all the staff angels.

Aloha Jorge,

You are indeed loving kindness!  Your generosity is breathtaking and so inspirational.  What a gift you are to all. 
To be here on this sacred land is deeply nourishing and that alone is enough, but it is only the beginning.  The food has been healthy, tasty and prepared with such love.  The accommodations so cozy, comfortable and private, even the battery candle light shows so much thought and care.  The heart of the program though is the schedule.  It is the perfect balance of yoga, meditation, relaxation, integration/free time.  It is a perfect flow and pace, allowing us to drop in and go deeper.  While being held so exquisitely by the beauty of the land and your caring support team, with attention to all the details.

Thank you for this gift!  I look forward to being of service here in upcoming programs.

Dearest Jorge,

Please know how profound, awakening and ultimately life changing this gift you have brought forth is/was for me.

My immeasurable gratitude goes to the way you hold space, how simple and fun you keep things.  I feel your heart of gold and your experiential wisdom.

I thank you for providing this opportunity.  My view of Quepasana is that is unique, easy, beautiful and NEEDED.

Honestly, my past self thought traditional Vipassana courses sounded like torture, so when I heard about the Quepasana course I was like, “Hey, that sounds fun, I can do that”  Its much more colorful, relaxed, new age, MAUI.   I love it.  And I would recommend it to anyone. What better way to spend time?  Well, I got clear on how I want to spend time moving into the future.  More art!  Painting, drawing,.. and I resolve to being more of the silent witness of any aversions or explosive emotions that past “me” might be hardened or swept by.

Everyone needs Quepasana!  I hope you find ease in expanding and grounding deeper this immeasurable gift.

True love, light genius you are. 

Dear Maryann

Thank you for your amazing love and care throughout all the details of the program – from registration to your amazing organizational skills which kept everything running smoothly.  But most of all, the food – WOW.  I don’t know how you do it.  The food was amazing and prepared with such love to keep us well nourished and card for on every level during this course.

And thank you for your loving heart and smile.  You are amazing, such an inspiration.  I look forward to serving on future programs here.

Dearest Jorge and Maryann

I am humbled in gratitude for this invaluable gift/blessing you have shared so warmly with myself and so many others.  This week I feel I was able to push through some “real” perceived challenges both physically and emotionally and find true magic within and all around.  The love and service yourself and the whole Quepasana crew are offering is rippling through the cosmos… so happy I was able to ride this wave with you all! Mahalo Nui Loa

Buddha to Buddha, this kiss, source to source, these lips undyingly press

It’s busy today many trains come and go.  I am the station.

Dear walker of the path of mastery.

Thank you.  Your avid dedication to the path is an act of tremendous service.

For the last decade I have sought countless healers, medical professionals, shamans, practices and medicines of all kinds.  All this to heal the condensed trauma previously stored in my mind and back.

My extreme trauma and PTSD have created a form of ongoing agony that few people can understand.

I have spent a significant amount of time practicing everything taught here at Quepasana.  However, previously these practices met with little success.

I am so happy to share with you that for the first time in over a decade, I am no longer in physical agony, numb, or feeling depressed and anxious.

Quepasana’s magical combination of yin-yoga, meditation, silence, beauty, sound hypnotism and rigorous schedule is the cure I’ve been seeking for so long. 

You delight me and fill my heart with bubbling joy!  You are graceful, humorous, generous and loving.  I see through your actions your servant leadership, and lightness you carry in your step that all you do comes from the seat of your heart.  Thank you for sharing your home, your food, your sweet energy.  It is received and acknowledged for the depth and expansiveness it is.  You are love, you are loved.  Mahalo, mahalo mahalo!


A privilege would be an understatement to give credence to this sacred experience you have so meticulously crafted.  How incredibly gracious of you to share all the physical, mental and spiritual abundance you have worked diligently to earn.  I firmly believe that life ought to be a gift in service to others, and you are a shining example of this aspiration.  I understand the inherent challenges of managing/guiding/holding space for so many people and their ever-changing dynamic; You achieve this with both grace and humility. 

Bless you for the work you do.  I have learned so much!  You are a genuine teacher, and have created/manifested a unified organism that will continue to ripple out love beams for eternity J

If I can ever be of service to you in any way, as this experiment continues to unfold, please do let me know.  Offering these courses to inmates/troubled youth is an excellent idea

All my love and endless blessings.

Dear MaryAnn,

Thank you for stewarding/creating such a cozy, loving and delicious experience.  The love and thought you put into it all is palpable in every bite.  You are a treasure.

Mahalo Nui for this peaceful container to bring transformation and awareness to the shit and the gold.  When you say you are considering bringing this work to prisoners my heart and mind leapt in joyful service to those.  Bring them internal freedom!

Dear MaryAnn,

You are an angel. Thank you for working diligently all week at meeting our needs for nourishing, warm, delicious sustenance.  It has been such a gift to be in/around your home which is filled with so much LOVE.  Mahalo for all you do and are.  Blessed be.

Quepasana was not easy for me.  It was not particularly grueling though. The middle way indeed.  Bravo Jorge.  I believe in you and what you are doing.  Thank you for holding the space for me to dip into some of the deepest meditations I’ve had in years.  You are a true admirable friend.  Bless you.


September 2018  (Wombpasana for pregnant mommas, Ashland OR)


The sparkle in your eyes says it all!  What a true gem you are.  Multifaceted in nature, balancing laughter and bliss with a serious dedication to the art of meditating.  You have served as a strong role model who has always led with your heart.  You are the grounding energy of this course and an impeccable conduct to channel this work to others.  Your path of service is inspiring and so soo impactful.  This course has changed my life!  I experienced more nurturing here in one day than I have over the past year.  This sanctuary fosters healing.  Healing so deep, on a cellular level, through mind, body and spirit.  Healing that has shifted my DNA and will continue to ripple through future generations. This work and your sacred creation is that HUGE!  The ripples of this week will impact my children!  My whole life!  My ancestors!  Its infinite.  Now I sit and enjoy the afterglow of that love. I am swimming in gratitude for the opportunity to have experienced this kind of magic, felt this depth of love, and basked in the true essence of bliss.  The words thank you don’t seem to do justice for the deep resonant feelings I hold in my heart.  Infinite love.

The meditations in the last two days have been extremely deep.  In the liquid space that all energy floats/moves through, I feel myself dissolve.  Infinite ripples of love expand through the space; through the liquid sea of energy.  It feels as if I am being caressed by a million tiny flowers and the petals are vibrating subtly—Like the soft purring from a warm fuzzy kitten.  And gravity no longer feels real in the liquid space or in the vast field of tiny vibrating flowers.  With gravity gone, comes sensations of weightlessness, flying, floating, spinning and levitating in every direction.  Even direction seems to melt away as the left, right up and down all become one.  I have been here before.  And so have you.   All that exists blossoms from here.  It feels so amazing to return to this place many special times and with a variety of methods for arriving.    Quepasana is certainly a well-made, beautiful method!  Thank you Jorge for helping us help ourselves to drop in.  Thank you for creating the container for people to feel inner peace.  I can feel my pineal gland dripping warm DMT nectar throughout my entire being.  I am very grateful for the sharing of various meditation techniques.  I especially love the Earth Descent guided meditation, feeling inspired artistically by the amazing use of visualization in that practice.  Big mahalos all around!  Jorge and to all the crew!  PS Thank you for picking such a great crew of powerful individuals.  I feel all the love and intention and hard work that has been feeding this transformative 8 day course!  You’re amazing.

Dear Beautiful Jorge,

How do I even begin to thank you for being such a kind, compassionate, generous, caring genuine, bright , beautiful soul?  I am still in awe of the grace and ease with which you execute these mindful, soul movement, life changing meditation courses, time and time again!

I can’t believe this is my THIRD course in only 5 months.  Crazy to think that in May I had NO idea that my entire existence was going to be forever altered, in the best way possible.  My heart soars with deep gratitude that our paths crossed, and that I am lucky enough to be a part of your ever-growing Quepasana family.  I know that before I know it, this movement will be felt world-wide.  Creating peaceful, altruistic communities wherever it lands.

Thank you for honoring your soul’s purpose of service with such humility and poise.  You are a true example of a noble soul.  I am constantly inspired by you, and hope to continue to grow within my own journey, to be more kind, giving, loving, peaceful, happy and content!   You are magic!   This Wombpasana blasted open my portals of time, giving deep acknowledgement to my ancestry and blood lineage-  While also reminding me deeply of my infinite connection to all that is and will be.  Today, yesterday and tomorrow.

My womb is overflowing with creative expression and opportunity.  I am SO  excited to take this powerful energy with me into the “real world” (Ha! Yeah right, THIS is the real world, right here in that portal of a dome!)

I will be using the next two months to spread Quepasana love to all who cross my path, while I eagerly await our next reunion in December!

Then we get to spend a whole month together in January to really go deep and blast off!  Ah! I can’t wait!!!  Until then, now that I am always sending you my unconditional love and gratitude with unwavering magnitude and flow.

Thank you for being you.  Thank you for allowing me the honor and humble opportunity to be of service to these mamas to be.  It means the world to me more than words can ever truly express.  You have allowed me to heal my own inner child more deeply and for this I am so grateful.  LOVE YOU, always and always.

So, Jorge, when are you opening the Quepasana Ashram?


Wow, I am not sure where to begin.  How about with Thank You.  Thank you from every particle of my being.  This week I have remembered so much I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten.  Haha.  I have learned, realized and come to peace, as well as been irritated, scared and pissed off. haha.  Gosh this life thing is fun.

Deep gratitude for providing Watsu.  I connected so deeply with my baby.  Truly such a gift.  I feel blessed to be here.  The absolute perfect place to be as the chapter of pregnancy comes to a close and birth and motherhood come forth.  I feel so honored to be here.  I feel honored, cared for, held, and sooo nourished.  What you are offering and co-creating is truly something special.

I really look forward to being a part of future courses and being of service.

Love Note:

Wahe Guru, Master Jorge!  Jorgeji!  Exquisitely orchestrated.  The angels are abounding here.  I received a massive healing, regaining a sense of wholeness within myself – Much deserved and needed after nearly six years of being a mother with another on the way.  I wept so many tears of supreme gratitude, feeling myself completely held by everything. Thank you for re-inspiring my practice of Self Love.  I am forever grateful.  And goddess bless my husband for encouraging this venture.  I pray that he, too will have this opportunity to be filled back up.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve when life presents this gift.  I am SO HAPPY that I said YES!!!! To coming here through all my fears and layers of protection. May I always remember “I am held, I am loved, I am love.  Everything is for me, and nothing is against me”  With a deep deep bow and so much gratitude and love. 

PS.  May blessings of peace and well-being shower you.  Thank you for listening to the call of spirit and for sharing your kindness, generosity, potent transmissions of how to be in both worlds, ALL worlds.

Bless those who served SO well.  My body has never felt more love, thanks to the masterful skills of Tom, Sadie, Danielle and Dasha.  Wow!  Such pure love and devotion.  I am amazed and steeped in gratitude!  And!  Bless our epic chef with the benefit or our practice.  I laugh now at the fear of thinking there wouldn’t be sufficient food.  I’ve been ravenous at home, being 4 months pregnant, but not here!  I’ve eaten WAY better here than I have at home.  Think my meals have been re-inspired!  Where’s the recipe book?

Aloha beautiful,

Thank you with all my heart for our connections.  I really feel blessed to have met you.  Your presence has been so heavenly in the space and it has fully been magical.  I hope I can connect more soon.  All in the magic flow.

By far this has been the most fulfilling and coming home to myself moment of this life.  I am infinitely grateful for this service which gets shared so heart-opening and devotionally.  To everyone, muchas gracias!

Ahhhhhhhhh!  (Deep breath)  Thank you. I love you.  Silence is important in a time of pregnancy.  I can really feel it all.  Blessings to all the mamas, babies and wombs.  I’m dancing and smiling and loving and being.  What a precious gift of joy this experience has been.  I feel all the beauty and love from you all!  XOXOXO

Beloved Jorge,

A love letter… Yes, this is a love letter in the form of recognition.  What a pleasure it is to take this moment and recognize and appreciate all that has come together for this experience to be!

Thank you for opening up your home to me, to everyone.  Thank you for saying “yes” and accepting me to the course.  I recognize the incredible amount of time, resources and energy you have invested for this course.  From the website to the dome, essential oils, food, electricity, and the water!  Hallelujah for water ( we would not get far without air and water)

Yes, you are the glue holding this all together and my recognition and appreciation extends to the many, many helping hands (seen and unseen).  I heard the man who came out earlier in the week to check the water well.  I am grateful for his service.  I do pray all is well with the wells!  And thanks to another unnamed man who was around the property seeming to check the grounds.  Thank you to Danielle, Hanna, Sophie, Tom, Rachel, Sadie, Cree, Eve, Joseph (Wow!  Joseph worked so hard.  God bless that man).  Everyone worked/served so much and Joseph’s contribution with meal prep was constant and impressive.  Dasha, Harmony, Destiny, Lauren, Leisha, Tara.  What a joy and an honor to share this time/space/experience with such loving and creative radiant souls.  THANK YOU.
And thank you to MaryAnn who communicated w/me on email to coordinate my space here.  I imagine she was the beautiful woman who quietly came in and out w groceries, etc?  If that was not her, then thank you to whomever brought and bought the food.

I could go on and on in rapture, for my appreciation has no limits.  This is a luxurious and precious gift you offer the world.  Most of all thank you for reminding me and practicing w/me the miracle of life.  The gift of life; Thank you for guiding me home, and doing it style and grace and smiling all the way!  You are a treasure!!  May you be reminded of this all the days of your life.  I sure am grateful you chose to shine so bright so I could find you and write you this love letter.  So I could appreciate you and bless you w/my humble words!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a miracle!


With all my heart and spirit I am truly forever grateful.  This has been one of the best experiences of my life.  Such deeply healing, deepening, peaceful, and transformative experiences. I am just so blown away by the beauty, profound beauty of this land, the elementals, the flowers, the waters, the loving kindness in each blade of grass, the embodiment of understanding and compassion rippling through your voice, holding such a divine pillar of love, peace and care has given me hope, faith and, trust and deep clarity on my destiny path.  Thank you on behalf of all life through me for holding this container, inviting the people of the earth to learn a little about themselves.  I honor you.  I see you.  I respect you.  Mahalo mahalo mahalo.
I love so many pieces of this course.  The prayer: “I am light, I am peace, I am loving kindness” has been one of my favorites for some time and as you spoke this prayer into our field today I could feel the reminder of expansion, healing the pain I was experiencing in my leg and lymph and allowed the higher perspective to enter and flood my being.  And remembered on a deeper level that “I am not the body” and could feel through my freedom of choice light take over…. And finally I got some relief through the pain.  It came from such a deep surrender/relaxation.  So forever grateful for this guidance as the pain was really kicking my ass throughout the night and morning.

I love how we did the chi machine and you guided us to stop the machine and we all got to feel the sound vibration, all healing through the crystal bowls.  My body loved it.

You are truly a huge gift to this earth community! Thank you so much for your huge, generous heart shaping all this time and space with us.  It’s profound.

Jorge.  Aloha, Mahalo nui loa, muchas gracias.  When I embark on writing to you I become quiet and go deep inside.  That is the ripple effect.  Thank you for offering exactly as you are.  Thank you for all the work you have done to be where you are and to listen and sharing.  Thank you for saying yes.  The words I write may the flow like water eternally flowing the river of love of awareness.  Your gift, the gift, the offering of your presence in action is one that myself and so many others gratefully receive.  What an honor, a truly exquisite gift to offer this opportunity for others to go within!!  And to offer this for free, no expected money, really as a true gift, sovereign, pure.  And thank you for doing the work, inner and outer to be able to offer this way.  Transformational.  Exactly as it is.  Your presence, and everyone else’s as well, taught me greatly.

As I go within the infinite place, oh thank you for the Jedi training!  In the beginning I was feeling like I had to get out of here, or I’ll leave Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, any day but the last day, and then thanks to time, all our practices, my strength and everyone’s presence I stayed, actually arrived here even deeper and deeper and deeper and now I’m at the point where I was wishing this was longer, imagined continued levels of Jedi training, excited to continue the practice or simply being, being within, seeing ways this service could be offered and extended accessible to all the cells.  To infinity and beyond.  Aloha nui.


You glow beautiful one.  Thank you so much for your light in the space.  Your willingness to be here fully and show up to do this work, be it, and hold the pillar alive through your divine union and birthing this child into this world.  All my blessings to you and your family.


A big and heartfelt Thank you to you and every being here that has shared their magic and beautiful light with us all, to help make this experience come to life!!  I can feel the light of creation, the seed of love, coming alive inside me!!  Shining the light back into our bodies, connecting deeper into the cosmic and earth womb, awakening to our centers!!

This journey is soul fulfilling and with each moment I move from the heart –womb- I can feel the abundance and grace of the divine overflowing my chalice of life.  And wanting to share my heart with the world.  To open up and give freely.  To open up and receive fully. 
Thank you for sharing this gift of meditation.  To choose to do the work and face ourselves is the biggest gift of loving who we are in every moment of life.

July 2018 (QueSPAsana, Ashland OR)

My Love Letter to the QuePasana Community & Don Chingon Jedi Jorge ~


Jorge, it is inspiring to bear witness to your evolution as a teacher and the expansion of these non-dogmatic, potent and accessible teachings.

Fullness is the state of my heart. Gratitude abounds. Remembrance of my Divine Self.

Sitting for my third and longest course, I realize that each sit offers a new depth of experience, connection to myself and to all of life. Each course is more rich and deeply layered than the previous.

Jorge, your vision is revolutionary. This cutting-edge take on Vipassana offers a well thought out and structured retreat format for each practitioner to drop into their hearts, bodies, and minds. The curriculum of meditation, yoga, chi machines, sound therapy, and clean food, in a natural, all inclusive environment holds each student with steadiness and ease, and allows for each of us to move deeply through the layers of our being. To unplug and be totally provided for is such a gift! Thank You!

For me, each time is a new discovery. My DNA gets rearranged, my spine reorganized, my mental afflictions revealed and broken down. All by becoming quiet and still and being with things as they are. Awareness & Acceptance.

Moving through the layers is a process, but after each course I am in more radiant and aligned health. And the echo that is left in my body and heart is:

"Only LOVE Remains. Only LOVE Remains."

Keep expanding. The world needs more Jedis!

Dearest Jorge,

So many things to love:

I love the way you make it so plain that you are not the guru…  Just the guy throwing the party so all of the gurus within us can emerge and source together.  One big “free-for-all”

I love the way you open your heart and your home to friends and strangers alike (often trading places as their shadows feel safe to emerge).  Your generosity knows no bounds.  The innocent inspiration of this inherent quality forges a path of mutuality that is the elixir of unity consciousness.  Bravo!

I even love the way without any conscious effort of your own, spirit knows all my soft, sore and most tender spots to shine through your words and actions putting the spotlight and center stage on all my shadows and samkaras.  I can love them all into the fathomless dissolution of the self to source and source to self.  An unraveling magical mystery tour that leaves me agape and in awe.

Thank you for modeling such gentle tenderness in your tones and the rhythms and inflection of your words.  They teach me how to be kinder to myself so I can be kinder to all.  I feel kissed by grace to be a part of the Quepasana community.

As you said earlier tonight, it’s rather difficult to put a meditative experience into words, but I will do my best.  The last 8 days have been nothing short of life changing.  The beauty and vibrant energy of this land, coupled with the feng shui magical elegance of the house and of course endless opportunities to dive into self-care – created the perfect environment for self-realization and deep meditation.  I feel beyond humbled for the opportunity to have shared the past few days with you – what you are creating here is truly healing, on a deep universal level.  The watsu treatment still has me in complete bliss – what an incredible gift.  Thank you!

I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was when I drove up 8 days ago.  My vision is cleared, my heart is so full, and my spirit is aligned.  I am energized and empowered to get back to work offering my healing to all those in need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much unconditional LOVE and GRATITUDE for YOU.  Much love, all ways, always.


From my heart to yours:

Thank you for your kindness, your generosity, your wisdom, your gentleness, your guidance, your care, your joy, your creativity, your thoughtfulness, your patience, your curiosity, your beauty, your presence, your love.

Thank you for so warmly and lovingly inviting me into your home, your community, your life.  Thank you for giving me this unbelievable nurturing space to heal, to receive, to relax, to learn, to transform.  This has been an incredibly challenging year of change, and you have given me the gift of time, space, stillness and grace; the gift of a practice that has changed my life.  All that I receive here goes back into the world and my community tenfold as I show up more present, more resilient, more peaceful, and overflowing with love.  I look forward to expanding with you and Quepasana for years to come.  With love and deep gratitude.


My heart feels in awe at the beauty of your life and service.   I am profoundly moved to have tastes of joy and moments of loving-light shine so bright in sometimes the darkest night.  Thank you for your gift of sharing your light to our hearts so we can soar with elegance thru the storms with loving grace.  Thankful for all that is you.  You are the brilliance of that divine sparkle!

I feel so lucky to have the good fortune to be here now at Quepasana with Jorge and the other special beings that inhabit White Oaks in Ashland Oregon.  What an opportunity for insight, meditation, and inspiration.  So grateful to be here.  Always grateful for the deepening practice.

One of the ways/reasons Quepasana is such a life celebration for me is that it is dogma free and there is no Guru!  How refreshing.   It meets me at my own soul’s desire and yearning for a meaningfully engaged meditative community, with no dogma!  This is a huge treasure to my life.  And perhaps rare? Or rare so far.  As I have sought and practiced in many communities.  Gratitude for your ability to be a guide and a co-conspirator on the path.  I appreciate and admire the ability to teach from one’s own experience and not get pulled into acting as an oracle.  It is a relief and makes this practice available to me.

I have been calling the Quepasana experience Unicorn Superfood.  It’s a match to a longing desire of my soul and I want to continue to participate and be involved in flourishing this reality on earth.

Both my courses have been deeply meaningful, the space providing me the opportunity to get really subtle, slow down, and experience awakenings, small and larger.  These sweet gifts- embodied awakenings I take with me, into all parts of my life.

I love you and appreciate all these yummy opportunities you are offering us from your abundant heart.

Aloha Jorge,

Mahalo for creating such a divine easy flowing container for us to dive deep into our heart and soul.  This has been a deep dive for me into my true essence.  Greatly appreciated.  This was a supportive very present group of souls on their inner quest. I was able to reach clearer, calmer peaceful parts of myself. Blessings on all you do and share.

I deeply appreciate your presence and wisdom sharing so freely and with dedication.  Thank you for opening your gorgeous home and giving profoundly and effortlessly.  I feel so honored to be here and to deepen more into magnificent spirit and true self.  Chi machines, delicious healthy food, gorgeous property, amazing people of service and love, your kindness, generosity, patiently guiding us to awaken; your devotion, awareness, desire for us to know, your effortless discipline, sharing of all your toys and playful humor, these you give so freely and lovingly.  I feel more accepting and in love with what is and that is a profound gift from you.  Aloha.

Que Pasa Amigos?

Nada y todo.  Nine days and nights, meditation, service, tranquil, stillness. Spacious awareness unattached to thoughts, good or bad. Yoga, Yin, loving from within and without.  Union of body and mind.  What great fortune to have this time.



Jesus Christ!  I have repressed and avoided acknowledging my negative emotions.  This morning’s meditation I felt tears of joy and freedom acknowledging judgements, fears, rejections, abandonment, grief, sorrow, attachment, sadness, lust, greed, rage, anger, frustration, betrayal, anxiety, etc.  They used to be dragons and now they are puppies wanting attention, consciousness, love and acceptance.  This brings a lightness to my heavy heart that was so dominant.  Jorge, thank you for guiding me and our community into a deep acceptance of the yin and yang of life while deepening my awareness of the pure energy of love within.  You are a profound blessing to this cosmic awakening on our planet and to my life.

May/June 2018

I'm so grateful for all the gifts from Quepasana that I continue to use and utilize to nurture myself and my life on a daily basis.  These practices help the individual and ultimately that really makes an impact on the world around me💗💗 You are in my prayers and well wishings daily.  My wish that these gifts touch and support the lives of many


You would giggle if you knew how many times I tried to write you this Quepasa-love-note.  Words cannot do justice to the amount of gratitude I have for you and Quepasana.  I feel it from a cellular level out into the cosmos of the universe. ♥♥♥ Quepasana feels like it was created from the deepest, sweetest, nectar filled essence of my imagination.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy waking up at 4:30 AM, shaking, giggling, letting it all go, letting it all in, breathing in the stillness of the moment.  These mornings, these moments, these days are some of the most beautiful I have known.  I have felt so loved, so nourished and so held through your gift of Quepasana.  Every Quepasana course I find my breath deeper, the moment more still, and my awareness further expanded into realms I did not know existed.

And my heart giggles when I think of your childlike smile, your clear spirit, your bright heart and the firmness you hold when you tell us to never rush, for anything at all.

Your generosity inspires me, and to have you as a mirror is so deeply precious to me.  The list would never end if I were to name all the little things I am grateful for.  Matcha lattes at 5 AM, brownies at noon, a bed to sleep in during this pilgrimage, crystal bowls singing to my ears, beautiful grass to walk upon, a cup to drink out of, countless meals shared, the community created that is carried out into the “real” world….  Every one of these things are so sweet, but your presence is my favorite present!  Hours spent in stillness, with few words spoken only to guide me back to my true essence… It is beyond priceless, and it is something that I will cherish until my spirit leaves my body, and then it will be carried with me to my next cosmic journey! 

In this lifetime I know I have crystalized into higher states of awareness through this deep inner work.  I believe that this is the case for every pilgrim that has entered through the gate and sat with the work.

I truly believe that Quepasana is offering what the world needs.  With every pilgrim, every bell ring, and every moment we are creating a resonance of heaven on earth.  And for you, Jorge, I am endlessly grateful.  Thank you from the depths of my heart and with the expansiveness of my being.  As it is.  I LOVE YOU!!!

Jorge, Lauren, and all the rest(ful) who are a part of cultivating this magnificent experience.  THANK YOU.

What a loving, healing, and needed gift you are providing for the world. Your efforts have already supported myself, and many others, in our spiritual growth.  Please be happy and content to know that your love and kindness has brought many souls the peace and ease closer to what their hearts deserve.  Much gratitude for the cosmic reminder that we are all well.

Dear Jorge,

My love and appreciation for you resides in my heart as an eternal meditation in gratitude.  You are right -  center point is a Playground!  And one of infinite delight; where a living, breathing pearl emanates liquid rainbow light into every cell of my body and beyond.  How incredibly sensational!!  Jesus spoke truth – The kingdom of heaven is within.  I weep with tears of joy – I found my way home.  Thank you for the profound gift of the space in which I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with myself and Everything.  Fallen deeply as if there is no bottom.  And discovering I can fly! 

And it’s only the beginning.

Dear Quepasana friends,

I received news that my cousin passed away yesterday.  I had known when I came here that he was just admitted to the hospital, but we were all hopeful he would wake up and be fine, so this is very shocking news.  I am sad to leave, but I feel an important call to be with my family and grieve.

It has been such a gift to be here with you all.  To drop in to a deep center point together.♥  I feel blessed to be in this space when I received the news because I feel like we are in the arms of angels here.  I would love to come back again!  I am sorry to miss our celebration day together and to see each other’s faces light up with joy, and to hear the stories you will all share of your inner journey.

If you found your way to QUEPASANA, you know you’re doing something right. 

Can I get an AMEN?!

Dear Jorge,

My gratitude for you, this practice, QueSpasana, dreams of Kidpasana, this land, Makena! Each an eternally opening, infinitely emerging delicate petals of the most exquisite flower I could ever feel.  Each petal another drop of gratitude filling me with sensational ecstasy!   Thank you feels like an absurd understatement.

My practice is ever deepening – awareness expanding and contracting, ebbing and flowing – yet my commitment to myself and this noble work… may it never waver!  I will stay diligently aware of grasping or chasing pleasure.  And I am equally feeling gratitude for feeling all the challenging discoveries about myself.  We are such fascinating beings!

Surrendering, letting go feels like a lotus flower, ever opening and revealing new levels of holding on.  Sweet clever darling ego has been holding on! I Realize that my optic nerve/eye muscles don’t even remember what truly relaxed feels like.  The deeply seated tension/strain feels bottomless.   I will continue to practice the ten-point meditation, full body breathing, releasing tension to the Earth…


Jorge (and all those who co-create to make this happen)


Quepasana is pure GOLD.  Thank you for the gift of this beautifully guided journey to help me remember and FEEL the interconnectedness that permeates all that is.

As the illusion of separation between self and everything else slowly slipped away, I dissolved into a genuine knowingness that all is well, “as it is”, right now and forever. 

This meditation practice is the most direct way to tap into that sweet spot of truth that I’ve experienced, and I will continue to use it as a tool to remind me that it’s always here –right inside- and to continue learning and growing into a more peaceful, loving, happy and content human being.  Feeling and accepting all of it.

Sometimes I journeyed to the infinitely infinite depths, blissed out and entranced, and other times all I could think about was the “pain” in my body and when you were gonna dong that damn bowl!  All equally valuable and profound and rich learning.

The heavenly curated space and sensual experience that is Quepasana is pure MAGIC.  Definitely my kinda flava flav.  From the structure, practices, and spaciousness, to the food, music and people, the overall vibe of Quepasana is just extraordinary.  A little bubble of bliss!  I especially love the added delights of guided meditations (whoa!), yin yoga (with the best music) and the reading materials available during breaks. 

Over the last several days I have experienced waves of gratitude and joy big enough to fill my eyes with tears and make me explode with cosmic giggles at the ridiculousness of it all.  Thank you for sharing this – Gently, softly, fully with me and the world.

The rememberance and love cultivated in this course ripples out into the world…. With effortless ease… grace in motion.  I love you.


Jorge, you are an angel!  Actually you are better than an angel because you are human (A next level human), but extraordinarily human nonetheless.  Exhibiting, embodying, being, giving, sharing and showing kindness, LOVE and abundance in an amazing way. Beyond that, you are teaching acceptance -equanimity- to the “not so good” things, the PAIN.  I have learned so much through your encouragement, to just sit with pain, to think of it as sensation, and to just let it be – as it is… then move on…

The beauty that is Quepasana is an amazing gift you are giving.  I have never felt more pampered and safe in my life.  Sitting was certainly hard for me, but hard in a good way, like a deep soul massage.  Words do not do justice to the deep gratitude I have for you – for this experience- for your existence in this world.  Thank you for doing your work.  It is a poignant reminder for me to find, and do mine as well.  There are so many actions (and non-actions) we can take in this life, thank you for showing me, reminding me, teaching me that I must act from a place of love.  I can’t help but imagine all the many bundles of humans who have also had the opportunity to witness this beautiful gift.  I know that ripple effect of good heart centered love is spreading outward beyond and around you.  Thank you, thank you for being a beacon of good.

I guess it is a little silly that none of us asked any questions about the practice during the course, but you pretty much explained it all:  AS IT IS….  Also, having Beyond the Breath books around was a really nice way to get clarity on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing as I sit quietly on my mat.  I guess the biggest thing I learned is that answers aren’t the answer.  If I’m confused, I’m confused.  If I’m bored, I’m bored. If I’m antsy, I’m antsy. And then just sit as still as you can and watch that feeling and eventually it changes, or if it doesn’t either way, it is all “as it is”.

Truly, this was one of the most special weeks I have ever had.  For me to say yes to this –for me- is big.  I don’t do things just for me enough and I will take the lessons of feeling, how I feel going forward.  The ‘cleansing’ has been amazing.  The food has been amazing and elaborate… and three times a day!.  I am very unscheduled usually and never alone.  – So being alone and having a consistent regiment has felt soooo good, even waking up that early has felt great.

Thank you Jorge.  You sweet sweet sweet sweetie.  For providing all this magic!  I feel so lucky.  PS.  If I could stop time anywhere, it would be that place after the chi machine stops moving and the sound bowl is resonating through your being. 
Infinite love and gratitude.



Girl, I love you so much.  Thank you for making QueSpasana happen, and for welcoming me into this special little world of magic and bliss.  Thank you for being you, and twirling your way into Maui and meeting Jorge and doing this! 

You’re really doing it! And doing it well. 

You are a one of a kind gem, you embody unconditional love and all things warm and fuzzy.  You are unconditional love.  I love you more than you love gummy bears and ice cream sandwiches, believe dat!!

Jedi Jorge,

My gratitude for this experience is wordless and immeasurable.  I have been rocked to the core of my soul and rooted in essence.  Thank you for guiding a disciplined, yet graceful journey into the now.  I am in awe of the beauty I’ve experienced here internally and externally.  This sanctuary space, the delicious food, I felt so held and provided for.  Thank you thank you thank you for embodying unconditional love. So gracefully, so kind, so generous, giving, playful.  You have touched the purest place of my soul.  This experience brought me home to myself.   I have so much ease in my body.  My womb feels alive, my heart is open, I am inspired to create, I am in touch with my sensitivity, I know myself better, I have more love living through me, I feel a greater embodiment of my truth, power, light and divinity.  I had some good cries while I was here, physical traumas released, many visions and revelations.  In this moment I feel my biggest take away is acceptance for everything.  The suffering, the beauty, myself, the world, the moment, everything.  I know the practice of allowing and accepting is ongoing, but I am forever grateful for the personal experience with this key.  Thank you for creating such a profound experience.  I loved everything.

The combination of yoga, meditations, rest time, food, ocean, was nourishing on all levels.  The gift of receiving all of this expanded my receptivity to receive love and opened me to worlds of possibility.  The world is a better place because of Quepasana.  I am a better human.  Thanks again for bringing me home.  I am excited to get to know you, to come back and serve, and to deepen the journey into myself with these practices.  You are a legend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Beloved Jorge:  Where do I even begin? You know last Quepasana I had every intention of writing you a Quepasa-love-note, But every time I would sit down to write to you, my eyes would fill with tears and I couldn’t get anything out. It’s hard to put into words how I feel, but I’ll do my best and try J.  You are like no other human I have ever witnessed in my life.  I truly did not know people like you existed on this planet, you are definitely one of a kind.  I hope to one day be able to give to the world the way you do.  This is so much more than a meditation and yoga course, for me, this was the most life altering event that has completely shifted the way I see the world.  I can’t believe how you give with so much love and zero expectations.  To offer something like this not only changes those who sit with you, but I can feel the vibration of the whole planet shifting, and I never thought one person could change the world, but you’re doing it Jorge and it’s UNBELIEVABLE.  I thought for sure India was my most life changing event for me, but then I landed here, into a slice of heaven to sit with my ego, my chaotic mind and it wasn’t like I hadn’t been doing the same in India the last two months, but this was different, very different, because this Mexican dude with his team of Jedis are just serving from their hearts, treating me like a queen, feeding me nourishing foods and I’ve given them nothing--  Like, what???? This really exists? Am I dreaming? Why me? How did I get so lucky?  Did I win the lottery of life?  Yea, I still don’t know how I got so lucky, but I did and I’m running with it!  And I’m ready to make this my life, Where do I sign up?  Coming back a second time, this time serving was even more rewarding.  I got to be part of the Jedi team and give from my heart, and again my life is changed!  And boy was it a hassle to make it, but Quepasana was calling my heart, and I had to listen.  You are a rock star Jorge, one of the most profound humans in my life, you inspire me in so many ways and I will give back the way you do as much as I can.  I love you Jorge, you changed my life and I am forever grateful for that.

If Vipassana is for the “householder”, Quepasana is for the “heart holder”.  Quepasana brings the heart and love into this tradition by honoring the need for ease and freedom within such a challenging task of being with the self.  To be given the space and nurturing for diving deep into myself as a witness is a gift beyond any other.  It is the most precious gift I believe anyone can receive.  BIG mahalo!

I’ve heard that the center point is actually the organ of presence.  So it’s getting the best workout here!

Thank you Quepasana team!  I appreciated the supportive body movement work alongside the traditional Vipassana style meditation.  I was worried that the other practices would not leave enough time for meditation but I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case.  Keep sharing your gifts and let your light shine!

Quepasana:  Bootcamp for light workers.  Vipassana with a little love, movement, music and laughter.  First rule of Quepasana:  FEEL EVERYTHING!

The way Lauren woke me up one morning that my alarm had not gone off, was so KIND!  The gentle quality of her voice, pulling me from slumber, back to earth body, was gentle and kind.  I was in a state of shock/confusion, and felt embarrasses that someone had to come and get me.  But to me her attitude transmitted acceptance and understanding rather than my pre-conditioned fear tht I’d be made out to be bad for not being present on time.  Thank you!  That is the quality of consciousness I operate from in life.  It is so kind to receive it returned.  Angel Lauren, Mahalo.  I appreciate the compassionate communication I have received from her as a course manager.  Kind loving speech is a skill for many people to develop, so I really notice it!

I am sure that the realizations from the course will continue to reveal themselves for years to come.  As of now, I can say I definitely got what I came for:  reconnection to myself on a soul level.  I’ve been so exhausted for the past 3 plus years after becoming a parent.  I thought it was sleep deprivation, but now ( Still not having slept much here) I know it was more soul deprivation.  Here at Quepasana, I rediscovered my relationship with every cell, every feeling, every thought- JUST ME!  The friends I knew who did this course in the past came home glowing and I wanted that too – time, space, discipline and support for going deeply inward to rejuvenate.   I had no idea how healing this time would be! It’s a magical combination of the epic place, profound inspiration, course design and environment of safety.  This grass, Oceanside soft luxuriation in every footstep was one of the delightful highlights, so grounding, welcoming and alluring for play.  The overall playful atmosphere amid the deep work and noble silence feels like the perfect middle path to me.  Hula hoops, chi machine, snorkeling right out our door helped me integrate everything in digestible ways.  The sacred space is strong and clear, yet has such a lightness and flexibility versus a dogmatic rigidity.  Plus the Yin Yoga changed my life in and of itself.  I’ve been studying yoga for 18 plus years and I learned so much in the poses you shared.  I thought I had a relaxed approach before, but I learned how to let go so much more here.  Watching my poses change with focus on center point continues to astound me and will affect how I practice and teach Asana from here forward! You have inspired my love of Yoga all over again and I didn’t even realize I was disembodied in poses before.  Now center has a whole new meaning for me. 

I am so in love with this place- The caress of the breeze at the perfect moments, the glorious coral reef, the majestic old trees with dancing arms and abundant shade.  And then the ono-licious food.   Come on – It’s such a delight in every bite and I don’t think it’s just due to increased awareness???  Over the top nourishing, love filled fuel for sure.  The birds even chant coos of ‘I love you, I love you, you, you.’  You have created a blissful place to unplug  from busy distracted life and immerse ourselves in what’s really real.  It’s truly an unbelievable gift.  I felt so held and safe while given all the space needed to blossom here this week.  Mucho mahalos!  I feel at least five years younger and ready to live from center from here forward.  Though I love my home, family and life outside I’d stay here diving deep in for at least a month, maybe a year.  Thank you thank you thank you Quepasana team for an experience more impactful than words can describe!  P.S.  The Yoga Nidra  intention came manifest almost immediately! Wildly powerful!

Wanna know what PARADISE feels like?

Oh my Maryann. 

You are so much more than I can put into words, calling you a rock star or super mom just doesn’t do it justice.  You really inspire me, the way you show up with such good spirit, shining your light everywhere you go, and the way you give so freely, I can really see that giving fills your cup!  Your happy heart can brighten even the darkest room, you shine so so bright and it makes just being around you a joy and a gift.  Thank you for all that you do and for being such a huge blessing in my life!  You really have no idea how much you teach me just being around you.  Your energy reminds me a lot of my own and I can tell you’ve done so much work and come a long way; I witness how you handle each individual with so much compassion and love even those that are challenging.  You shine your light and your heart and come back to love!  You are truly an amazing teacher Maryann and I have so much gratitude for you.  I love how you always have a smile on your face and how you bring fun humor and laughter to all situations.  I love how you give hugs to literally everyone and how you talk so highly of your husband Jeff.  I haven’t witnessed too many people like you in my life and my life will forever be changed because now you are in it.  Love you MaryAnn!

This was the perfect place to heal. A profound reverence washes over me…. A pause to kneel. Jorge’s words:  Drop in, check it out, and to deeply feel. 

Dear MaryAnn,  It is with the deepest love and respect that I write to say Thank you, you’re amazing  and to express my gratitude for who you are and all you do.  I have attended and helped build so many experiences over the years, and the professionalism and love that you brought to “producing” Quepasana is on a level that is truly unseen anywhere.  Beyond that, your ability to stay centered, loving and positive throughout all the “minor disasters” that happen during the week is AMAZING, inspiring and truly contributes deeply to creating a container for all of us space cadets to not only travel to Mars, but to feel like we are at a 5-star luxury mindfulness retreat, and actually even to feel more safe and deeply seen.  Your work is crucial to what is happening here and so appreciated!!  thank you for making me feel so cared for.

Aloha Jorge, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  It is with much love , deep respect and genuine admiration that I am writing.  Quepasana is among the greatest gifts I have ever been given.  I have a good friend who is a devout Christian.  Lately he and I have been discussing the nature of heaven and whether it is a concept or it exists on earth.  This past week you gave me a concrete knowing that heaven is here in this moment inside each one of us.  For what could possibly be a more complete vision of heaven than what you have created here?  The meditation is what we come for, and you are a great teacher of the practice.  But beyond that it is the whole experience that makes me cherish Quepasana as much as any other community I’m a part of.

From the welcoming atmosphere to the unbelievable food to the world class location… the land, the spirits here, and most importantly the people.  The way that you hold space has enabled all of us to feel held, loved and fully accepted – Not to mention AT PLAY!  As we do the deep work that we all and the world are now crying out for.  Heaven on earth.  Thank you.  I admire your journey very much.  You are a model and an inspiration for us all.  Thank you for empowering me to serve and reminding me of the importance of contributing to a creative community during a time I was questioning the meaning of work.  I am always here to help you and the QP community in any way I am able.  I pledge to infuse this experience into everything I do and carry this back out into the world.  To “the skipper” on this incredible intergalactic Gilligan’s island.  Much love, much aloha, mahalo as always and deep gratitude.

Thank you for making me slow down.  There is a lot of wisdom and thoughtfulness in how  you have put together this course.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to unplug.  A Sabbath.  I used to live like this.  I really resonated with what you said about when we were kids and had NOTHING to do .  I am grateful you helped me re-member this experience.  I want to live more like this.  I call it slow living.  Being human.  A more humane way. I highly value the psychological/ideological freedom manifesting here too. I’d say you are doing a damn good job of sticking to your wish to present a space that is free of dogma, so it leaves the offering available to ALL.  Very important to me, as many vehicles to enlightenment somehow, somewhere don’t “fit” me.  So I highly appreciate those I come across that can uphold this space of freedom and structure.  The wisdom of the body.  Brilliant.   This is the best of “both” worlds.  Best meditation course for including somatic inherent wisdom.  Thank you for all the body care, body love, we needed this.  It helps me heal SO MUCH.  Our bodies also get stuffed into conditioning.  I feel so LOVED here.  Because my body is included.  This means to much to me.  This is the first meditation retreat I’ve been on without a dress code of moderation.  I think as women we have been oppressed because our bodies have been made into objects and projected upon.  There is even more healing here for me in that regard. Reggie Ray:  He is like one of my spiritual grandfathers.   I am receiving deep amounts of profound healing from the sessions of his you have shared. 

Affirmation and validation of myself, and my personal journey in this life.

To walk barefoot on the earth every day.  To be with the natural cycles of light, dark, moon, wind, trees, ocean, birds.  To be in a community of mindfulness where I get the social human connection without the heads and personalities blasting.  To see each and every one as a unique beautiful human.  I love who we are this way.  Boddhisatvas R&R.  My inner practitioner has been nourished by this atmosphere.

The wisdom of the middle way.  The gentle/soft touch approach is exactly in alignment with the way I have harmonized to live my life.  I know it is right for me and I project it is what the whole world could use more of.  At least the “developed” world.  I am grateful you found this “way” within yourself and have the skillful means to execute sharing with so many others.  It has been such a restorative week for me.  Totally in alignment for me.  I feel BLESSED!  I feel LOVED and CARED.  For as an empath, teacher, healer in this world it has been a gift to receive.    My abundant Aloha.

Dear Jorge,

There is not combination of words I can find to fully express my gratitude for the Quepasana experience at this point.  I think more will come later.  Just want to send big LOVE to you and the whole team for sharing this gift with me and many others.  Feels like I finally understand the essence of ALOHA.  Mahalo for everything.

Dear Jorge,

It’s almost impossible to find the words to express the depth of gratitude I feel for you and MaryAnn.  What a total delight to be greeted by her warmth and enthusiasm for an experience I had no idea was about to unfold. 

21 years ago I had an out of body experience and traveled through the galazy to see my ex, who died a torturous death that left be bereft.  It was such a gift to see him in a peaceful place before I was sucked back into my body, in bed that night.  Yesterday was the first time since then that I experienced the same bliss and peace when you guided us through the whole body meditation, which I will treasure.  Thank you.

I am very excited to start my new meditation practice.  My life was changed forever because of your generosity.  It took me almost a year to get here and this was the perfect time.  I look forward to giving back to this community as our journey continues.

My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for this experience. That has deeply touched my soul and consciousness.  These have been days of going deep within, slowing down, taking in the beauty of this place and allowing silence and the practice of sitting to reveal a sense of ease and oneness.  I have been “meditating” for many years but have never been able to go as deep as I did towards the end of my experience here.  I found true stillness and the technique I learned allowed me to really experience unity and inner peace, a true “aha” moment in my life. 

I am beyond excited to get into the world and practice and my heart is filled with gratitude for the gift  I’ve been given from you Jorge and all the rest of the Quepasana family.  So much love and infinite gratitude.

Dear Jorge, MaryAnn and Quepasana ohana:  The word “divine” comes close to what I am experiencing right now – blissful- peaceful and like I’m finally “catching up to myself”.

I came in exhausted from just my daily life as a CEO/leader of a large organization- but that wasn’t really what was exhausting me – It was this internal “hurry up and do it” energy/voice/drive that was getting me so tired.  I knew it mentally and these days of silence have allowed me to get it at a visceral level—where I am catching myself when I am rushing inside in my head and for no reason at all.  I have re-set my inner clock and this gift is beyond measure.

Jorge, your poise, generosity of spirit, your simplicity, your teachings, your humor, your “latin-ness” is so wonderful.  A good man that has found good things to do with his money.  That’s what my life has been about for 40 years.  Inspiring, teaching, organizing entrepreneurs to do this.  It’s my dharma.  You move and inspire me further.

Aloha.  WOW!!!  Thank you for your heartfelt sharing of your life practice.

A stellar setting, a celestial cast of characters.  Truly an incredible blessing!  What an amazing experience.  I feel all the immense love, thoughtfulness and consciousness that has gone into the creation of Quepasana, down to every last detail.  I feel so loved and supported to do the work I came here to do, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have this experience.  Thank you for helping me to reconnect with myself, with my passion and with my purpose.  Life has truly rocked me to the core lately with so much shift and nothing solid, even the earth that quaked me as I lay upon her and her solidity turned to liquid molten lava on the big island a few weeks ago.  Where to find solid ground when nothing is truly solid?  Only in returning to all that is, the great consciousness that I am!  I so appreciate the somatic awareness Quepasana offers as well.  Supporting the embodiment along with celestial consciousness. Thus this I believe is how we bring heaven to earth.  The work I do here on this planet is all about embodiment, and I had a clear reminder about that while I was here.  So grateful to be reconnected with my purpose.. 
I so appreciate your wisdom and humility and the simple essence that you bring forth in your teachings.  Maryann is truly a gem and her food was infused with the love and yumminess of her spirit.

Blessings of love and light.  Mahalo, Gracias, Dandisvad, Terima Kasih, THANK YOU.  Whatever language I use is still not enough to express how grateful I am for your sharing of your heart, life, home, wealth and teachings.  I have been on this spiritual path for 40 years now, attending many retreats, teaching etc.  Here on Maui and the world.  This is by far the deepest I have ever dove into my soul.  The best tool of all that I lovingly and graciously shared in such a divine, nurturing safe environment.  Every detail taken care of to its fullest.  Maryann and her helpers provided the most awesome nutritious delicious food and drink consistently.  So simple, so good.  I am very impressed, grateful and give abundant thanks. Jorge, your heart and soul shine thru the service that you provide.  Sharing your experience in such an easeful way that is so easy for one to “get”.  May the abundance you share with us be returned to you at least 100 fold.  I look forward to living more alive through the teachings of the course as I now will embody and live from this place of peace with ease and grace.  I also look forward to doing this here on Maui again and hopefully in Ashland.

I have nothing but immense gratitude and thankfulness for the experience that you so expertly share from your heart and soul.  Keep on keeping on.  May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.  Many blessings and immense gratitude and thank you for your life’s work.  You are living your dream and following your heart.

Dear Quepasana Ohana,

Mahalo Nui Loa for all the love and support.  I am honored to be a part of this ohana.  I am infinitely grateful for the guidance through so many forms of self-love (thus love for all)

In so many ways I have  been blessed by just  being here, and by this I am inspired to continue being the best that I am, and motivated to continue the infinite practice of self discipline (AKA self-care), to do as I love and to love as I do, no matter the experience I shall remain true to thyself, because this the best I can do to bless all that is.

To love thyself unconditionally is thy purpose – to accept thyself, just as I am, with the understanding in every moment, there is an opportunity to grow, thus be reborn into a new and consciously change our belief systems, into healthier habits that serve the betterment of all creation.

I will continue to pray that all beings be blessed with sacred temple spaces, an abundance of clean water, an abundance of clean air, clean foods, and all around clean environments- and may all be blessed with everything one needs to fully be and to fully express one’s creative gifts – May all be as blessed as I have been and am.  Mahalo nui loa.  And may we all continue to rise up within ourselves to share our magic and healing with all who need it.

Mahalo Nui Loa Jorge for supporting thy dreams to come to life – where we are all equal leaders, where we all get the opportunity to share our gifts and to equally humble ourselves to receive other’s gifts.  The dream where we can create harmonious, compatible and self-sustainable living.  PS- Your dreams shall be passed down from generation to generation.  We love you Jorge.

WOW WOW WOW into infinity.  Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo into infinity.  I have written affirmations- done vision boards and my dreams have come true.  Only thing left is more travel and days off with my beloved.   Loved everything.  Heaven (I have been to the gates and just a little past).  I had some rough moments from thinking about world news so I know what’s going on in the planet and what to pray for.    I had millions of thoughts.  Too many.  Was heavenly when I had breakthroughs and bacme a pebble in the universe and there were infinite waves from me out to the universe.

Really appreciate everything.  Tents, being here at Ponomakena again, The Yin Yoga, especially with the guys doing gongs and drum instruments.   I could hear your singing bowls for hours.  Loved my air mattress, snorkeling and chi machines an hammocks.  The food – Could go on and on.  Phenomenal.  Maryann from the beginning so gracious, efficient and informative.  Once here, she welcomes you and stays gracious the whole time. 

Loved silence.  The comfort-  chairs, yoga pads, eye pillows, chi machines.  Loved the big white tent.  Also appreciated the few times where we were lying down and touched us and put oils on us.  Thank you. 

Love your voice and your teaching.  One thing that stood out was when you said:  “relax, relax, meditate – All your needs are taken care of”  Ahhhh Ahhhhh so true. They have been.  Whoa, then the body work.  What a surprise.  It was extraordinary.   Loved the smoothies and chia desserts.  My body loves the vegan food.

I give a lot too and love to give free.  It’s awesome.  I see how it has affected the Maui community.  In the last year I have watched people coming through your courses that have been touched so hugely.   I have been working on my prosperity consciousness the last 3 months and then manifested this course!

My Quepasana experience:

Heaven and Hell, Love and Hate, Bliss and torture!!!  I guess I’m still in the duality zone.  Your generosity is immense.  Thank you for sharing.

Dear Quepasana crew,

This portal which you are holding space for is truly profound and what is sooo needed in this world right now.  In this moment all is perfect and there is truly nothing to change but to simply allow for our beingness to shine through.  What a precious gift you have tapped into and sharing it with others.  From the bottom of my heart Mahaloooo!  Infinitely grateful.

Subtle Realms:

I shall meet you

In the subtle realms

In the quiet times

And in between the lines

In the stillness

I shall meet you here

As you relax your mind

And embrace the divine

A sweet communion

We shall dance as one

In the timelessness of time

One with the sublime

Shoshumna Nadis, Open, activate

In you, the sun the moon the stars

They celebrate!

Nowhere to go

Nothing to do

 In the stillness you shall find the truth!

I will meet you

In the subtle realms

In the quiet times

And in between the lines!


With so much gratitude for the work you are doing on this planet from the bottom of my heart – an infinite well of love!  Mahalo!

Now here’s something entirely different!  I have sat and served many Vipassana courses with Goenka teachings.  It has been very helpful for me to come back to myself.  But I also noticed an aversion to the rigidity of the practice.  Quepasana has been a breath of fresh air (literally too!) A beautiful balance of strong determination with the ease and freedom of playfulness and quite simply put “humanness” of being alive in a body.  Blessed be, what a precious gift this is for everyone.

What a well constructed and orchestrated “Silent meditation festival” on Maui!  I look forward to contributing my gifts to this in the future.  Eternally grateful.  NOW FEEL THAT!

Dear Jorge,

You increased my standards with men.

Thank you for Quepasana! 

These were truly the best 8 days of my life. For a good amount of time the inner dialogues came to a stop and I was able to truly be in the moment.  My inner introvert relished in the noble silence and I took time to be with myself.  The fantastic food and the well balanced schedule soothed my body, even when it ached from the yoga.  I was glad to have my arnica 30c with me!  The greatest breakthrough was during the body scanning.  When I spent most of the time inside my lungs and freed up some areas that had constricted my breathing for decades.

Thank you for such a perfect organization!  Every day went smooth and easy.  Maryann, you are such a great organizer.  I was glad of your encouragement to let ourselves be served and cared for. – Something that I usually don’t let in.  And thank you for all the helpers who completely blended in, so graciously.

Jorge, I am deeply impressed by your creation and immensely grateful. I think you are a true genius and in the original creation of Quepasana you have solved many puzzles that blocked the flow of transformational work.

1)    Spirituality and money.  This has always been a point of conflict that has kept spiritual evolution in a closet.  Austere monasteries and ashrams don’t attract many.  Expensive workshops, on the other hand, raise expectations that you can “buy enlightenment” and restrain access.  Quepasana solves this through its paradigm.  Breaking all-free, full-serve, total-luxury model.  It is still hard to wrap my mind around it, after decades in the world of workshops, dealing with scarcity issues or fee-for-service structure.   Jorge, you took a sledge hammer to all my concepts of spirituality and money, and freed up my wind!!

2)    Spirituality and religion.  Again and again, throughout the ages, a mystic achieved great heights and shared them with an inner circle.  As the movement spread, dogmas and rituals emerged purportedly to facilitate the transmission, but often as a means to power by the leaders.  Quepasana breaks this circle in different ways; A) Direct experience only.  No teaching of concepts B) secular down to earth language that avoids mostly the resonance of belief systems and premeditated concepts C) No hierarchies by having staff and organizers blend into the course participants.

You throw a good party.  Thank you for this life changing practice.  Mahalo.

Dear Jorge, Maryann and the Quepasana family,

Mahalo for your magnificence, your pure hearts and your genuine generosity.  I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity to spend the weekend here.  It is challenging to describe with words but I will try.  Being here, receiving the beauty, the peace, the amazing meals, the teachings, it is so powerful learning to ride the waves within and using gentleness as my only weapon is getting easier.  Thanks to Quepasana it feels great to have discovered my well-spring within and to now have a chance to nurture and nourish it here.  What a remarkable blessing.  Feeling relaxed and at ease is not my MO, and yet this too is getting easier, feel welcome, safe and grateful.  Thank you for all the time energy and attention to detail.  I am honored to be of service and look forward to many more Quepasanas. 

My Quepasana experience from the first moment of Maryann’s welcome has been extraordinary.  After a few days.. (here time morphs) of various practices guided by you, Jorge with your sense of grace and warm integrity and a suffuse touch of playfulness, an “aha moment” is arisen.  Most of the time you’re asking to the group to keep their eyes closed to concentrate on your inner self, but when I had my “aha moment” I opened my eyes and I felt the extraordinary shifts and becoming a moment of ordinary life where on a pristine piece of Maui land with crystal blue oceanfront with the breeze that was caressing my skin every time the strength of the sun was unbearable.  And amazing human beings appareled in a periodic noble silence agreement sharing their gifts and competent talents, massaging under a big tent or close to a tree, preparing delicious food with lots of love inside, creating sculptures with the rocks on the beach inspired by your teaching, gardening in the area dedicated to fruit trees or flowers, swimming with the colorful fishes, dancing with birds and butterflies, playing any sort of sacred instruments to inspire our meditation to go deeper to encounter the place where the soul of our heart is merging with all….   Here my “aha moment” morphed more of the time.  A sort of freeze- to show me the harmonious unity grid of love where we can be magnetized into and live within every instant of our life.  My aha moment ended up with the image of gorgeous daikini chasing each other with a cristal bowl in their hands with the most delicious, colorful fruit cakes that you, Jorge- gifted to the group during happy hours.

“Aha Moment”  ?dream?reality”? Maybe all in one.

Tears of infinite gratitude touched my face.  Thank you Jorge for who you are, for what you’ve manifested, for the high quality of what you are offering and for all the “cool” people you’ve attracted to co-create this remarkable experience.

What can I saymore?  A lot, and I prefer to feel it, layer after layer, with my entire body, with all my heart.  Mahalo.

Begin again, allowing these words to wrap me in light and a sense of a true starting point, deepest mahalo for this profound gift.  So much beauty to behold within as I allowed the natural time to re-synchronize.  Through this process I literally felt I was re-membering Self, pouring awareness in on the cellular level, awakening through the portal of the body.  As a body worker the sensitivity and directness of the felt sense really speaks to me, and I feel I have a whole life to apply this deepening awareness.  And as the prayers of flags blow where the wind goes, the destination not so important as the intention.   With more space to really feel that current coming through me, I notice more trust to listen and allow the best of me to rise, and that the moment will show me all I need to know.  Thank you, I love you.

My deepest , heartfelt gratitude to you, dear Jorge and the lovely Maryann and your entire serving team of loving kindness for this once in a lifetime (Hopefully more often in the future) experience.
I travelled literally around the world (Berlin) with a 12 hour time difference and arrived on Maui with my energy being less than zero.  I was exhausted, frustrated, impatient and altogether not in a happy place.  Today, after being here for 7 days I find myself laughing during my Yoga practice, for no other reason than being THANKFUL!

I am again fully motivated, full of vision and aspiration, full of life energy, tested, inspired and so, so happy.

I will take your shake, rattle and roll meditation back to Berlin and will share it at my workplace (trust me, it is needed!!) and with my family and friends.

This experience here at Quepasana was another life shifting moment for me.  It is truly paradise here.  The incredible view, the beautiful scenery, the colorful flowers and palm trees, the happy singing birds and butterflies and the sound of my beloved pacific ocean will be with me in my meditation from now on.

Dear Jorge,

For the last year I have been needing silence from my everyday life.  A friend who completed your course told me about Quepasana.  I applied not knowing if I could go because of my everyday responsibilities- and the dates worked out.  This silence that I needed was the meditation that you so patiently taught me the last 7 days.  I am ever so grateful of your life’s work.  You are truly changing the world at the very core of it all – By mindfulness.

There are several things that I learned that I will take back with me.  I am going back to full time mothering of 3 young children, and a sweet loving husband:

1)    Taking time to pause

2)    Everyday meditation practice, early before the children arise

3)    Introducing the concepts of meditation to my children, by a 1 min family meditation once a week.  I hope this will plant the seeds for them to experience true happiness, contentment, well-being and peace.

4)    Accepting things as they are in the moment

Thank you again for sharing your vision.  All at the same time it has been challenging, painful, delightful, and nourishing for my soul.  Peace and happiness to you.

Mahalo Nui Loa Jorge for staying true to yourself, enough to understand what your heart’s desire is and your soul purpose in this lifetime.  Because of this we are here with you now.  Because you remain true to your purpose- we are blessed with miracles-I am proud of who you have chosen to be.   I appreciate you, brother.  Bless you infinitely.

THANK YOU!!  Wow!!  How to even begin to put this experience into words?  I feel completely rejuvenated, revolutionized, awakened, whole, healed, centered, balanced, refreshed, INSPIRED, happy and at ease, peaceful and content, well and FULL OF LOVING KINDNESS.

From the magic of  your property, the cleansing kisses of the ocean, and the sweet embrace of meditation and yoga- you have truly found a way to encompass and embody a true, noble experience.  I will be ranting and raving about this time spent to those willing to listen, and will absolutely be back again to offer my services to the lucky individuals who have yet to enjoy the serenity of Quepasana.  Thank you for being YOU.  For your generosity and unwavering support through this experience.  Your humility has both grounded and inspired me.  I hope to create a legacy of service that matches your own.  Mahalo a thousand times.  You are a beautiful soul and WE, all of us are so lucky to have you in this world with us.  With all the love, all ways, always.

Maryann:  How did you know the exact day we would need chocolate?  Or how much beet burgers were going to make us smile?  Or that we would totally smell the granola baking on the 3rd day?  LOL.  OK, I only know that you were reading my mind at least!  Thank you for every single detail that you and all those who served saw to each day in order to create a safe yummy space for this experience.  You and all those who live to share Quepasana in this way are my heros!  I am such a fan! I wanted to hug you so many times this week in deep gratitude.  Blessings on everything you touch (because it’s already gold)  Big love and thanks to the whole team and all the details that seamlessly were attended to each moment!

Dear Jorge,
A deep bow of gratitude to you and Maryann.  This refuge of peace and love has been such a gift to me.  I work in a busy profession and to drop out for nine days has brought me back to my true self.

Beauty is a nutrient!  To be surrounded by beauty on this stunning Makena property, with grass like velvet under your feet, and the ocean sounds, and distant birds, is a healing paradise.

Thank you Jorge for also choosing the vegan food choice.  As a 38 year vegan, this is the first retreat ( And I have been to many!) that practices “ahimsa”.  It is a diet for all reasons – the planet, the animals, our health and for consciousness raising.   And Maryann, kitchen goddess, Divine server.  Watching you has been a delight.  You always have a smile on your face.  You are so very warm and welcoming.  You embody selfless service.  I hope to return someday.  All is love.

Thank you for being such a stand for inner peace, love, simplicity and truth.  I am taking home some great distinctions on how to “come home” to center every moment – I know that in my “business” I may need a reminder every once in a while-  And I’m sure that my daily practices will keep me on the path. 

I have been a meditator for 10 years, never miss my practice twice a day.  Your teachings took me to another level and to go back to the physical movement and breath!  Thank you!  Gracias!

Finally, wow to Maryann and her team of volunteers and in-house crew. Especially her lovely husband, who helps maintain the most beautiful, nourishing, comforting, yummy environment. This property was meant for this work.  Kudos to you for putting it to such magnificent use!  The bodywork was also exquisite!

I am going home more loving, open, peaceful, joyous, relaxed, and ready to re-set my schedule priorities, tasks and team to support my maintaining this peaceful easy feeling .  My heart is filled with love and gratitude for you all!  And I look forward to cooperating, supporting and to have the world work for 100 percent of humanity.  It’s a beautiful journey to be on.

Jorge and Maryann and staff:

Generosity, love, caring, teaching wisdom, service, compassion, nourishment, wonder, deep gratitude.

These are a few words that was over me from the love I have felt these past few days from you.  Thank you for being present to all of us.  This is what brings peace and love on earth.  May you and the staff receive a profound blessing for all you do in service.  Mahalo Ke Akua!!  I LOVE YOU!

I am in such gratitude to you for this incredible experience.  The gift of this time will forever be with me and the layers will just keep dropping off.  You have inspired me on so many levels.  Thank you for living activated in your heart and with gentle potent devotion to this practice.  Through your love of it and the reflection of the juicy results all around me this week.  I have been given an extra yummy push inward and outward.  This land, this space, the people, and above all else the genuine authentic expression of this practice have gifted me (and all the trillions of my cells) for lifetimes to com.  You welcomed us in as honored guests.  Shared your everything with us.  And asked only that we dive all in and let go.  WOW!.  This is a special gift and I am so humbled to have been part of such a transformational experience. You lite up Yin for me- yet again!  You showed me so many ways to go deep with embodiment within the meditation and you made it so fun!  There’s a trillion other things, but for now let me just say:  Grateful for the divine within you-me- and all things.


April 2018

Dear Jorge,

With anicca (Impermanence) as a universal tenet of existence, may Quepasana continue to ebb and flow as the ocean of all with grace and ease as our guides.  With our intent focused on beginner’s mind, we are sure to learn and grow as a community in play with life as art eternal each moment.  Thank you for opening the dance with spirit to include new perspectives that embraces the senses, bubbles and all.  J

Dear Quepasana, dear sweet precious Quepasana – Thank you.  From the depths of my soul.  A friend told me, that if I could sort my life out to ever do a vipassana course, it would be the greatest gift to myself.  I could not understand that until now.  This week has been incredible.  It is day 9 and I feel like my entire brain, body and soul has been at the best spa on the planet. I’ve felt so taken care of, nourished and respected by you and the crew.  I am deeply grateful.  Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience.  From my cozy cabin, the gentle bell reminders, my own mat, blanket, bolster and even a lavender eye pillow!  To delicious meals served with love, the tea always made and not to mention this glorious setting!  The views are breathtaking, the cove is magical, the shade of the trees, the comfy furniture, hammocks and toy filled gazebo are amazing!  From the gorgeous music to soothe our souls, to your careful and skillful intructions…  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  What a beautiful offering you have here.  Thank you!  If anyone is ever considering doing a Vipassana course, thank your lucky stars if you are able to attend Quepasana.  All love.

But wait, there’s more.  From the thoughtful, tender adjustments in Yin Yoga, to what the what?!? Chocolate chip cookie bake for breakfast!  And perfectly steaming  hot cacao drink in the evenings.  Each moment I was pleasantly surprised, awed, delighted and grateful.  From the carful crafted playlists, special guests musicians and talented body worker, along with the dreamy sprays, spritzers and aromatherapy.  To the bubbles.  Bubbles dancing in the afternoon sun.  My senses were soothed, my cells renewed and readjusted.  Thanks for your careful answers to all our questions, large and small.  And most of all thank you for your vision and foresight and for attracting and gathering this incredible jedi tribe to host this.  All love and then some!

A love note:

Since arriving here at Quepasana, I have felt so taken care of.  Everything is wonderfully organized and Jorge’s leadership really shines through.  At around day 8, I started to really understand the reason behind why the course is structured the way it is.  It all makes perfect sense.  I really feel like I have learned a lot about Vipassana and a lot about myself.  I have many gifts that I am taking home with me.  So THANK YOU for a truly exceptional experience.  It is one that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life.  Mahalo.  PS.  Day 10 was so FUN!!

Aloha Jorge MaryAnn and the Quepasana Family,

Thank you from the inner chamber of my beating heart for your generosity, authenticity, wisdom and humility.  My experience here has been profoundly transformative and deeply relaxing.  The ride began one week before the start of the course when I serendipitously received an invitation to attend.  I knew it was meant to be so I surrendered and started making moves to get my bases covered in order to step away from life for a much needed sacred pause.  What a truly incredible blessing and gift to receive.  I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to share sacred space in this breathtaking property, with these magically powerful souls.  It’s not a coincidence that we have been breathing and awakening our bodies and minds in Hawa’ii – Breath of Life!

Quepasana is a pure example of Aloha.  My interpretation of Aloha is to joyfully share life energy in the present moment.  Not only is this experience a dream come to life, its also the birthplace of endless inspiration for stepping into my purpose with confidence and to dream the BIG dreams – In service to the world.  Throughout the course I felt tremendously cared for.  So much loving attention to detail clearly went into the planning, the teachings, the container, all of it.  Mahalo for the love that was poured into the whole experience from health delicious meals, comfy cabins, cushions, and inspiring sound healing, music and so much more.  Much has been healed and released over these last 11 days in the receiving of the practices in this special place.  The pure joy you transmit with your heart makes the world a better place.  Thank you for sharing your vision.  I feel as though I’ve been bathed in love through light and sound and awakened to the power of my inner intelligence.  I look forward to sharing what I have received here for years to come and aspire to be an ally and support to the Quepasana foundation as it continues to blossom.  As we say in Shambala, our warrior’s cry,  Kiki SoSo!  Which translates to the view from here is victorious.

Jorge and Quepasana Ohana: Mahalo Nui Loa!  Wow, what an incredible sacred offering this has been for me and the baby growing within me.  Such a precious unique opportunity to unplug, unwind, dive deep, open wide, listen more fully in silence and stillness, spaciousness and allowance, accept and appreciate all that is, commune with the elements, wisdom words programming the cells of our being, special gifts and surprises with each new day with music, instruments and other amazing “toys” and healing modalities.  I could not imagine a more perfect way to pass through the portal of my first to second trimester and have this potent bonding blessing with the child I’m carrying.  With the most nourishing and delicious meals, such thoughtful intentions put into every detail, so much loving care I felt.  To be held in such nurturance,  to gain courage and confidence and clarity, to move towards this rite of passage with clarity to help me and baby; strengthening and challenging relaxation and reflections, reset of my nervous system, wonderful dreaming, heart opening, mind taming, more trust, move love, more prepared to communicate more efficiently and lovingly and to relate to others with more compassion, generosity and equanimity,  I will keep practicing, I will pay it forward in service and devotion.  I will be eternally grateful for all you’ve done for me, we, this community and all of humanity.  I will keep smiling and sharing the ways this has touched my soul and the one inside me – I honor you.  Infinite thanks.

And laughter returns. For the past 3 days I fight back loud outbursts of laughter.  It is the bubbling up of joy through a loose and loving body.  I had lost my laughter, and now I have lost my mind.  Good riddance.  My practice once strong shall remain strong again for years to come.  I say so with certainty, but with no attachment.

Jorge,  Your generosity, this place, and the sea inspire me.  Thank you for your offering.  It has been deeply received.

Chimes ringing…..  It’s time for Quepasana.  Slowly I awake to the minah birds, morning doves and a solo cardinal singing to my heart.  I hear the crashing waves of the ocean calling me to remember who I really am.  Wake up!  Wake up!  A wondrous and magical walk under the sparkling stars, looking up I marvel at the mystery of our galaxy and the wisdom shining brightly – I am this wonderous brilliance of love shining boldly and courageously.  Shake Rattle and Roll, I feel my body charging up, liquids flowing, tingly is my body, electric and alive!  Sitting and listening to the subtle energy within my body…. A tingle there…tension hiding over here… mind in a torment and strain….

Jorge says, be with whatever arises with equanimity and awareness.  I breathe deeper… I am not afraid and plunge into this moment, this reaction.  Struggle turns to acceptance, it is another thought, emotion and moment. I rest into this experience and watch it dissolve into nothing…  I am one with infinite love spiraling deeper into this amazing excellence within.  I am alive and free.

Thank you Jorge for taking us on a cosmic silent camel ride as Jedi students learning to accept the energy and constant change of the mind and body.  I marvel at your dedication, generosity and service to all of us.  Helping us to soar to new heights of wonder and mystery into the cosmic love within.  Acceptance is the biggest gift I received from this training.  Maryann and Ninja servers, thank you for your love, dedication and magical creations in the kitchen.  The meals nourished my body and helped in the process of awakening into more love within.

Holy Frijoles!  Literally words do not amount the level of gratitude I have in my heart for the gift of this experience.  I feet so loved, supported and nurtured during this intensely profound transformative experience.

What a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I feel so humbled to be able to complete this course.  And from the infinite depth of my heart and spirit, thank you Jorge, MaryAnn and the rest of the Quepasana tribe for providing this gift to the community and may the work that is being done here raise the vibration of this planet.  I look forward to being of service for future courses.  And can’t wait to bring KidPasana to reality!

Ahh Quepasana.  I feel everything. From a tear right here, to happiness and loving kindness and yet I’m still speechless.  You’ve done it so well and so right and left I am inspired on the best way to share my light.  I have felt so taken care of on all levels.  Mahalo.  I love U.  We are truly blessed!

Jorge and the whole Quepasana circus.  Thank you for allowing me to see my own dissonance show up, feel it and allow it , actually verbalize it to you Jorge and watch it disappear by owning it in all sensory motor skills.  Polishing da diamond with bubbles!

The Quepasana crew and foundation concept are such a beautiful example of our earth moving from a world of service to self to one of service to others, and that becoming one’s passion for life.  The model of being of service to others at Quepasana has been such an honor to witness how successful a service to others practice can be.

The Course in Miracles suggestion to “Give All to All” are in full practice at Quepasana.

Jorge! Nowhere else could I have discovered my own personal non-typical meditating seating position.  You said “make it your own”

Just follow these simple rules for meditation: Sit up unassisted; Be still (It’s OK to adjust, but beware of fidgeting); close your eyes and observe, as it is.  I followed those directions!  (It took 5 days).  Thank you for being an open-minded, open hearted leader.

In such gratitude

Quepasana crew, Thank you for offering your services in this way and making this experience possible.  The gift I was given  by this course is tremendous and very much needed.  I intend to carry this practice and discipline with me into everyday life and recommend it to everyone.

Beloved Jorge,

Once again deep appreciation and gratitude.  Of all the billions of humans on this planet us 50 very lucky ones get to be here.

I sincerely thank you and your team for such an amazing, beautiful, healing opportunity!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for what you are giving to humanity.  As each one of us will carry the peace, being an inspiration of awakened consciousness, and individually loving ourselves which in turn is humanity.

As this course is free, it’s amazing to me how even in a “semi-enlightened” group, there can be criticism and judgement.  You are giving an abundance of energy, time, resources and love.  And I wholeheartedly appreciate it.  As it is!  I love the essence of fun, music, body work and of course the nourishing delicious food!  You’ve thought of so much…. Entertainment, body work, flow toys, structure, healing and with a heart full of love through the criticism.

I found it particularly helpful to receive body work and physical touch, even if it was just hands on my feet in savasana.  As much as this is an individual experience, the human need for connection or reassurance is important.

Thanks for the thrills, the chills, the spills.

Thank you so much for this divine opportunity to go deeper into ourselves.  To listen, to feel and to love ourselves in peace and harmony.  This has been such an enlightening journey, all of us together.  Aloha and Mahalo.

Dearest Luke Skywalker and entire Jedi Academy team:  WOW!  I know that we are supposed to constantly be practicing equanimity, yet after observation of this entire 11 day course and my own personal transformation throughout this life changing experience, you make that practice challenging in the best way possible.

They say gratitude is one of the highest of vibrations, and with that alone, this course takes one to nirvana.  From the serene locale, to the tastiest vegan meals that both nourished body and spirit; to top it all off with this entire program being out of service, blows the mind in ways only unconditional love and giving can. As one of my favorite Gene Keys, the 35th states that unconditional love can defy the laws of the cosmos, create wormholes through different dimensions.  This creation of yours, and all those who support it are doing exactly that, changing the collective vibration in every moment, feeling thought and action.  Sending more than a ripple out in the pond of the universe.

And this is no way aiming to give the impression that this has been some type of cake walk.  As probably everyone here can attest to,  we were challenged for greater than I could have consciously imagined.  From arriving here with one working leg that has been keeping me immobilized for months, to not being able to breath out of either nostril for the first few days, I ws reminded of acceptance of what is.  Observe and allow.  It seemed just as I was learning and mastering control of these situations, new obstacles would arise.  Thinking what could possibly be worse than sitting cross legged in once position for an hour with a knee that did not want to bend, well my answer promptly came to me…. In the form of not 20 minutes into sunset meditation, I soon discovered the random spot I chose to sit just happened to be where a not-so-friendly fire ant colony had taken up residence.    Talk about “experiencing all that”.  At first I didn’t realize they were more than just curious little ants exploring slowly the underside of my crossed feet and legs.  I thought “what a cool sensation”.  I was quite confident that this would add to my, at the time, pleasant meditative experience.  My entire lower body became electric, pulsating in fire. Breathing became my ally, along with the constant reminder of observing and allowing, telling myself of the impermanence of each moment.   Maybe not one of the most pleasurable experiences, but certainly one of the most memorable.

So thank you again, Jorge and staff.  I am sure you didn’t plant the fire ants, but you definitely supplied the space and time to allow us all to have our own unique experiences during the 11 days.

I am overjoyed that you have not only found your calling in this life, but that you also had the courage to answer it.  Not everyone finds their purpose, and even fewer answer it when found.

I have come to see the power in consistent daily meditations and early morning start times, realizing that practice is key.  I have heard that power is strength over time.   I plan to keep this as a mandatory part of my life.

A farewell note:  I would like to say goodbye to a few of the friends I met during my time here:  Goodbye to the giant green leafy bug with the red eyes that stared at me from the restroom window.  So long to the small bug who flew in my ear and got stuck in my hair during evening meditation.  See ya later to the hundreds of little bugs who landed on me during meditation.  I loved the sensation your dirty little legs gave me while I did body scans.  Bye bye to the 2 inch wasp that had a shower with me yesterday.  And finally, last but not least, adios to the big brown spider on day 4.  Rest in peace.  You will be missed, but not by me.  On a serious note, thank you for a truly exceptional experience.  Much love.

I love you so much.  Thank you for everything you do Jorge.  Embodying unconditional love and surrender.

I cry, as I fly, why, we try, we trust, our wills.  I love you.  Thank you ninja jedi team.  You are all amazing beings of light and love.

Don’t believe in yourself.  Believe in me, who believes in you!

If burning man and Vipassana had a love child:  Quepasana.  Though that won’t sum it up for anyone even if they have done a Goenka course or been to burning man.  Like meditation, like everything, it’s all in the experience.

I came here 7 months pregnant, with the intention to experience a final long respite of quietude before our baby arrives.  A chance to reconnect with myself, which had been muffled in all the daily to-do of raising children, being a wife, running a household and working.  I also saw this as a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one with this being inside me, to have “our time” before he is out in the world with everything and everyone else.

What I got from these past 10 days isn’t quite what I bargained for.  But let me explain—having previously completed a Goenka 10 day vipassana course, I knew, somewhat, what I was signing up for.  I did that course in CA 11 years ago and still remember how incredibly challenging it was for me.  Being that had survived that course, a young, terribly naïve 23 year old with zero previous meditation experience, I thought, ok 11 days of Quepasana meditation with half the amount of hours logged each day, in a location that is nothing short of paradise, no big, right?

Wrong.  Maybe it’s because its my second course and as Jorge said “you go deeper each time”, maybe because I’m feeling everything even more being pregnant, maybe just because – but this course has been the equivalent for me of “soul rolfing”.  Terribly painful, but deeply therapeutic.

I contemplated leaving daily, until day 8.  My mind was a whirpool of fears and anxieties: “will my kids be OK?”;  “Will my husband still love/want me when I return?”; “am I hurting the baby feeling so much?”.   And those were just the ones on repeat.  I had a slurry of other random anxieties popping up in spaces between.  And then, during a meditation or Yin Yoga practice, there would be a spark of insight, something clicking into place, fear being supplanted by acceptance, trust and allowing.  These moments were my buoy.  They kept me afloat to the end, despite my mind trying to convince me: “I’m not OK and need to go home”.

During a particularly strong surge of fear and home sickness, I spoke with Jorge and I told him that I had asked myself “Should I stay or go?” and had heard “go”.  He told me that intuition is usually a feeling, and that the mind uses words.  Oh fair enough Jorge, I believe you and I’ll stay one more day.  And now, day 10, nearing the final day tomorrow I am so grateful I stayed.  I have heard that if you keep having the same reaction to something, you create ruts, you keep trying to move out of but are stuck.  Fear has certainly been this for me.  It wasn’t always this way, but over time I became  fiercely protective of what I did not want to lose.

What I had not seen was how these fears had cut me off from life, from the experience of being alive.  Sitting and not reacting to my fears for 10 days has given me my power, and in a real way, my life back.

During this course, Jorge will say:  “This is a Hero’s path”.  This meditation, this kind of practice, and truly it is.  And yet, through any other work I’ve done, I’ve not found anything to be so deeply transformational as Vipassana meditation.  It is so simple, and with the lightest touch it just tears you open, in the best way possible.

If anyone reading this is considering doing this course, I’d recommend feeling into it.  If you feel Yes, then do it despite your mental chatter. Show up and stay the course. If could be the best thing you ever do, for yourself, your family and the world.

I also want to mention how affecting the music was.  The drums, guitars, bowls, really all of it, was incredibly helpful in showing me viscerally, how to feel sensation.  I’ve never felt music quite like that, and it’s just one of the gifts I get to take away.

Jorge, thank you.  You are a gift and an inspiration.  Your work is leaving behind an incredible legacy that the world over gets to benefit from.  MaryAnn, thank you for your support holding space for my tears, all of them, for the floss, and the snacks and for all the yummy food.  And more than anything, thank you for your graciousness.  Sharing and giving of  yourself, your home and all your constantly uplifting energy.  Also, such an inspiration!  When I grow up, I want to be like you!

I learned to meditate.  And that will serve me and everyone I come in contact with.  Thank you.

Quepasana may not be for everyone.  Meaning it is not a traditional silent meditation experience.  If that’s what you are expecting you will have to be flexible.  That being said, Quepasana is a cutting edge exploration of consciousness and mindfulness.  I loved it and I think you will too.

AMAZING!.  Thank you Quepasana ohana and Jorge for all you are and embody.  This is more than I could have ever expected.  I am so deeply in me, with parts of me that had been dormant, now fully awake and aware.  The simplicity of the practice is pure gold – a true treasure to be shared and taught.  Keep up the good work.

Dear Jorge and the Quepasana Jedi team,

THANK YOU for being such incredible super humans and bringing this profound gift to the world!  You hold such an impeccable space for inner transformation to flourish, blossom and bloom!  I am reminded of how much better, clearer, and attuned my life is when I practice daily, and my motivation to stick with it is now reawakened!  If everyone in the world took 10 days to be with themselves in noble silence with body scanning, yoga and the metta, this world would be so bright and peaceful that it may just shift to a higher dimension!  Or stay in this beautiful one with a renewed sense of awe.   I love that this vision is growing.  I especially love the ideas of Yin Yoga on floating beds, a permanent Quepasana community center, and self-sustaining centers with food growing on site and renewable energy powering everything.  That sounds like a truly harmonious and world changing beacon of hope for our world.  Mahalo, gracias, thank you, I am so grateful to be a part of this Quepasana experience and family.

Quepasana can only be described as the sacred love child of traditional rigors of insight meditation and a psychedelic consciousness expansion festival.  It was the meditation medicine I have always desired with the sweet syrup of smiles to make it go down easy.  EPIC.  Epicly challenging, epicly deep, epicly beautiful and so much more.  Jorge is truly a kind.  A simple man with lots of meditation and smiles to share.  What he has created is a model for consciousness expansion and new world creation.  Thank you.

February - March  2018


Hey Brother,

 I hope this finds you happy, healthy, getting ever younger

and enjoying the heck out of life!

 So this, my friend, is my belated Quepasana “love note.” My intention was to comment on the lasting effects of the course – those enlightening gems that have remained part of my daily experience after the glow of newness and excitement has faded. The thing is, they haven’t faded much at all! So I’ll go with what I know:

 To my beloved brother, Jorge

 I feel tremendously blessed to be part of the QP experience since its very beginning. From my unique perspective of a very long friendship, I have beheld first hand your deeply personal quest for greater health, happiness (fun) and self-realization. I can attest to the many years of dedicated persistence with which you pursued the wisdom and insight necessary to reinvent yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually into the marvel you are today. Never have I seen such a transformation in another adult human being. I celebrate your extraordinary personal journey as it has evolved into a practice that brings life-changing awareness to so many others.

 You are an extraordinary teacher, Jorge, one I honor with highest regard. I know how you’ve “earned your chops” and I know you to be the “real thing” as illustrated by the authentic passion and generosity with which you share your gift. Most of all, I deeply respect your understanding that you serve as a humble steward of that profound gift of Grace.

 Participation in several courses as student and/or in service has definitely affected my life path in significant ways. Daily meditation has become as essential to me as breath. It enables me to live more peacefully and helps me to more consistently present myself in the world with conscious, loving authenticity. Incorporating yoga practice –ICU in particular – into my daily routine has gained me considerably greater physical flexibility than I had 30 years ago! Every Quepasana course that I participate in enhances my practice and helps to anchor my discipline. I’m also reminded to have fun in the process.

 I find each Quepasana event to be a totally fresh experience. The very nature of the course along with the intentions set forth by Jorge and staff invariably draws the perfect group of participants. Even in noble silence – perhaps, especially in noble silence, I feel lifted by the very presence of the loving souls around me.

 Whether attending as a student or in service I feel completely nourished in every sense of the word. At the Ashland Oregon and Maui courses we’re bathed in unimaginable natural beauty, treated to amazing, healthy vegetarian meals, welcomed to comfortable accommodations, and showered with all the loving support needed to make the experience an unforgettable opportunity for enriching self-awareness. Remarkably – more like astoundingly, the entire experience is wrapped in an atmosphere of joyfulness and genuine, downright party–hearty kickass fun!

 When all is said and done, the most valuable part of my Quepasana experience is what I take home. Short course or 20-day, I leave notably stronger and more energetically centered. I am rested and peaceful of mind. My resolve to continue my meditation and yoga is more strongly cemented. I am more aware of opportunities to choose lovingkindness. The gates of my gratitude are opened ever wider as I apply my evolving skills to bring myself to the world with peaceful, loving presence. These are the takeaway gifts that continually enrich my life and for which I am thankful beyond measure.

 With greatest love, appreciation and respect

Thank you for modeling kind boundless generosity and FUN!!!  I absolutely loved the earth meditation.  Kitchen staff is amazing.

There’s a message on the board in the kitchen that reads: “The signs are everywhere”.  The signs of your kindness are everywhere in this land.  My heart is full with joy witnessing existence passing on the keys of this majestic treasure to you, the place where the full power of nature meets grace. 

I know beautiful passionate souls started this project long ago, and now in its new incarnation it is to meet deeper depths.  I am again touched by the dance of introspection in the midst of sharing scents and taste and moving by looking inside.  Deep gratitude to existence and to you! 
Quepasana is crafted with tremendous sensitivity, I appreciate how the day flows, how meditation takes us to uncharted territories, how Yin Yoga opens the body, the soma, to move even further with grace and ease. 

Today is a sunny day and I wish we could have been able to work more in the gardens, but we were blessed also by the rain, showers of surrender to make the soil ready. 

I feel like I arrived home.  There is something so sacred, here now, with this group of people in this precious land sharing a transformative vision.  I can’t thank you enough.  All I can say is please count me in, I am amazed at the incredible luck of being here, part of this group, at the edge of this cliff.  Count me in to help this vision thrive and to serve others.

Often in the midst of the rain I thought that we could make a work weekend, with a taste of meditation of course, to come and give more time to the gardens.  I’d totally be up for that.  Mahalo a million times.

May Quepasana flourish as it is already doing.  May it spread far and wide and transform our beloved earth.

Earth majik spins sweetly...ever gently this morning


Silent miracles abound


I am a part of this holy whole


I know it in my bones


A love making of pre-dawn energies intoxicate


Whirling me abliss for a breath


Spirals of delight coalesce, as infinite designs of beauty weave me anew


I am a part of this holy whole






Jorge and Quepasana Team:

Not only filled with wellness, contentment and loving kindness – But also inspiration.

Not just a momentary blissful experience has been generously bestowed, but much more:  The inspiration is knowing this mind/body/spirit is always capable of this big, beautiful, spacious openness and health – We have tools to keep ourselves in this state of grace perpetually.  Our middle age bodies need not be aching and worn out!!  Many many mahalos for your generosity, wisdom, and service.

Jorge and Kitchen Mamas:

Love is always felt and received wherever I go.  Mahalo for the wonderful garden you provide for our own nurturing.

Words cannot express  how meaningful Quepasana has been for me.  But I’ll give it my best go.  The loving invitation to wakefulness is exactly what I needed.   I was on the right path (that’s how I got here), but now my eyes have opened to just how beautiful this path actually is.  I am so grateful for this experience and all of the excellent people who have shared so much of their energy and love to help make this experience exceptionally amazing.  Awareness and mindfulness are two important qualities I have been lacking in my life.  But now I am understanding and confident at my ability to cultivate them through my personal practice.  Although concentration meditation has its place, sensation experience has already taught me more than I thought possible.  I am excited to see what other gifts the universe has in store now that I am opened up.  But this gift of presence is one I will carry with me throughout this reality, and into others.  Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart to Quepasana and crew.  I look forward to offering my love and support to more people ready to open their eyes.


Intensifies and becomes focused

In the dark calm stillness

Of the early morning

That is punctuated by the sounds

Of the waves, breath of the whales and

The songs of the birds.

The radiant sun rises over the mountain

As the earth warms,

I stretch and relax

Fully feeling the pain, tension, everything

Not labeling, not judging

The tension releases, the pain dissipates

And I am able to more fully feel everything

Diving deeper, deeper deeper into the ocean

And into my inner ocean of consciousness

WOW JORGE!!!  Wow is the most descriptive word I can use to explain what has been happening these last 8 days.  What a big powerful loving human (from a far-away galaxy) you are!  Thank you for showing up in the ways you have, thank you for blazing a new trail, thank you thank you thank you for extending this Quepasana familia. I had an extremely powerful memory, energy emotional eruption (very unbeknownst and unexpected, ha ha ha)  It was extremely uncomfortable and disturbing;but  on other levels so necessary.  You are an inspiration in so many ways.  I will keep doing the work!  Mahalo


In the 21st century, Santa Claus got the North Pole fully automated.  With free time on his hands, he decided to reinvent himself.  So he shaved his beard, lost weight, moved to the tropics, got a tan, and now he and his elves go incognito on Maui, giving the greatest gift of all while spreading real peace around the world.  They are giving the gift of meditation -  Santa has evolved from giving out presents to giving out presence.   Too funny but true.

In the X-men movies, Patrick Stewart plays the role of a mutant with superpowers who started a school for other mutants with superpowers.   Its called a “school for the gifted”.  I refer to Quepasana as “Jorge’s school for the gifted”.  Mahalo! I’m only half joking.

 Dear Jorge, Maryann and staff:  WOW.  So much gratitude fills my heart thinking of all the love all of you who have given so much.  I am gratefull for the delicious food.  During times of stress, the food was loaded with so much nurturance and loving care.  I had tears of happiness feeling a deep warmth shine deep into my soul.  I would feel the heaviness dissolve with each bite of your food and vibrant meals and treats.  Thank you for all who helped the flow of the schedule.  I was profoundly blessed to have Jorge teach with such clarity, ease and wisdom.  I feel more present and quickly let go of the mind chatter returning to this sacred moment within the body.  Maryann, thank you for your presence, dedication and ability to keep everything flowing.  Your meals were so comforting.  Let’s open up Café Bliss!.  I am grateful for the canvas tents and private get away while being on this gorgeous property.  There is such luxurious beauty and generosity of Jorge and the staff.  I feel deeply nourished, supported and enriched from this experience.   I would like to help with Kidpasana for my students.  My heart is filled with joy and happiness.  I would also like to serve the next Quepasana.

Entitled “How to change your life in 10 days”

Dear Jorge, through this gift of Quepasana meditation teachings and yin yoga practice, a surge of reclaimed energy flow is liberating this body in a way that I have only dreamed was possible.  I feel more aligned with my higher purpose and the ability to create from the core, the truth of my being.  Many layers of resistance and lack of love for this self were removed so that the greater self may emerge and co-create with spirit in a way I have not experienced in this lifetime.  These 10 days of Quepasana have been life altering, revealing to me a new way of being, having greater alignment with source energy than ever before or even dreamed possible.  I have a new practice:  daily vipassana meditation and yin yoga, clarifying me for my dharma with confidence.  You have my deepest gratitude for this life altering experience opening ways of being that I am astounded to witness within this self. Eternally grateful

Wow so perfect in every way.  I kept thinking of all the beautiful people in my life who would benefit from Quepasana, so many loved ones and then I realized I am here, I am it and this total experience at every level is for me.  My heart is wide open, my mind is realigned and I am abundantly taken care of.  Thank you so much for this experience.  It is the first time I remember as an adult where I felt my every need and desire truly taken care of.  Thank you for reminding me I am the one that is truly worthy of all my love and attention.  Coming to Quepasana was a gift of time to myself and by giving myself this gift I felt so cared for and loved.  Mahalo Nui Loa.  May you continue to share and inspire others.  So much love and gratitude.  I will be back to serve.

You guys have managed to create one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever come across.  So much love, so much wisdom, so much growth…  I’ve been blessed to be a part of it and so incredibly thankful that I was allowed to be a part of it.  Thank you guys so much.  This place will never be forgotten.

Quepasana Love Note

Oh where to begin—how about right here, right now!  I have been crying since our very first session this morning all the way through lunch.  The tears are of sadness, grief, sorrow, as well as for joy, gratitude and happiness.  Quepasana has been life changing.  I can’t tell you how exactly at this moment but I know it has changed the course of my life. 
Receiving the love, care and nurturing from MaryAnn and all of the servers has been overwhelmingly wonderful and uplifting.  The food, prepared with so much love has nourished my soul as well as my body and mind. 
And the Vipassana and Yin Yoga teachings by Jorge have upleveled my meditation and yoga practice to a whole new level.  I have been meditating and doing Yoga for over 10 years, nearly daily.  In my meditation I have always tried to leave my body and go somewhere else.  This method of grounding into the body and just feel is so new and refreshing to me and has allowed me to feel feelings I have repressed for a very long time.  It feels so freeing and transformational to let it all go!  Thank you!

So yes, the tears of sadness, grief, and sorrow are for all the old, past events in my life that I was finally able to let go of.  And the tears of joy, gratitude and happiness are all for the opportunity to have attended the February 2018 Quepasana event at Makena Hawaii.  Love and blessings on the continued journey of Quepasana and I look forward to returning to be of service to the future lucky participants to your wonderful party!

Beloved Jorge.  You are awesome.  Quepasana is amazing!  This land is sublimely sacred.  You have taught us loving kindness by your example and embodiment of your teachings.  My heart has been opened and my soul cries out for all people to be able to live in this sweetness.  Mahalo for this incredible cosmic carpet ride into inner awareness and higher consciousness. Thank you for saying Yes to your mission!  Thank you for inviting me to this cosmic joy love fest!  I have been deeply touched by all of it.  Sweet dolphin kisses and blessings beyond belief to you. 

I am filled with loving kindness.  It bubbles up from hidden springs, fills and overflows me and silently it sings.

I am filled with loving kindness and deep gratitude for “effortless ease”, Mula Bandha please and inspiring delicious food.

I am well,  I am WELL rings the chime of every bell.  Health and goodness flow, well in Kipahulu Frog, well in leaping Jedi Pose.  And through the layers I peel, sensational awareness in the silence and the still. 

I am peaceful and at ease.  Rain and tears they come and go.  I rest in natural great peace.  Moment to moment, as it is.   I feel these thoughts release. Whether monsoon winds are blowing or gentle breezes through the trees, breathing through yin yoga and sometimes aching knees.

I am happy and content.  Owl and stars in evening, whales and tales after dawn.  Thankful for warm hearted care and views from on the lawn.  Happy in the shala, happy in my tent.  These precious days and moments could not be better spent.

Dear MaryAnn

You are an amazing organizer and right hand woman for this 10 day Quepasana silent meditation and yoga teaching.  Three plus meals per day filled with your loving kindness, nourishment and full-flavor meals for 50 of us delivered on queue perfectly heated or cooled as the case may be.  Your organizational skills are superb in managing all the servers and all of us!  Thank you for delivering fully to each and every one of us.  Thank you for ensuring that we get the most from this magical awakening experience. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of your voice, the tone and the commands.  Thank you so much for sharing this paradise.

What an incredible gift this has been.  Thank you for the simplicity, accessibility and authenticity of the teachings.  This experience has been filled with beauty, wonder and openings.  Quepasana is spreading peace, love and joy throughout the world.  Thank you for all your efforts.  You are so appreciated.

So far, what I can understand about life is that the only reason for being here in this plane is to be of service to others without expecting anything in return.  Quepasana is doing it.   You got it.  That’s it.  Gratitude and love.  PS “If you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one” (Mother Teresa)

QUEPASANA – Find your own inner guru = Tantric Yoga.  So very much gratitude!


Thank you Jorge….  Your commitment is infectious.  You are a great teacher and facilitator.

Thank you again Jorge.  It is an honor, pleasure and great good fortune to be part of your wonderful family. 

You really are throwing the best party on island!  This second time has deepened so much for me, in meditation and yin practice.  I stopped fidgeting and needing to keep moving on the mat and I could just let it all go and fall into deep relaxation!  I always said I loved yin, yet struggled to stay present and “do nothing” for 2 hours.  It was a bit of torture in paradise.  But finally I surrendered and am hooked.  I can’t wait for the playlist as I’m doing it daily along with a recommitment to meditate daily – no exceptions.  Plus I cannot live without the daily chi machine.  Thank you for awakening me to another level and deepening my love of my life, my body and me!  I am a Quepasana member for life and look forward to the next time I come to this side of the world to play again.  So much love and gratitude for the love you share so generously.

Dear beloved musicians – Thank you for sharing the music medicine that comes through you.  It is potent and magical.  I especially enjoyed the last song.  Quepasana has shown us the way, now it is up to us. I also wanted to share that while you were playing during meditation I was a bit confused as to why, so I opened my eyes to look around and at that very moment a whale jumped out.  Wow!  Mahalo.

A sidereal waltz takes place at four in the morning between the big dipper, Scorpio and Venus.  Four shooting stars.  The quiet, gentle before anyone stirs from slumber….  Breathing in the stars, exhaling in the ocean.  The day unfolds; meditation, yoga, fuel, rest, stretch, meditation, yoga and so it flows.  Each space deeply considered for our benefit, separated only by the ringing of the bell.  In gratitude for the honor of being asked to serve.

Thank you for showing up with all the beautiful gifts u seemed to be so thankful to be giving us.  I am so thankful to receive so much from Quepasana from the seen and the unseen, flowing river of gifts of gratitude, thankfulness, nourishment, awareness, joy, beauty, community, health.

Just wanted to share that this morning’s meditation was the very first time I sat in one pose the entire time!!  It may also be the one and only time, but AS IT IS J.  The hardest part of the whole course, besides sitting still for more than ten minutes, is not being able to hug everyone. 


You are an inspiration to me!  Thank you for taking the time in your life to cultivate loving kindness, wellness, peace and ease, happiness and contentment.  You genuinely model this and I have been touched deeply.  May the goodness keep flowing for you and all your relations.

January 2018

 OMG!  How good is this? I go to THE MOST INCREDIBLE SPOT ON EARTH.  To discover the most incredible place on earth (me J).  Awesome.  Mahalo.

Jorge, Libby, Maryann and Eric,

I am so incredibly inspired by the work you are doing and by the people you are and the way you live and love and give so much love. To provide this space to come and just be.  To surrender fully and feel so completely held, safe, loved and deeply nourished throughout it all… is such a gift, a truly precious gift I am boundlessly grateful for.  THIS IS IT.  This really is it, this is the work and thank you for reminding us all.  In just one ordinary moment you can return into the aliveness of the sensory world, sink into the mystery, drop into the muddy earth, and set aside the urgency to be anything other than what you are.  Your imagination is holy, your vision is open and there is no temple greater than your own body.  There are colors here, eyes to gaze into, warm ones to hold and water to drink, sunsets to commune with and hearts to attune to a birdsong from another world.  A new dream is forming.  I love you all deeply and am here to support you any and every way I can.  XOXO

Beloved Jorge,

Sitting on the lawn preparing to leave this paradise:  The music of the birds chirping, the waves lapping; the feast of ocean and sky, trees and grass, the gentle kiss of the breeze as the sun warms my face and shoulder.  This moment – Perfection.  As it is.

Can I receive what is offered so freely and abundantly?  This is my Aloha Koan.

I came to this course with the expectation of being in the lap of beauty, nourishing my body and soul with Yoga, meditation and good food.

What I did not expect was total transformation.  A “course” correction.

I did not expect to be surrounded by exquisite, gentle beings.  To have my heart melted in song.

I did not expect to discover that the greatest paradise is within the weave of this body – that as magnificent this piece of property is (The best on Maui, perhaps the best in the world), it doesn’t hold a candle to the prime real estate of my body.

32 years ago I took my one and only mushroom trip. It was a magical journey through the interior of my body.  It was life as I knew it was meant to be—multi dimensional.  When the trip completed I fell into a deep depression – the return to the cardboard world.  Knowing I could not live my life on drugs I’ve spent the last 32 years exploring ways to meet life and supporting others on that journey.  (bodywork…Meditation, inquiry)

Day 4 with the introduction of the body scan opened me to the direct experience of my body as I had met it on the mushroom journey.  I experienced my body as light.  My joints as crystals.  I felt beautiful, bountiful, blissful!

As I scanned my body – welcoming, meeting it all – as it was I experienced awareness as loving kindness.  It became brilliantly clear that I am filled with loving kindness when I am present to awareness.  Always available.  Nothing wanting.  Pure love – in that simple act of scanning.

Later that day the backlash (we call it rebound in the Diamond work):  Sciatica pain.  My body, no longer an expanding palace of light, but of dense unbearable pain. The Hell realms! Your story about day 4 and the emergency room was so helpful.  I was ready to leave.  I was at my limit of unbearable, over the top intolerable.

Day 5 the meditation instruction takes me to a new level of awe, wonder.  Penetrating my internal body I travel to ancient times, see ruins under the sea.  The reality that the whole universe abides within me is irrefutable direct knowledge.  I am merged into oneness.

I think of Tibetan Buddhist terms – teachings that are hidden in rocks or minds, to be revealed when a culture is ready to receive the knowledge.  I feel my body is waiting to be discovered.  I am in awe of who I am, of who each of us are.

There is so much more to say – so many gifts – so much gratitude.  Let me end by saying that one of the greatest gifts was you.  Being in your presence.  Being in the wake of your leadership.

You are: Direct. Clear. Pure. Simple. Unpretentious ( in a non self-effacing way).  Enthusiastic, authentic, genuine, kind, grounded and open.  You walk your talk.  You live your vision. 

I’ve declared your name a verb: Jorge: To act with boundless, overflowing generosity.

Can I receive all this?  All this beauty, abundance, bliss – within and without? That is my new course.  I am deeply grateful.  In love.

Dear Jorge,

Thank you for creating a forum through which meditation and celebration can meet through the physical senses, in deep appreciation and “respect” for one another.

For those of us that are prone extravagant mental acrobatics, there will always be a more ascetic place in Goenka’s version of Vipassana to clarify our connection between the mystery and the logos.  Ever so grateful that you heard the call to expand that great road called “the middle path” with Quepasana.  You have woven your unique essence into a program that actually encourages one to unify fun with meditation.  Quepasana invites beauty to meet majesty, delighting in the sensual while honing the deliberate focus of free will divine will…  Not just lost in space, but deeply seeded in the body.  A ‘coup de grace’ my friend. The Quepasana odyssey will continue to inspire awe: Witnessing the wonder of our growing Sangha, weaving the web of the cosmos through the human collective and participating in the revelation as the personal and the transpersonal.  With deep bows.

Dearest Maryann,

WOW! From start to finish serving Quepasana with you feels like a miracle in action.  From the warmest welcome into the fold of the inner sanctum of creation in the kitchen to the dragon train/bunny hop led by you around the blowout dance party at the end….  A truly magical experience.  Now I understand why people keep coming back to serve with the Quepasana Sangha again and again.   What I appreciate most about you, Maryann is the pure joy you love to share in celebrating life itself.  Over and again I hear: don’t live in the past or the future, be here now, and enjoy the pleasure of the journey.  You bring this wisdom home to the heart. 



Dearest Quepasana Family –

This has been, by far, the most generous, nourishing and invigorating gift I have EVER been given.  I was very much in need of a full reset – After spinning through life, off center, lost and confused..  It was as if by magic this experience came into my world.  So, THANK YOU – I still can hardly believe something like this exists.  It inspires me to be even more generous, but from a grounded centered place.  My hope in the world has been restored.  I love you and I thank you.  From the depths of my heart.

Blessings, Mahalo, Great Gratitude!

Turns out the missile heading toward Hawaii…  was a missile of love heading straight to Makena!  My heart is awakened…. Deeply touched and nourished.  My second course, more layers penetrated with awareness…  More able to feel the truth of who I am….The love that I am.  The generosity here is mind blowing!  It is a gift that calls forth generosity , kindness and love from everyone – Jorge is a living example of this!!  He is beyond words in his capacity to inspire and truly lead by example.  And MaryAnn… Her touch is everywhere… Her cooking divine… straight from the heart.  Each meal was a joy.  I will return.  Again and again…..  With tender gratitude from my awakening heart.

Thank you so much for this profound experience.  It enabled me to bring a much needed softness and acceptance to my meditation practice – Life changing indeed.  Much love and gratitude.  And MaryAnn, thank you for holding a warm and loving space at the cottage and the food.  I mean come on, it was always amazing!!

Beloved Jorge,

I am filled with loving gratitude!  WOW!!  It is mind blowing what a generous offer this is!  How is this even possible?  Never mind. J.   I pinch myself every day that this is real and I get to have this experience on this beautiful aina and how lucky I am and how lucky we are.  Did I do something special to deserve this?  Was it your karma to create this gift to those who seek it?  At what point in your journey did you get inspired to offer this?  What a gem!


One of the greatest gifts we can give is sharing the things we love with the people we love.  I will be sending some magical beings your way!  I want to share Quepasana with EVERYONE.

Mahalo Nui Loa for this heart opening and healing experience much was gained and received.  So much gratitude for a safe place for me to feel who I am. 

Infinite gratitude for all you are creating here. J  Looking forward to our Quepasana family growing and growing… Your complete devotion to this practice and community is inspiring.


What an incredible blissful joy and absolute immaculate honor it has been to share such a tender, loving, playful, nourishing, rejuvenating, and inspiring time with you all.  Wow.  I am blown away.  Back at the end of our first full day, at sunset, I was moved to tears – “can I really have something this good?  This wonderful? … I am brought again to tears writing about it.  I am so grateful.  This course is a shining jewel in the world. 

Jorge – You said to us: “We don’t climb mountains because it’s easy”.  But, honestly, if it was you organizing the expedition, even Everest would feel doable.  I rarely have meditated for an hour at a time and I was surprised to find it so much easier than I anticipated.  A big part of that was that I always felt *invited*  to do the work, not *obligated*.   Your warm heart and caring presence helped me to make breakthroughs in my ability to focus as well as relax and let it be.  THANK YOU!

Three courses and I haven’t found my center point!  I must be anatomically challenged.  I have concluded that I have no point!  What joy and freedom!  The egrets dance and the whale breach in celebration even Reggie Ray gives a high five from 6 feet under.  What more could a person want than to spend the week with you here at Ponomakena Sanctuary.  Life is good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  A million times, thank you… For not trying to correct my postures, for giving me the grace to find my own way, and for simply and continuously pointing the way to True North.

Things just appear as they are when I polish the diamond Quepasana offers me.  Thank u.

From spectatular to emptiness and back again.  Thank you so much.  Everything is amazing here.  To live the dream of life.  Que Pasana.





Most gracious Jorge,

Mahalo Nui Loa for your light, your generosity, and your example.  Not every person has been blessed with the desire to make service to others his/her life purpose.  You have been so blessed.  Quepasana is your gift to the world.  As one who truly treasures every sacred breath I have taken during this past week, know that I will share what you have so freely shared with us.  The spiritually transformative insights of Vipassana and somatic meditation practices.  The ”journey within” is the subject matter of my follow up book to my recently published “The Pono Principle”, so thank you so much for helping me in giving birth to this new work.

Dearest Maryann,

By far the greatest sensation I experienced over this past week has been breathing in, deeply and most appreciatively, the heavenly aromas that the early morning breeze brought to our shala from your kitchen.  Also, to see the rewarding smile on your face as you watched all of us queued in line, bowls in hand, awaiting the joy of tasting all that your prepared with aloha and loving kindness.  Mahalo.

Everywhere I C is generosity.  Thank you.

Thank you Jorge!  I love you!

I was moved deeply this afternoon.  Seems as if a layer of protection around my heart has dissolved and I was able to really let in the beautiful offering of Quepasana.  I am at a loss with words yet can express that there have been a handful of times in my life when I have felt such genuine generosity and so gently cared for… this is one of these times I and I will carry the goodness in my heart always.  Mahalo for giving me the opportunity to believe that I am truly deserving of such sweetness…. Strawberry love to you both!

Jorge, I feel blessed beyond!  Thank you…  This course and how you facilitate it is extraordinary.  Full of love, nurturance and a firm grounded commitment to pursue TRUTH.  Thank you, thank you! Thank you!  It has been profound for me to give myself this time to BE.  In the beginning I felt a bit restless at all this relaxation and thought maybe I was wasting my “time” and “should” be out there achieving my goals on the physical plane… But quickly realized this is where the “time” is best spent.  With me.  With my blocks, fears, wounds and pains that despite years of “awakening” work are still creeping out and hiding in buried deep places.  Thank you for this super safe and nurturing container for me to shine the light on them and release them FOREVER!  I love myself even deeper and love my life so much more.  Thank you for gifting this time and beyond epic location and incredible Maryann cuisine and your heart I receive.

Thank you for the Quepasana experience.  A few times per day I ask the universe to help me reach my highest potential for uplifting humanity, nurturing mother earth, and being a good balance for the planet.  These courses have steered me toward my highest potential.  I have become a believer in the enormous positive effects of sitting quietly a few times per day.  Please keep up your incredible and inspiring courses.  When I think of you my heart lights up and I smile.  All the best to you.

Thank you so much for this experience.  Your altruistic sharing of your practice, beautiful land and wisdom is most inspiring.  I am yet again changed at depth with this new cathartic experience.  I first sat with Vipassana 15 years ago while processing the grief of a dear friend passing.  To come back and sit again without grief is very different.  Thank you for the reminder of what this practice is and does.


Thank you Jorge for inviting me to this truly amazing experience.  In over 40 years of practicing I have done many meditation retreats and yoga retreats.  But nothing as amazing as this.  The combination of Goenka style Vipassana and Yoga with beautiful music is exquisite.  In all my years of doing Yoga, lip service was paid to yoga as preparation and integral to meditation.  Well, this is it.  Amazing use of Yoga and movement and music to open the body so that meditation can be still and profound. Wow, it is an amazing honor to do a Quepasana course.  And then there is the location.  The most beautiful beach estate in Maui has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Jorge is so incredibly generous to provide everything, good tent cabins, beds, great food, and so freely offered.  I am amazed and inspired, grateful, appreciative and more.   I feel more rested and deeply relaxed than I remember.  I have stopped a 4 cup of coffee per day habit, no wine with dinner, probably lost 10 pounds and feel great.

Thank you Jorge for such a profound time here – so revitalizing, renewing and resetting.  So glad to be able to purge out all that no longer serves me.  Thank you for holding such a deep and agenda-less loving presence.    It has helped me to reach into the most tender, delicate spots buried deep within and heal them through the dynamic process of self-realization.  Blessings.

What a beautiful experience.  Thank you so much for this incredible gift!  I really appreciated the crystal clear instructions of the techniques and the light hearted  attitude with which it was presented.  You are a phenomenal teacher and I am so grateful for your immense generosity in sharing yourself and creating this amazing space for growth and healing.  I felt completely supported and genuinely cared for through the presence of you and your staff, especially Maryann, who is an incredible angel who seemed to be always on top of everything.  The location, food, and accommodations were all superb.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to deepen their meditation practice.  PS.  My baby was dancing wildly in my belly every time you played the singing bowls.  Thank you for welcoming us here and for offering such a magical, potent journey. Blessings and Aloha.

First, and foremost I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of Quepasana. The fact that it all came together was a blessing in itself. MaryAnn, I TRULY appreciate you following up on my application for me. My soul needed Quepasana on every level, and even though I didn't get to talk with Jorge please tell him that his caring energy, guidance and gift of Quepasana was so INSPIRING!!! My heart will forever be so full due to everyone's loving support and presence. After it all, I was definitely overwhelmed with emotions of love, awe, excitement and having to talk again! I had so many profound experiences that were overwhelming to express at the time, and I'm definitely a cry baby lol! I since have written everything down, and been able to digest it all. 


If you can also let Jorge know that my shoulder pain has since been GONE! The mere fact that I was able to witness the pain coming and going with my mind through body scanning was such a huge shift. He seriously makes me want to pursue my goal of teaching people how to meditate. Meditation already had been a huge part of my life and made me more mindful, peaceful and present, but the eliminating of pain was completely unexpected. I remember him answering one of my questions and saying "keep doing the work" lol and "the pain will eventually loose it's grip on you" - but all that was going through my mind was "BUT HOW LONG WILL THAT TAKE?!" Silly me. That part was all up to me too, and the fact that I honestly haven't felt any pain since I left is just a plain miracle because that pain has been consistently present in my life since 2013.... and I've tried so many things to make the pain stop. Everything was truly magical!

With the fullness of my heart, peace in my mind and light in my spirit - MAHALO NUI LOA to Jorge for his amazing contribution to humanity, to you for making sure everything was comfortable, easy and delicious and the entire Quepasana family for being a presence of loving energy.

Warmest Aloha,


I am truly grateful for this amazing experience where I feel truly given to and loved.  This experience has been beyond my dreams.  The instructor is humble and wise.  Thank you for making this experience gentle and loving with the frequent breaks and easy flowing movement with a voice full of compassion and thoughtfulness.  I have traveled the world and had many extraordinary adventures, and this has by far exceeded them all.  The environment, the great care that made me feel loved and facilitated the journey to my soul was extraordinary and life altering.  I feel strong and ready to handle life’s challenges.  Wow!  Maryann is an amazing cook.  I feel her love and compassion in every bite I take.  Her creativity in the kitchen making amazing healthy dishes make me not miss meat which I did not think was possible.  You are a giving and loving person.  I love your smile and gentle ways.  Thank you.

Dearest Jorge, Maryann and Servers – Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.   What a gift you are giving, and to take this time to sit, be silent and receive was the best gift I could give myself.   I have been wanting to do Vipassana for a long time, but was intimidated and never made the time.  But this version of a course seemed so nurturing and inviting, and it was!

I am excited to bring this practice into my daily life, and am so inspired by what is possible.  I loved the LED lights, aesthetics, cabins, attention to detail and the extra love put into all of it.  Maryann’s signage is so fun!  I look forward to serving future Quepasana courses in any way I can and am happy I live here on Maui!.  As for Ponomakena, I am so glad this special land is in your care now!   My daily snorkel was a spiritual experience I cherished greatly.  (Saw a 6 foot eel, several turtles and a barracuda).

Also, I have never felt so loved and nurtured in a massage before –   Truly an angel that brought me to tears. 

I am so excited to share this lifestyle with others!

Friday was the best Yin Yoga EVER!  It’s great when you lose track and take a spontaneous talk

What the world needs now is Quepasana, sweet Quepasana.  It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of..  I am extremely grateful.  You all are awesome.  A chance to go deeper and deeper.

Before attending this course I considered myself aware of the extent to which my mind acts on its own accord.  Someone who may be considering attending a Quepasana course and is thinking it will be a peaceful, relatively thoughtless and clear minded experience is in for quite a shock.  We are ALL far crazier than we think.  I expected that my mind’s activity would lessen because I was not speaking or interacting with the world through my phone screen, which I do for hours every day.  On the contrary, my mind has never seemed more active, bothersome and disruptive to my attempts at meditation, no-thought and awareness.  As if it felt threatened, or understood that its dominion was being challenged, it came, full force and consistently pulled my attention away from the present moment.  In the book Power Freedom and Grace, Deepak Chopra states that of the 60,000 thoughts we have per day , 95 percent of them are the same ones we had yesterday, and so on.  However, during my stay at Ponomakena, my mind exhumed thoughts and memories I had not entertained in years.  I found myself remembering things I had all but forgotten, especially trivial content from movies and such.  It made me regret all the time I spent watching stupid things through a screen as they endlessly tormented me in my attempts to stay focused.  I doubt I would have ever realized the extent of my inner chatter without coming here.  For this I am eternally grateful


The food is spectacular!  So tasty, filling and perfect!

I love Quepasana.  It is an enormous privilege to be here now, thank you so much for hosting all of this all of us.  Eternally grateful

I got the breakthrough I was hoping for this morning when I remembered something you said last night as I was fighting away fatigue in one of the last sits for the day.  You described how one can often chew on thoughts like a dog chews on a bone.  The insight hit me like a jolt.  Big I immediately ordered little i to fetch up one body scan.  As soon as little i did that, Big I ordered it to do it again -  fetched for almost one hour!

This has been a great experience.  I feel so welcome.  Although the schedule is rigorous it is very doable.  Jorge is passionate about sharing Vipassana with some unique and very helpful twists.  He has a lighthearted sense of humor as well.  It is clear that the entire course was developed very mindfully including the location, the cabins, meals and schedule.  Having all the little extras was fantastic.  Candles, notes about meals, music, lighting, etc.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and all of the beautiful people who have made this course possible.  I feel that you have found the ideal balance in Vipassana and this real world we live in.  I had been searching for four years for the right place to do this and when a friend told me about Quepasana I knew I had found my home! 

Quepasana = Vipassana+Yoga+Being Human+Magic

On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed the Kundalini and the Yin Yoga and also found the ten point meditation recording helpful.  The talent last night was soul touching and the food! (need I say more?)

Interestingly enough, in my early life it was much easier to be a critic than a celebrator.  With years of building pockets of stillness- along with honesty and humility, I can happily say that I’m now a celebrator.

I celebrate life, the beauty of all living things, this spectacular planet, the ability to soften my heart, all those that came before and those of the future.  In this moment of time I celebrate you all that make this course a reality.  Jorge, your land, your amazing open heartedness, including all the pieces of the process that brought you to Mother Maui.  MaryAnn and Jeff who work tirelessly from day break to evening.  Special kudos to MaryAnn for taking the organization and responsibility in her hands so the dance of Quepasana flows.  Not to leave out the epicurean delights that emanate from her creativity. 
I particularly love what the younger generation gleams from this course. – Only to shape their lives, their integrity with the fierce and powerful message to listen to their heartsong and that it will never forsake them.

For myself, at this chapter of my life where I am putting the finishing touches to my life – this course consistently allows me the opportunity to dive deeper into my source.  As I bring this life to completion (when the time comes) enabling me let go and fly high with ease.

We are beautiful like-minded friends from time without beginning.  I love you.

I highly recommend this silent course experience.  You deserve to give yourself an opportunity to connect with your higher self and to gain powerful tools to guide you on your journey and its turbulent times.  You learn how to release the stress trapped in your body based on your inability to accept life as it is and to seek the lesson and growth that it offers us.  These tools will enable you to free your body from disease and addictions which are caused by an inability to surrender to life challenges and discomfort.  I was grateful for the body scanning and the guided meditation that helps you stay in your body and observe where your negative trapped emotions exist.  The meditation helps you to locate those areas and with awareness and focused breath relieve it for those areas.  The power in silence helps you to stop and disrupt the negative thought patterns.  It felt great to stop the victim story and be in a state of awareness and acceptance with all these powerful tools to take back with you.  You will also strengthen your mind and body with Yin Yoga and organic vegetarian meals that help to raise your vibration and to make massive changes in your thinking patterns.

I was pleasantly surprised with the hour of massage and the opportunity to play crystal bowls and charge my crystals as well.  The bonds of friendship I made with like-minded spiritual friends will be cherished.  The spiritual facilitator was extraordinary with his profound words of wisdom and guiding you to honor your body by being gentle.  There are a variety of sitting arrangements for your comfort.  I highly recommend it.  You deserve it.  I don’t ever remember feeling so loved and given to in such abundance and happiness with kindness and compassion.  There were adequate breaks and rest time.  It was very orderly and timely with meals and snacks.  You will not be wanting for anything.  The privilege to feel so cherished will give your mind a rest to recharge and get back to your life feeling empowered, calm and well rested with amazing tools to take away that will greatly enhance your life forever!

Thank you for this phenomenal experience.  It has filled me with grace.  I am a regular meditator and I appreciated learning Vipassana and Yoga.  I am going back home and will incorporate yoga into my daily meditation program.  I had the experience during one of the meditations where I was deconstructed and I became particles in space.  I still knew who I was as particles.  The word Alchemy comes to mind when I think of this.  I found the somatic work wonderful.  I felt some of the deepest levels of rest through those exercises.  I have been resistant to yoga in the past, but no longer!  I loved the Yin Yoga and I’m going to get a bolster!

I feel the contribution your organization makes to the world is priceless.  I feel very strongly that meditation is a gateway to awareness and raising consciousness.  We must WAKE UP! Much love for your work.

Each breath

Like many winds

The yin space

Like the still of Summer evenings

In the moment

To and through fields

Of passing wild flowers

The gusty turbulence

Of love

And love softly

Come for the meditation, stay for the food

The only problem I have is thinking I am separate from God (Source, Tao, etc).  I am here to serve and align myself with good.  May my heart greet all those that I meet today.  The only job I have is to be a point of light on the planet.  (Inspired while cooking with MaryAnn)

This is so beautiful.   Thank you all.  You are so beautiful.  Filled with so much gratitude.

So my rating on the five hearts scale is ∞/5 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥……….   I look forward to coming back soon.  I know we call this a course, and it’s also a great RE-TREAT, treat and treat again.  Day 1 was challenging for me and I loved breathing through it all and staying in the moment.  The rest of the week just kept getting easier and better (tho’ not challenge free)  Gracias! Mahalo – Merci – thanks!

Silent course feedback:

I find the location and setup to be aesthetically appealing and really set the stage for a dynamic experience to be still and to experience my soul and the universal life force.  I am grateful to have my own living space and to sleep in peace.  Thanks for putting up the hammocks, a great addition.  I was delightfully impressed with the crystal bowls and having the opportunity to play and charge my crystals with.  I hope when I return I have the pleasure of playing them.  The body work was a WOW.  I was not expecting that and was grateful to have my body experience such delight and feeling of being loved.  I cannot say enough about the frequent and delicious meals.  I felt full here with such amazing care.   What an amazing cook!  It is going to be hard to go back to my cooking.   I save the best for last.  I consider you to be an amazing spiritual guru.  I really appreciated feeling comfortable to be gentle to my body and being constantly reminded to do so.  Your voice is soothing and compassionate.  The frequent breaks for my sore body were needed.   I love your music choices.  It put me in the mood to silence my busy mind.  I loved your words of wisdom and find them to be powerful and I will take them back to my daily grind.


I really liked how you kept changing up the meditation options and exercise routine especially Sunday the free style dancing and guided meditation.  I will never forget this amazing week where I for the first time in my life was still and I got a chance to give thanks and praise to my soul.  I have such great tools to take back to my daily life to make this world a better place for me and others.  I will remember to pause and scan my body to identify my stress and release it with acceptance for life as it is and to meditate before I take action to make the best choice available to me.  Thank you for your wisdom.   I will honor universal consciousness expressed as my soul in this short term body by meditating first before I start my day so that I may be better equipped to surrender to life lessons and challenges instead of responding out of fear and anger negatively contributing to the chaos that we have globally co-created.  Thank you for creating a powerful ripple effect to make this world enjoyable and to live together in peace.

May abundance of health, wealth, joy, love and happiness be with this place and all who enter it.  You are valued and appreciated by me more than words can express.  You have positively changed the course of my life and I look forward to “paying it forward”

OMG.  I think I have died and gone to food heaven.  Amazing!  Cooked up with so much love and wanted nothing in return.  How awesome is that?


Tuesday I cried in front of everyone and it was a big, big challenge.  When I felt my tears coming up I asked my guides to wait to be alone to cry out, it was the time of release!  Do you know why I cried?  Sadness?  Suffering about being broke or poor? Fear to be in my situation?  No, my soul cried out of pure joy, thankfulness and reverence for all that has happened to me….. It was a deep time of humbling letting go of unnecessary pressure on my shoulders accumulated since years of spiritual initiations and missions.   About Thursday morning, my soul faced my lower dimensions due to a lack of nicotine.  The intense breath of fire helped me transmute… or try to… because my resistances were intense!  I’m thankful for this experience on Thursday morning during yoga and meditation, being pulled down by addiction like that did show me what I need to be doing to free myself of what does not serve me any more.

Thank you for what you do for the spirit, the one, the unity.  This is beautiful beyond measure and to have served you during this week was a deep honor.

Thank you from my heart, spirit, mind and body for such a heavenly setup.   It could not be better to come home in such a roly poly playful, blissful, accepting way.  The gods must have sent you and your crew to help us see the endless mystery in ourselves and all around us.  My wish is to contribute to this awakening, I will listen closely to the whisper of the gods.  My heart and spirit is in tune with yours.  Thank you to everyone.

Here we go again……..  What just happened?  Touching, feeling the love of who I am with profound and deep gratitude for who and what you bring.  For all the persistant work and coming through yet another layer.  And mostly for showing up fully with such a big heart.  You give freely what works for you.  The ability to guide with your verbage is a poetic truth for us to rest in the natural great peace – which we all deserve.

Quepasana = a florucopia of insight, awareness, meditation, nutrition, change, flow, here today, gone tomorrow but always present, always there.   Oh yeah, sunshine, wind, rain and rainbows.

I am so deeply touched!  This has been an amazing exquisite experience.  Just what I was longing for:  diving into the spaciousness and beauty of silence, being held and cared for by angels, and in one of the most sacred places in the islands of Hawaii; a true refuge, a refuge of nature, a refuge of love, a refuge of hope for the troubled times we live in.  I would not have enough paper to express my gratitude.  Thank you, gracias, mahalo.  It is easy to dream, but it takes so much more to manifest. 
Regarding the practices, I think it is brilliant the way you are bringing Goenka and Reggie Ray (Tibetan Buddhism) together.  The way Ray works with the Soma brings in a whole new dimension to the meditation practice. I very much enjoyed the earth descent practice today.  I was surprised I had trouble staying awake for the 10-point practice although I have listened to that or other similar recordings before.  Maybe the fact that today it was earlier in the day made a difference.  I very much like Ray’s work and in this context it very much expanded my exploration.

I think this is the perfect medicine for a lot of us longing to go deeper but not able to find the context, the holding or the method.

I definitely would like to offer my energy to support this vision and hopefully to be able to be one of the angels, either offering massage, or anything else that might be needed.

So much grace!  Alleluya!  

I spent a good part of my late teens and 20s following the touring musical rock group the Grateful Dead.   My all-time favorite lyric is from a song called Terrapin Station.  The line is: “statements just seem vain at last”.   To sit in silence and just be – so simple yet so profound.  Thank you Jorge for being the change we all wish to see in the world.  Infinite blessings upon you and the whole Quepasana team.  May Quepasana continue to blossom and touch people for many years to come.  A Hui Ho!

Thanks for all the heart renderings, honesty, safe space to go deep and look forensically within to become a kinder being.  Thank you for your loving humane service.


Quepasana helped me take, live, be my first breath on this planet, it seems.  Eternally grateful for every moment, your kindness love and grace…  Mahalo Nui Loa, thank you.  Infinite love and gratitude.

Mahalo for all that you are and all that you offer, Jorge.  I offer my deepest gratitude to Libby MaryAnn and yourself for so graciously and openheartedly hosting my ohana.  We are so blessed and thankful.





Aware of




All ways

I was already in love with Ahihi-Ke’anau, where these courses are held.  And now I am in love with Quepasana and ALL IT IS.  I feel great gratitude for what you have created Jorge.   You are a true visionary, manifestor and generous being who has attracted and gathered an amazing team/family to throw a great party!

Jorge, your ego free offerings and clarity of thought and speech are truly edifying, easy to get and assimilate.  (You’re pretty funny too, even your corny jokes! J) Congratulations on making it happen and living your dream and sharing with us.

As you know, MaryAnn is an absolute treasure.  So glad you found each other. 
I have done more Yoga these 7 days than in the past 20 years and happily , pain and injury free.  Your gentle guidance and constant reminders to stay in the comfort zone helped this happen for me.  Thank you! ( And the massage on day 7 could not have been better timing, she is an expert and a sweetheart).

At first I hated Regi Ray’s 10 point meditation and voice, and I hung in there and got it the third time, yay!  Earth Descent meditation affected me profoundly in finding my roots and groundedness and will balance nicely with my watery-ness.

How to find the right words to describe with the right energy and measure why Quepasana is so important and efficient to awaken and heal each of us for the creation of the new world and what it is truly about?

It was my first one and this week has been simply magical.  So deeply grounding, healing purifying to connect with our higher dimensions, our body and beyond….

To have found a way to combine the use of the five senses in the process of the healing is a genuine idea!  The transformation becomes so efficient and intense!  Yin Yoga was much more challenging for me than I could have imagined… And so, so much inner bliss and relaxation come after those challenging moments!  Equanimity, equanimity…

To combine Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, massage music is the perfect support to optimize our Vipassana meditation practice at its best!!! The alchemy takes place with wonder during all the week, step by step, layer after layer, release after release!

The final inner transformation is deep, intense, simply a magical blessed life change experience!!!  7 days printed in the golden book of my destiny!

Thank you to all the diligent and organized members of the Quepasana team…  Thank you to every Jedi student, brothers and sisters like me who decided to co-create this moment of eternity, this moment of profound communion, fraternity and reflection.

And thank you Jorge, a soul like no other.  I know how rare it is to see a man devote himself, his time, his energy and his money to heal as many souls as possible!!  This is extremely rare and precious..  Jorge, what you have accomplished, dreamed and created deserve all the support and benedictions of our creator, the force, the infinite realms of love!!!  And so it is and will be as it is…. As it is…..

May Quepasana continue to flourish, to free more and more souls at this so special time of the creation of the new world, the new reality, the new unified earth nation.

These 7 days have been a pure reflection of consciousness and love, a pure example for the creation of the new paradigm.  And the food was a perfect example that every human on our planet should have at any time, so delicious, so health and so much love inside.

Long, long life to your soul mission Jorge.  May the love and the seven rays of the creations shine through.   THANK YOU ten thousand times and much more.  Infinite recognition love and kindness. Soul to soul, heart to heart, Jedi to Jedi!

Thank you again and again.  I cannot express my growing love for this process.  I fall in love in layers and layers.  Never ending goodness!! Thank you for this opportunity to tune in!

Mahalo!  This has been an extraordinary week!  I can’t remember feeling so cared for, nourished and supported on so many levels.  The generosity of the land, water, teachings, staff, food and, of course you have left me humbled and awakened.  Turning 65 this year I definitely noticed a downshift in my aliveness.  I am reset!  The spark of aliveness has returned with new motivation to continue.  Not having had a consistent yoga practice for many years – I spent the first three days meditating on the sensation of pain – then a shift, a softening.  I turned toward essence, toward emptiness in my body a reminder of who I really am.  You are a unique combination as a teacher:   Joy, creativity, profound generosity – a delightful vital being!  I will return.  I have returned!  With a softened grateful heart.

What a trip!  I really can’t express what the experience was like with just words.  I’m sure that has been said before, but it’s true.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an experience is worth everything.  I was brought to tears more than once with gratitude for all the servers and the people that made this happen.  I had some of the most powerful and subtle experiences of my life.  This really should be experienced by everyone.  Jorge, thank you more than words can express.  You’ve impacted my life more positively and powerfully than you’ll ever know.

To start, a HUGE THANK YOU to Jorge and everyone who helped in making this experience so beautiful.  Having attended a Vipassana course before, I came with expectations…. I know, not good!!!  So of course I got to deal with my frustration all week.  I guess that was my lesson this time.  Not what I expected but I had to face it through a lot of pain, anger, no concentration, scattered mind, I got through.  This sunset meditation everything finally clicked! J I feel blessed for being here.  I feel peace and ease, happiness and love.  Once again, thank you!  Oh, I forgot to say the place and the food could not be more perfect.  Gracias!!

Dearest Jorge,

What does one say when one’s heart has been blown wide open?  To have the time to really be quiet in a setting that is beyond magnificent.  To get to know oneself, to dive deeper, to feel my breath, my core, my heart, my joy and my tears.  To be so relaxed and enjoy a rhythm that is so nourishing.  There was nothing to do, to fix or plan, to take care of, truly a freedom that is rarely known. And with just a word to bring a smile to my face, but more penetrating an inner smile to my being.  All this and so much more because of what you offer here.  Such a heart you have to offer such a gift!  A gift so grand and so heartful I have never experienced in my personal life.  I have deep gratitude for you and the opportunity you present to all who are willing.  And such a beautiful gift to the community here.  Maui is already such a heart centered place, bestowed with endless beauty.  And now Quepasana is opening heart after heart, creating a network of individuals who are now connected in such a rich way, comrades of a higher ground can raise the vibration of our beautiful island and ripple out to so many.  I love your analogy to be as a prayer flag, fly high.  I wish more people to step into their power and calling, as you have, thru the silence so we can really hear one another.  You have provided an extraordinary experience, comfortable, nourished with words that break it down to its simplest purest form.  I thank you for all the thought and love you have put into it – and all the work.  And to swim with all my colored fish friends everyday- Just topped it off for me.  Glorious, stunning.  I will take home a new relationship to silence and to myself.  My inner journey continues to flourish.  A thousand thank yous until we sit in silence again.  In deepest gratitude and love.

Dear MaryAnn,

Even though you are busy behind the scenes and not sitting with us, your presence has a profound impact.  You weave the web of continuity and care to create a seamlessly flowing and nurturing experience so that all that attend Quepasana can flourish in their noble silence and meditation practice.   Your warm and gracious reception breathes life and evokes aloha in us all.  In fact, I suspect my experience with the burgeoning Quepasana community was the tipping point for my imminent move back to Maui on January 1, 2018.  In the spirit of the Kuleana we share, I hope we will have lots of opportunities in, out and around Quepasana to laugh, love and talk story. 

Dear Jorge,

Honored to share common ground in the sacred silence with you at Ponomakena.  You have created a Vipassana beacon of light for communion with the Aina.   Blending spiritual perspectives and lineages has always resonated best for me.  While many staunch Buddhists may say Quepasana is watering down the purity of the original transmission, I say Vive la Difference!  Your joy de vivre, humility, equanimity and Mexican flair are a welcome breath of fresh plumeria laced aloha air.  Many will welcome the spaciousness that you have opened into the Vipassana tradition.  The moving meditation practices of Yin and Kundalini yoga are brilliant and effective in building bridges of centered awareness through breathing life between the worlds of meditating and activity.  All that lying on the Earth in the daylight hours in Savasana was an unparalleled nourishing experience.  In my own confrontation with Mara, it was as your somatic recording teacher said in recounting the Buddha touching the earth….  A transcendant heart opening experience I will never forget.  I look forward to joining the Quepasana community in service.  Deep bows.

From day one onwards I am getting deep insightful downloads effortlessly just looking at the ocean, waiting for a meal, resting in bed.  The formal meditations were a struggle until day 6 sunset when I let in  the body sensations which surprisingly only were telling me what  an incredible life I have lived and how precious our time here on Earth is in these bodies.  That was the first moment I truly let in a phone call from one day before Quepasana.  My doctor was arranging for specialists and more tests since this one did come back positive for cancer.  Every moment, every sensation, every thought, every action has the clarity of being precious if we let it in.


“The art of living – Real living is feeling free and uninhibited and, instead of being guided by external forces, following the internal direction of the heart.”  I wrote that many years ago, but did not realize exactly what it meant until this week.  You guys nailed it!  Thank you!  What a blessing! Forever grateful for this life changing opportunity.


When I first signed up for the Quepasana course, I thought it was 10 days.  Then I found out it was only 7 days and I thought, that’s enough.  Now I wish it were 10 days.  I look forward to sharing this experience of Quepasana with you again.

Team Quepasana,

My whole being is full of GRATITUDE.  For this 7 days of self-love.  I have been a believer that gentleness is powerful and this meditation course allowed that wisdom to sink in another layer.  The land the course is held on is quite possibly the most peaceful place I’ve been.  The birds singing, ocean waves, pleasant breeze, hardly any car noises made the experience peaceful and I felt safe to dive into my awareness.  The time in silence is PRICELESS.  I really enjoyed the “shake rattle and roll” warm up.   I would love if you could make a video and send it to all of us to assist in integrating this into every day.  This was also the first time I’ve spent many hours connecting to center point and I am hooked to add it into my daily meditation practice.  I’ve done a Vipassana course before and and really appreciate there is movement in this course, it feels necessary to keep the chi moving so the sits can be more accessible.  Absolutely loved the playlists, especial the dharmic music during Yin Yoga.  Would love that too if it’s on Spotify.   The somatic guided meditation was a fun way to explore the body and the 10 point practice allowed me to access deep fear that I had no clue was sitting in the bones of my feet.  Also, really appreciate the humor and dance party we enjoyed.  It feels that the spiritual life can be so serious and it seems healthier to smile, play, laugh more when appropriate.

Big thank you to the kitchen crew!  Holy yummmmm. Everything was delicious, healthy and nourishing.  Makes me consider going back to eating mostly vegan since all this fiber and bone broth really eased my digestive issues I’ve been having the last year.

Many thanks to Maryann for organizing the logistics, behind the scenes flow and feeling like the sweet mama bear to all of us.

One area of improvement could be to hold and request the silence be honored.  I saw many friends and partners talking a lot and one person came up and started sharing that he was having a hard time and wanted to leave.  I felt rude not to respond but I wish he had not started to share with me in the first place.

This has truly reconnected me with the yin of my being.  I am excited to recommit to a daily movement and one hour sit practice.  It is not only necessary for my evolution but I know it is assisting the universal frequency to be higher and higher.  Much love and many blessings.

Thank you again Jorge for taking us on this fantastic voyage into ourselves.  Even before the course I knew it would be great.  But I had no idea it would be so awakening.  I had taken a Vipassana course a decade ago and truly had a breakthrough experience but over the years have slipped back into the painful illusion of our “normal society”.  Even having some expectations to fill, this course was above and beyond what I could have expected.  Thank you for giving me the gift of myself! It feels very liberating to know that the constant search isn’t necessary and we are already here.  You have inspired me to deepen my personal practice and prioritize my spiritual life to become the forefront again.  I want to let you know that if you ever need any help, or someone to connect to I will always be available.  I know in my heart we will be crossing paths many more times to come.  Mahalo!!

Aloha Jorge,

The last day in the yoga shala you placed some wonderful essential oil on me.  So comforting.  Perhaps you had a sense of me being in a sensitive state.  Later when I started to sob I felt your presence and caring heart, your loving kindness.  It helped me to move through my emotions.  Thank you.  I was crying because my heart felt so open I could feel everything and I could especially feel the earth and all its dwellers, the birds, the trees, the blue ocean and all the beautiful fish, how their lives are being threatened and their safety unknown if left in the hands of those who do not act from their hearts.  Being present to myself and all of us here at Quepasana this week gave me a sense of participating in something greater than myself – whose vibe and intention and words spoken and unspoken, were added to the something unspoken, and energy that can help bring our beautiful planet forward into balance.  Again thank you for your helping to infuse the world with loving kindness.  May it ripple out to all beings.

Quepasana is the best thing that’s happened to Maui in a long time!  Yeah!

Overwhelmed with kindness, joy, happiness for that which is being received while here.  Learning so much awareness, creativity, continuous flow into the unknown awareness of being.  Mahalo Quepasana

Well it worked!  At the mornings early meditation I sat down, got myself in position and no sooner had I settled in I had a strong pain.  I just sat down, I was frustrated, I did not want to sit like that for an  hour; I was ready to give up…..

Then you reminded us to scan our body, so I did just that and started to bring awareness to the painful area, I poured loving attention into it and it suddenly started to disappear!  Thank you for your guidance.  Most grateful.

Thank you!  I love you, and your family and what you create.  I believe a gong would be extra amazing along with your crystal bowls.  As far as the somatic meditation, this really opened up my inner eye to go deeper, breathe deeper.  I took a couple or three somatic meditations for it to kick in, and it did.  Thank you for continuing to play them. I like the music but towards the end of the final days best.

Thank you for holding such a sacred safe space here.  I am able to penetrate into my deepest shadow side and not be disturbed by outside distractions.  Thank you for  your generosity of spirit and holding such an impeccable peaceful presence.

Lost for words.  Magical!  Profound!  Deep!  Healing! Beautiful!  Amazing timing!   Dream Team,  all of  you beings.  Magnificent space on all levels.  Family!   Friends! Loved Earthlings!   Love you all.

Haole means “no breath” in Hawaiian.  “Spirit” means “breath” in greek.  Anapana practice is what gives Haoles access to spirit.  Mana is energy, or life force.  Mana is in the air we breathe.  By breathing in Maui air, we are charging our systems with Mana.  Anapana practice is how we revitalize our bodies with Mana…  You are an excellent Vipassana teacher, and I fully support the somatic exploration of Vajryana tantra, but I want to encourage you to keep anapana practice as the primary tool used to purify the mind, revitalize the body and connect us with spirit…   Thank you, thank you, thank you. With Metta, Bless!

Thank you Quepasana for your hospitality and love!  I appreciate everything that has been shown to me…. Grateful for your private words during my tough moments and your joy for life is contagious Jorge!

Maryann, you have been a light in my darkness, a sould I feel I have met before and your guidance (silent or voiced) has been powerful yet endearing.  Unsure if you have children,  but if you don’t, you have the warmth and love any daughter could ask for.

Mahalo Nui Loa.  Thank you my wizard friend.  Body, mind, soul, beingness is soaring more than I could ever wish for.


Thank you always for this creative heartfelt experience.  This one truly changed my life..  You have given me space to reset my system which has aligned me back to source.  I felt my essence in a way I’d never had to date.  The best description of it is the “I’m with us” photo.  Feeling the way in which all thoughts are energyforms that if we resist literally get stuck.  Our beings and heart center are natural frequency transmitters.  We help transmute the energies of the planet through our bodies.  I felt that on a level I never have beyond an intellectual process and into a knowing and feeling experience.  And when we resist certain energies they get stuck until we learn to surrender…. Then they begin to shift… the body work I got with the essential oils aided in the release and stuck energy.  I’m inspired… more creativity to play with.  Thank you for all you do.  I look forward to Maui.

Ever since I was very young I have suffered with the effects of a temper.  My mother used to force me to count to ten.  At times she would have to place a hand on top of my head to hold me down.  I’ve had difficulty throughout my life expressing my emotions in acceptable ways.  Being socially akward gave bullies an easy target.  People who I considered friends betraying me, lovers hurting me and leaving and many other circumstances has left a lot of emotional residue.  I have need quick to defend, quick to anger…..anger, the one emotion I show clearly.  If I am hurt, even sad or depressed it all comes out as anger.  The only place I have ever felt any peace is at Quepasana where in noble silence I am left alone with my thoughts.  Where, through meditation I can begin to break down my patterns of resistance and reaction.  For the first time in 30 years I am hopeful that one day not only will I love myself again, but I will truly feel and be at peace.  I am so grateful for this gift you have given to me.

On the mat I sat

I sat and I sat

I sat and I sat

And my mind kept the chat

I thought about this and

I thought about that

Am I fat?  Should I get a cat?

Is the earth maybe flat?

And I sat on the mat

I sat and I sat

Wondering, wondering where it’s at

Playing, paying tit for tat

Ego being such a brat

I sat and I sat

On the mat I sat

Wishing for a hat

Sneaking like a rat

I need a doctor “stat”

On the mat I sat

I sat and I sat

I sat and I sat

Wondering where it’s really at

Then it hit me like a bat



Gratitude flows from my heart to yours.  You have been an angelic blessing on my journey.  This year has been a huge year for me already.  Many breakthroughs, and it all started with Quepasana!  I believe January and February courses really pulled back the sling on slingshot, aimed me, and set me off into right alignment with my higher self and the cosmic forces at work.  Your strong presence to show up is extremely contagious.  I hold you and Libby and all the Quepasana foundations in high respect for the beautiful service you are making available to the public.  I feel honored to be able to be a part of this sacred service in any way that I can.  Your heart is wide open!!

Angels from heaven.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you.


Everything about Quepasana is suffused with love.  I’ve never been in a setting where so much was given so purely.  The way the grounds were prepared, the food, the music, the administration, coaching and teaching – were all given from pure love.  It’s been a beautiful and unique life experience I will treasure.

It brings me to tears to tap into the depths of love and kindness you express through your gifts.  You are the vibration of love and generosity.  I feel deep gratitude and appreciation for the teachings of self love, grace, kindness that have been bestowed upon me.  To all the sweet helpers  that made this dream possible:  Thank you for all your contributions of time, gentleness, body work, song, nourishment, creativity, cleaning, organizing, bell ringing and love.  I see all of your generosity returned to you tenfold.  The light of love surrounds us, guides us, is us.  I look forward to all the ways I can contribute to this beautiful Quepasana.



…I honor your experience and ability to share the Dharma.  You lead by example.  You do a very great job conducting an experience of deepening understanding of non-self.  I have been practicing vipassana for several years, but you have been practicing for longer than I have lived and from that dedication and discipline I am inspired. It is no simple feat so see the things in oneself that have been ignored.  When I see those parts in myself I am brought to tears.  Thank you for holding such a beautiful space of an awakening experience…. I would like to give back in any way. When there is an opportunity please reach out.




Thank you for your generosity to this community of humanity.  I have no idea how you pick and who pick for being part of the group, but I surely love how you mix all ages as you did in this group.  It is inspiring to see so many young adults being so willing open to look inside.  What an amazing gift you give to all of us, and to allow to give to ourselves.  For me, the last 25 plus years , caring for others making myself available to others, witnessing so much suffering, being exposed to people with secondary trauma.  Being able to just be there for myself, not needing to look out for someone else, paying close attention to my needs….. It is so beautiful.  You envoke this caring here, that is evidently so very gentle, so palpable.  It shows in your instructions during Yoga and meditations.  It is evident in your voice when you speak.  I love the simple clean tender words and the reminders to be gentle with ourselves.  It is also very beautiful that it feels that you have no ego involved about your messages – purely to pass on what you have learned and experienced – to pass on to others.  That way it is also received so beautifully – as it is given so generously and kindly.  The tents are fantastic!   Just perfect in every way.  Most comfy bed.  The food is exquisite!  Amazingly yummy!  The problem is that it is tempting to go for seconds, as it is soooo tasty.  The organization of the day’s schedule is very conducive to an easy nurturing rhythm.  I am always looking so forward to what new thing/surprise you have in store J  Ilove the 8-9 PM different experiences.  You truly could not have found a better combination of schedule.  Your beautiful vibes and your high spirit emanate out to the people around you. 

Thank you for your great generosity of your spirit, of your time, of your place.  And that you are so willing to share the joy for life with all of us here and now.  I love your playfulness that you show with all the toys.


I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to dive deeper into my source – our source.  You have so much inside and out that creates this benevolence – this sharing to experience our beings.  Me showing up enables me to go out into the world and be that point of light and shine more brightly – only to give back all that has been given – Grace, grace, grace.  May all beings be happy!!


I am filled with tears of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be together for this work.  You have brought such great energy, love and compassion to the teaching.   I am inspired by  your energy, and life and generosity.  The way you embody the insight that comes from this practice. 


Man, there is a lot going on inside my head!  I thought I’d already done a lot of internal work but I learned this week I’d only scratched the surface.  I’ve been trying so hard to fix my issues that I never before stopped to take a look at my own mind in its entirety and just observe.  I have a feeling that a lot will shift or resolve itself just by allowing myself to experience the sensations in my mind.  I also have the feeling there’s a lot more waiting to surface.  I am glad I could engage in this 9-day course.  It took a few days just to drop in and allow myself to let go of all the worries and responsibilities.  The experience built as it went so I got to practice meditation at several different states of awareness.  I did not get that in the 4 day course.  This was several times more expansive.  Again thank you for this experience.  I hope for the chance to repeat every year.


Mahalo!  This has been a roller coaster for me.  So many ups and downs, ins and outs.  Many moments of clarity and just as many moments I wanted to give up.  Your love and generosity has shown me what I already knew in my heart:  that we all have love for one another and are looking for ways to show it.  This experience has given me a fresh perspective on so many things I couldn’t even begin to write it down on paper right now.  Over the last few months I was ( for the first time in my life truly), ready to shift.  I was open to a new experience to being the person that I am out in the open.  As they say:  “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”  I still have so much growth to do.  But life is a journey, not a destination.  This is just a glimpse of my real enlightenment.  A glimpse that has become the catalyst of my growth.


Mahalo Quepasana Ohana for warm welcoming to your home.  This Aina is sacred.  This Aina is peace.  I am loving kindness.  I am well – All is well.  I am peace flowing with ease and grace.  I am happiness. I am content.  Everlasting flow of gratitude for youniverse.  Mahalo for the blessed hands that prepared the food.  It filled with nourishment, love and kindness.  Mahalo Aina. We are sacred temples of love boundless and free


So are we really just speaking to ourselves?


I am a temple of divine love

Co-creating heaven on earth

I am an instrument of divine light

Co-creating peace on earth

Remember, just who you are

Remember, you are made of stars

Remember, all that you are worth

Remember, all the joy you can bring

Remember, all that you know

Remember, the power of love

All my worries, and my regrets, all the things I have not done yet, I let it go, I let it go, I let it go, I let it go

All the things that people say when things are not going my way, I let it go, I let it go, I let it go

Cause sometimes I gotta take a step back and remind myself that it is all a state of mind

I love and accept myself exactly as I am, in the present moment

I love and accept myself exactly as I am in the present moment  Oh yeah!

As I am, as I am, as I am

Goodbye worry, goodbye fear and suffering, goodbye jealousy, goodbye blame, goodbye judgement, resentment and shame.

Goodbye worry, I don’t think I’ll need you again, not where I’m going

Hello joy and fun, hello healing for everyone, hello grace, hello light of the sun, hello love

It is so good to see you again, see you again, so good to see you again

May your heart burst open in unconditional love.  May your mind be illuminated with infinite peace

May your presence radiate to all beings

May all of the beings in this world be happy and free



My thoughts as a first time Quepasana server:  Wow, I had a super deep and profound experience being served last February for my 6 day first Quepasana course.  I made various preparations to be ready to drop in and really “get” this as much as possible, which I think I did…   But it was not possible to know how profoundly gratifying the experience would be when also serving.  Now I am enlightened to new magic.




Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!  Big thanks to Jorge and the whole Quepasana crew for making this symphony of love possible….. The Quepasana overall format feels brilliant.  I deeply believe that what is called for in these times is embodiment and transcendence.  Quepasana offers both.  I have been away from Vipassana and a meditation practice for a while.  This was a very kind re-entry.  Jorge’s instruction has been excellent.  Grounded, wise, compassionate and playful, he has held a solid container for us.


I thank you again for the deeper levels of self-empowerment you have helped awaken inside me.  You are a true leader.  The mark of a true leader is one whose main interest is in empowering you to lead yourself instead of binding you to them.  True leadership, like true education, does not impose itself on anyone.  It is the gift of being able help others find their own way forward in life, rather than taking away their individual power.  You have a powerful magnetic presence and just from being in your aura people come to deep clarity about their own direction.  Many of the greatest leaders in the world often pass unrecognized by mass society.  Your work and service lives through me and is contagious to all I come in contact with.  Much love malama pono.


Once again, how amazing it is to witness and receive a gift so selflessly and intuitively created.  The warmest tones, the pastel strokes – defined, yet only in the matter of presence.  The entire planet, by grace sprouting lilys, as ones you’ve shone to paint upon a canvas all their own.


Mahalo Nui Loa!  It was a pleasure, joy and true honor to be a part of your positively life transforming practice still yet ever eternally and beautifully unfolding in divine bliss.


I was actually concerned about the many hours of yoga, as I never really loved yoga before but you know how to make it so fun and I look so much forward to those hours.   I totally see how much work and thought you put in it to match the songs to the poses.    Yes, your joy for life is contagious!!  You are a master at guiding us to get deeper, so we can be “home” more again.  That’s what it feels like to me. I arrived back home more again.  


Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you feeding us, opening your beautiful home and so many things so that I/we would meditate.  I hope your heart is filled with oceans of love grace and happiness.  In deep gratitude and state of bliss.


What just happened?


Another stellar course.


Forgot to express in my last note that the food was GREAT and so clearly made with love.  I am so deeply thankful to have had this experience.  I would be grateful to have it again and feel the world needs Quepasana.  It is so very welcoming.  Thank you again for your brilliant leadership.  Thank you ALL!


You leave us speechless with your ongoing generosity, kindness and love.  You inspire us so much and every time we come here we come HOME.  We are in deep gratitude for you in our lives.


And now the work begins….


We are the keys to unlocking love’s greatest potential.  Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for providing such a pristine container for the soul to fully remember.  This experience has nurtured and upgraded me in so many ways, and many others to come.  Infinite bows.  Sat Nam



Where do I start?  Firstly, the generosity, care, love and SEVA that has been put into this course continues to astound me.    The people, the land, the ocean, the air and the nature have been giving and giving and giving and giving of themselves/itself for the past 6 days.  Such love and service changes lives.  It has changed mine.  To be provided for and allowed (forced ) to be still has provided fertile ground for me to be better able to SEE, HEAR, LISTEN to myself.  I have been confusing numbness with equanimity.  As the world and the inner chatter became less, I could more clearly see all of the ways I numb, distract and avoid or cling to anything BUT the present moment.  How funny??  When being in presence is where all suffering ends, and yet I spend 99 percent of the time trying to end my suffering by avoiding the present moment.  It is so amazing!  I hope to come back, if the opportunity opens up again in the near future.  This week has forever changed me and my prayer is that it will continue to deepen, deepen.  A million mahalo.  What grace and infinite blessings.


To all who helped create the quepasana experience that has been transforming me since my arrival on this magical property, including Buddha, Goenka and the rest of the teachers, I must declare that this was, is and will be remembered as one of my peak life experiences, both for the moments spent within the course, on and off the mat, and for the far reaching effects that cannot help to continue to influence my personal development.   I’ve traveled to far away lands and spent thousands of dollars for other experiences, but taking a week off work and driving 20 minutes over here has easily been worth as much or in many cases even more!


Since the Quepasana I attended in June I haven’t written much.  It has been quite the process since that first most life changing moment.   The amount of unconditional love you show within shows clearly and brilliantly around an open heart, feeling place—ever present, pure and beautiful.  The experience you offer, the practice and the space held is unfathomably gorgeous.  For me, the practice has eased my life into a state of grace, acceptance clarity, gratitude, love and longing for further growth and alignment around my heart and soul.  The simplicity, consistency yet ever slowing and unique way you deliver the teachings is so refreshing.  I feel so honored to have shared space, served and (Just BE’d)… in harmony with you .  It is the first time I have felt a real home in several years.  Infinite love, infinite gratitude, may it shine upon you for eternity.


I am filled with deep gratitude for time shared together in the richness of each other’s loving presence.  Each sit uncovers more layers bringing me closer to my core and deeper into my heart and my compassion.  I shed attachments and old judgments I didn’t even know I had.  The reveal themselves to me and then bid their “adios”.  Thank you for Quepasana-  a safe and sacred space for us to gather as one and cleanse our soul.  Much love and Aloha.  Mahalo Nui Loa.


Thank you for challenging me to enter into deep meditation.  I have dabbled for years but never allowed myself to be dedicated to a daily practice.  I see the benefits of meditating through every moment and how that is the most important part, to find mindfulness in every moment – but practicing that takes a lot more patience and a lot of concentration with relaxation of the mind.    I had no idea what places meditation could take me to -- life is a different, more vivid reality in a meditative mindset.  Thank you for helping me come into the truth of acceptance and surrender.  I hope to use my inner strength for coming into a daily meditation practice. So so so many mahalos for all the light work you all do with these courses…. Allowing spirit to flow through you and spread the love and light all around.


Thank you for this rare and wonderful experience.  The place feels lika a buddhafield.  The organization (food, lodging, yoga, meditation) is spectacular.  Very caring, loving spontaneous energy.  I found so much peace and acceptance in me through the loving support of place.  I lived in India with Osho for years and I feel the same peacefulness and the openness to let everything come to light.  It is easy to fall into oneness here.


Mahalo for sharing this silence with us..  Thank you for teaching me how to meditate in Vipassana style.   I am so grateful and admire that you open up your property for this opportunity to share consciousness with so many.   Thank you to all the helpers who cooked and cared for us in so many ways.   And thank you for the glamorous camping accommodations.  Words really don’t encompass all that has been experienced and all the gratitude I wish to express.   I will continue to practice to be more loving, kind, sharing, honest, giving and grateful with consciousness in stillness with gentleness for myself and others.


Thank you,  I have never felt more held and nurtured than in my few days here.  Thank you for allowing us this time and space and giving of your time.  Thank you!


Thank you Quepasana.  Everything is wonderful.  I love this program.  I am filled with loving kindness, I am well, I am peaceful and at ease, I am happy and content.  I am thankful for Quepasana.  Keep up the good work.  This changes people’s lives for the better.  This changes the world and makes it better.


Ain’t no party like a Quepasana party!


This cocoon of silence and support helped me to dismantle many mind made forts.  An environment of loving humans and healing water turned grasping and resistance into equanimity fodder.  Nourishing sustenance and staff chopped chattering thoughts clear in half.  Yin yoga and vipassana sitting hold a type of twin flame fitting.  From one battered soul to another—Quepasana is like being coddled by mother.  Now well armed with tools of the mind, we peaceful warriors all shall embark in kind.  Daily life re-emerges with all of its woes, our sheer acceptance, our knowing, that’s how it goes.  After releasing our tension, our pains in our knees, we now fly like the birds on the wind in the trees.  Ongoing and onward, moving about like a whiz.  Realizing our oneness, in the present moment, as it is.


I was aware before I came here that I have many blessings.  I am the mother of three beautiful souls.  I found my soul mate in my loving husband.   I am self employed in 3 jobs that I love in health and nutrition.  I give all that I can to all these roles but I have struggled increasingly as the years have passed.  Now I know why.  After spending these 5 days with myself, with all my usual demands evaporated by this paradise.    While there may be beauty and grace and giving and serving, I learned and remembered that I too am worthy and in need of the same gentleness and consideration – From me.  If I cannot first nurture, calm comfort teach love and accept myself, how can I be as effective in helping others do the same for themselves?  So, I will return to the world seeking to share this gift that I have received.  Be present.  Be mindful.  Be joyful, accept the painful.  Be curious of the change, it’s there moment to moment.  Thank you for this gift.


It is with immense gratitude that I thank each and everyone of you who contributed to create this Quepasana.  Special thanks to Jorge for sharing your wisdom, grace, love and kindness.  You are truly a brilliant being and I am honored to have you as a teacher and a friend.  Many thanks to all of the generous, talented and loving people who prepared all of our meals.  The food was fantastic and nourishing to the soul.  Your effort and kindess are greatly appreciated.  Blessings to this land and the many people it is healing and helping.  The Mana here is an overflowing source of replenishment and power.  To all of us who participated: many blessings on our way to love, kindness, well-being, peace, ease, happiness and contentment.  May we all shine brighter from this collective experience.


Amazing!  What a beautiful experience.  Thank you for not only sharing your inner richness but also your abundance in the outer world.  Thank you for the simple method so effective and insightful.   I loved the yin yoga with this heartfelt exquisite music.  Just what the doctor prescribed.  The scanning is a real gift for me for learning more sensitivity.  Perhaps one day we won’t need x rays any more.   The evening surprises just like a warm good night kiss.  The cooks and their love warmed by belly and heart.  Thank you for making this experience in my favorite spots on Maui.  Thank you for enriching the Maui spiritual community. 


Unraveling the entanglement:  The kind gentle approach!


To Quepasana:  I am overjoyed to share that this was such as wonderful experience.  First off, the accommodations (the staff the excellent food, the personal tent and the various activities) were outstanding and could not have asked for more.  I am very grateful, second, I was not sure what to expect when arriving with 27 guests, but everyone was not only friendly and courteous, they were so mindful and participatory that it made my experience that much more enjoyable.  Third, the practice.  I can’t tell you how much stress relief I have in being more limber in a mere five days than I may have been in my life.  The introduction into Yin Yoga was so profound, that I’m immediately purchasing bolsters when I arrive home so I can continue the practice.  The meditation was at first very difficult, even with my experience in meditating.  It wasn’t very long before my focus was able to last the full hour meditations.  The clarity I have gained in my stay is so immense that even when I veer off into the future, its merely objectives to complete, lacking the stress, anxiety, judgement, and constant repetition that it once had.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my progress and have you to thank for it.  Here’s to you and this program.  With love, respect and happiness.


Here's a little note I wrote.  You’re going to read it word for word.  Quepasana makes me happy.  Now that I’ve channeled my inner Marley….   Hello from the mainland.  If you asked me 8 months ago if I would do another course, I would have been unsure.  I was terrified about 5 days of meditation, yoga and noble silence.   I was in a dark place and needed to find a new direction.  I did not know if this was it or not but I decided to give it a go anyhow.  I have now been cigarette free for almost 9 months now. I quit to come to my first Quepasana.  I have a renewed energy and vitality for which I am so thankful.  Has Quepasana been a cure-all?  No, by no means.  It is a step in the journey.  Now that I am more aware of sensations I have become ultra-sensitive and over time I realized it was time for a Quepasana booster shot.  After my first course I tried to keep up on a yoga and meditation schedule but it fell away….  I just could not remember what I thought I needed to.   I forgot to forgive myself.  This course reminded me how important it is to forgive myself and that I can’t give forgiveness to others until I forgive myself.  I am a long way from being where I want to be.  I have much personal development needed but I am one step closer.  I am so thankful for the opportunity.  It means more than I can express.


I know I am speaking for many when I thank you for spreading this simple and important information.  For the project, the insight and for taking me under your wind and giving me a chance to drop into Quepasana last minute.    Thank  you for being such a warm guide and for making me feel so welcome, so happy and content. 


As a transgender man, the duality I have lived set me into a sort of purgatory.  Unable to accurately identify in a world filled with identities, I floated along, being one thing and being seen as another.  Being raised as a woman, in many ways, has made me a better man.  In many ways its also made me worse.  Either way, I’ve been living life outside of myself.  A witness to an experience that isn’t really mine, a mind separate from the body, a man steering a figurine out of a female body, completely detached as an outsider looking in on the rest of the world.


Cerebrally, I was aware of the ever changing nature and non-solidity of this dream of a life.  A truth I knew inside somewhere but I was grasping for white knuckling natural urges and ignoring negative emotions.  I tried using extreme actions to break through my bark, attempting to chip away at the things I deemed bad about my personality eventually falling prey to those very traps.  At Quepasana, I leaned that my approach was backward.  You don’t get to really experience you own experience from the outside in.  The Quepasana program leads you to the tools that allow you to do that.  And the bark, its part of me and that’s ok.  This year I will be physically transitioning to match my insides.  I could not think of doing without first gaining these tools.  As Jorge says:  “Every transition is a meditation”.  Words are never enough, but I hope these scratch the surface of my gratitude.


Six year old me thanks you guys


Love and infinite gratitude for all the gifts you bring and share.  3 golden nuggets you speak of:  1)  You are your own greatest guru  2) Be gentle with yourself  3) all the “pain experienced in your body is connected to your mind.  Mahalo Ke Akua


This magical place has revealed how I truly look like.  I cant be thankful enough because my life will never be the same, in a good way.  I love you guys!


The music is very helpful in times of great vulnerability, it also helps ground.  Amazing music.  It has moved many emotions in me.

Love love LOVE Yin Yogaa!!  Mahalo Nui


Incredible growth these last 10 days.   Experiencing how this can be a fast lane to freedom.  I have cultivated much self-acceptance.  This dalai lama saying makes much more sense now:  “How often did you love, did you allow yourself to feel, how much did you let go?”  Recognizing and claiming my own self-inflicted pain has been the most freeing.


Thank you from a wide open heart for your warmth and kindness and inexpressible generosity in hosting us. Each day has filled me with joy and gratitude for getting to be here with you.  Though I have sat many long sits and am steeped in the yogic and energetic arts, I am learning deeply and expanding with renewal and filling with health.  My deep grateful heart says thank you for your vision (patience, determination, steadiness) that brought all of this forward into our lives.  The combination of place, syllabus, accommodations, and warm welcoming open hearts you share with us provide a platform for deep and abiding health and clarity.


This experience couldn’t be better for me.  Many celebrations, and MASSIVE gratitude.


This enchanted spell has been sublime.  Not a beat has been missed in providing a thoroughly grounded and supportive experience.  I’ve believed for sometime that insight meditation was the best method for my analytical thought process but had previously been unsuccessful at maintaining a practice, or even feeling like I was capable of getting it right.  The solid pragmatic manner you’ve presented it in, and the constant vigilance and support have gotten them through my unruly mind.  I believe you’ve provided the tools and a strong foundation to continue my own practice with.  Your constant presence on the mat with all of us, all the time was just so special and kind.  You have exhibited the highest level of graciousness and patience.  Racking my brain to think of any suggestions, but really feel you’ve got this.   The meals were so awesome and everyone was delighted.    What you teach us really works to make it possible to sit.  I get equanimity is the lesson though so it’s all been an opportunity to look at this “I”.  All I really want to express is deep gratitude for sharing so much of your beautiful hearts from the depth of my own heart.


This was probably one of the most profound experiences of my life.  It’s still revealing its gems to me.


Amazing food and atmosphere, but seriously quiet scene.   – Zagats 2017


Extremely grateful for this experience.  Words can’t even describe.  So much thanks to you Jorge and your spirit guides for the incredible space that was held for us all to go deep into the watery realms of the subconscious mind.  Special thanks to the servers as well for their part in holding it down for us.  The vibration you hold is so uplifting and special I am excited to keep on keeping on with our friendship and these practices.

What a joyous gift this experience has been!  Mahalo for your loving kindness and for filling our hearts and tummies with such divine yumminess.  Your servers are greatly appreciated and honored.  May the flow perpetually take you on its wings towards all that your being desires.  Thank you for all the vast sensations and for passing on your wisdom!


This has beren a truly transformative 10 days.   My heart overflows with gratitude to you all for producing such an amazing experience for all of us.  Thank you for eternally amazing moments.


Thank you again for so much generosity, warmth, openness, allowance and sharing.  It has been a peaceful rich and heart filled journey.  Gratitude abounds.


A momentous event in my life to have found my way to such magnificent utopia, to have sanctuary for quiet to explore my patterns and reactions, feelings in my body and PRECIOUS company to float in a particular form of solitude, gives me great pause to consider what else I might allow into my life.  How grand and lovely might my life become?  Is it here already?  The kindness from everyone here comforts and supports so fully.  What an amazing job everyone does!  Fantastic and inspiring.  Tight ship yet relaxed.  Yay!    My mind was often out of control and this course proved difficult for me emotionally throughout.  The steadiness of the instructions and the offering of space guided and allowed for a powerful, potent deep, inside the belly of a whale opportunity.  It just is.  My gratitude just is.

I am grateful.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Inspired once again!  Summarized:  Amazing food, beautiful and magical property.  You can feel Mama Gia speaking to you on this property, especially the pace of the day felt perfect.  The container was held together with love and kindness, with a sense of sacredness throughout everything.   The blessings abound – massage I receive was wonderful from the float tank, to the chi machines to the soft yoga mats provided.  We were taken care of on all levels ---- biggest thank you!


DAY 10--  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here.  This experience is beyond words.  It feels like one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I did not know how to landscape before I came here.  Now I know how to create holes, dig into the rocks, and make space for trees.  People said this would be hard.  They said some days I’d want to leave.  I’ve wanted to leave every day, but I keep staying because there is so much light here.  Thank you.  The sunset we just watched was one of the most magical majestic experiences I’ve ever had.  Infinite gratitude to the quepasana fam!


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You are amazing.  What you created here is such a treasure and will enrich everyone’s life who has the opportunity to take part in it, and beyond.  It is truly a ripple effect.

The light you share is incredible.  Thank you.  My time spent sitting is now peaceful and effortless.

I wanted to take a moment to finally email my deepest gratitude for the gift you have given me... Quepasana was life altering.  I didn't think it was possible to actually change perspective so quickly.  It seemed subtle, how this technique might have an impact on my life,  but it is ever-present and all encompassing. You have helped me to discover a space in me that I didn't know existed and I am forever changed. 

I'm reading the book daily and meditate at least once a day...trying for more whenever possible.  I have a small meditation group every Thursday too. Prior to this,  meditation was a max of 5mins before or at the end of yoga class. Now it is my home and place of foundation and great joy (most of the time :) Your words are my touchstone...I hear you say 'FEEL'  so often.  So simple, yet exact and precise...the answer!

You have created opportunities for me and all who participate that is beyond the beyond... Talk about bringing a horse to water!  Wow! The sounds,  tastes,  smells,  scenery, space, yoga,  and your wonderful team of givers are memories I will treasure and hope to repeat in the future.  I would love to come back to visit and also serve if you ever have a need. Truly... I am here.

In the meantime I have tried to recreate and cultivate my practice at home.  The music was such an amazing part of it.  If you have an opportunity, would you mind sending me your playlist?

You are a wonderful teacher... Thank you thank you thank you



Challenging, liberating, exhausting, inspiring, demanding, empowering, tedious, blissful, hard work, rewarding, confronting, comforting, overwelming, and awakening.  Through this form of meditation - the art of sensory observation - I have deepened my understanding of the dualistic nature of being human. By establishing conscious awareness of what we are experiencing, we no longer need to identify with it, whether good or bad.  We can just let it go and stay in the flow.


So what did I take away from this week?  Reassurance, steadiness, optimism.  I feel stronger, calmer, and more confident in my future and what I can do with it.  Thank you for your generous hospitality in this amazing house in Ashland, the beautiful shala that I will miss very much, tremendously inspiring company, and such great food - coming from a non-vegan, veggie-hater!

I wanted to highlight the experience I had this weekend at the Quepasana course, and encourage you to take advantage of the benefit/opportunity as it is available to all of us. Driving out to the course last Thursday afternoon I was certain I had made a colossal mistake.  On the drive home after the conclusion of the weekend, I am certain my life has been irrevocably changed for the better.

I sent Jorge a note saying I would like a spot at the retreat if it was available.  I didn’t think I had a chance, but was shocked when he replied with an email a few days later including a daily agenda and welcoming me to Que-Passana.  As I took in the schedule that was attached I was filled with apprehension at the idea of 5 hours a day of meditation, 3 hours of yoga, and 4 and a half days of silence.  I had been practicing meditation, and had worked up to 15 minutes a day, I have never done yoga, and not speaking for 4 days seemed impossible.

As I entered the house, I received a wonderful welcome.  My fears melting away as Jorge took me around the facility, introducing me to other teachers, participants, volunteers, and the gorgeous retreat environment.  I knew I was in good hands when I relayed my fear of a giggling fit during a mediation, and he laughed and told me it would be alright.  It was.

As we headed to bed that night, the silence had begun, and with it came an experience of great introspection and personal freedom.  There were challenges along the way too.  Some hours of meditation were blissful, and over in what seemed like 5 minutes, others were arduous and challenging and as if time stood still.  I learned that my expectations had a great deal to do with the difficult sessions and through those sessions learned a new definition or depth of acceptance.  For instance, sometimes I had to accept that my mind was not going to slow down or quietly focus.

The experience with yoga was often similar to meditation as there were poses that I could do and it felt amazing, and other poses where joints and resistance to flexibility could be a little frustrating.  Some of the yoga moves were so funny like the two minutes of flapping the lips together.  Who knew that there is a physical benefit from such activity?!

Speaking of flapping my lips together, the vegetarian/vegan meals were delicious and satisfying.  The care in preparation and quality of food complimented the experience perfectly. 

As Tuesday morning came along, I had mixed feelings about the retreat coming to a close.  I was looking forward to getting back to my kids and home, but also wished that the days hadn’t gone by so quickly.  It was emotional as we closed and started to pack up and say good-bye.  It is funny how so few words were used over the days, but the bond of shared time and experience among us created an understanding that went beyond words.  It was magical.

I avoided the giggling fit, but only barely.

So I want to encourage you to look at the benefit available through Plexis for Vipassana meditation.  It is an amazing benefit.  It is an amazing experience. The Vipassana meditation is a practice which has given me greater compassion, acceptance, and serenity and I’ve only just started.  The retreat is also an experience which takes great courage, but if I can do it, anyone can do it so don’t sell yourself short. 

There are a few of us who will be doing 20 to 30 minute Vipassana meditations together here at the office and if you are interested, let me know.  After the User Conference, we should have a normal schedule and you are most welcome to join.  It is easy to get the basics and my experience validates the phrase “Meditation is a gift you give yourself.”


Thank you infinitely for these teachings in the teachings in the tradition of the Buddha.  As an avid yoga teacher and therapist, I find my first experience with Quepasana full of awareness and healing.  From our first hours sitting quietly, I more than ever realized the body-mind interconnection.    Scanning gave me a sense of all kinds of sensation and the awareness of my body as a vibrational field.  Penetrating, deep.  I felt many blockages, holding patterns and emotions be released.  Cultivating effortlessness unwinding.  Letting go.  I came to recognize a great stillness and peace within me.  In  my service to the world, I am blessed to teach many with disabilities and limitations. I feel renewed and more tapped into the source with my awareness to help them tap into their own body-mind matrix.  And the accommodations, food, property, petri dish, mountain view, hammocks personal chi machines, sauna, pool, dragonflies, rocks and stillness – DELIGHTFUL!


There are few words that can express my gratitude.  I feel as if a fundamentally different way of existing has been opened to me.  I knew that a person could change their path with a single decision however never before had it been expressed to me in such a personal and profound way. For so many years I have struggled with my emotions, being led and ruled by them.  What I could not understand was my emotions have always been a strength, not a weakness.  All I needed to do was to find my center, to find peace deep within so my responses to the outside world would be less dramatic...where I was once powerless now is only strength of reaction.


Sensei Jorge and the Quepasana family!  Gratitude, joy and humble appreciation for sharing these potent teachings in an abundant, nurturing environment.  I am blessed.  I am enriched.  I am healed.  I am more capable to serve.  I am grateful.  I am free.  I am loved.  I am love.


I have done some meditation but never a five-day vipassana or anything like it.  I felt the pace was good.  The breaks to rest and meditate on our own was very beneficial.  The morning yoga sessions got the blood flowing while the afternoon yin yoga took the edge off the day.  At the end of the day Yoga Nidra was an enjoyable visualization experience.  The music was enjoyable and complimented the meditative mood.  This has been a beautiful experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.  Jorge is an excellent instructor.  His calm voice and peaceful approach was a pleasure to be around through this process.  Jorge helps us quiet our minds and improve our focus until we were ready to go deeper.


This course evoked something in me that I haven't felt in a long time.  I have felt showered with love and kindness since the moment I drove through the gates.  It made me uncomfortable at first because I felt that I didn't do anything to deserve it.  I'm beginning to understand where this selfless generosity comes from and why the crew is able to give it.  One of the most impactful parts of the course was the food.  Twice I broke down in tears during a meal because the food was so nourishing and filled with love.  it was overwhelming.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Deep gratitude for all that you give to all.  What you have created here has given me an opportunity to explore my being & create a reality that I did not ever know could exist.  I had the pleasure to be able to serve this Quepasana. It was an honor to give back to this community.  I sat at Quepasana July 2015 and it was definitely life changing.  To be able to come back and sit was a great reflection of how far I have come.  I do meditate almost daily still and it is something that is now and will always be part of my lifetime routine.  Mahalo!


Mahalo nui loa for being such a bright light & beautiful example of what is possible!


Thank you ~ My heart expands as I contemplate the beauty inside the human heart.  There is everything else there too - hardship and suffering, greed and violence, but below it all is the beauty.  One needs simply to sit to find it.  To breathe. To connect. To let all things drop away until only beauty remains and then...expansion.  Thank you for bringing me home.


Thank you a thousand times for opening your space and providing infinite healing and mindfulness.  This experience has completely changed my mind and body and spirit on many levels.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see the light, the truth.


No words can give justice to the profound gift that you have given in providing this immersion and equipping us with consciousness tools that can last a lifetime.  Thank you from the deepest place in my heart.



Thanks again for throwing a bountiful QuePasana party.  It was a cornucopia for the senses: beautiful instruction elegantly delivered by beautiful people in a beautiful home in a beautiful setting with nurturing and beautiful food.   Many times throughout the week I was deeply touched by insights and the generous offerings of love, support and wisdom so freely given by you and the team that you pulled together. 

For someone like me, who has dabbled in meditation off and on for a few years, to finally 'get it' in five short (or long, depending on how you look at it) days is beyond imaginable.  Really.  The artfully laid out program gave participants a taste of altered consciousness ~ while simultaneously adding in sprinkles of playfulness and humor.  I can't be the same thanks to the insights that you shared about the power of the mind and consciousness.


I found this course to be very powerful and effective. In just few days it anchored me into a consistent state of full presence and self awareness. From this insightful state it was natural and obvious to see my own thoughts, patterns and personality. In silence and clarity I felt like my own intuitive healer and conscious life creator. Very powerful life transformations and in a surprising short period of time, all while being deeply cared for by the teachers and facilitators in the course.


IT CHANGED my inner world – eliminated unhelpful patterns – put me more at ease.  Thanks for everything:  Happiness glimpses,  YIN yoga was a highlight,  the overall experience,  new habit of sitting every day, and knowing there are GREAT PEOPLE OUT THERE....


The Vipassana meditation is a practice which has given me greater compassion, acceptance, and serenity and I’ve only just started.  The course is also an experience which takes great courage, but if I can do it, anyone can do it so don’t sell yourself short. 


Thank you for your devotion to sharing the path of Quepasana and for being such a generous host and masterful guide for the journey inside. The Quepasana process of turning inward to feel sensations with equanimity cultivates awareness in a very practical way. The setting, food, chi machines, yoga & massage sessions all combined to create an exquisite and nurturing environment that supported the seated meditations, allowing us to dive deeper into the practice. 


I left White Oaks on the first cold morning since I’d arrived, now alone with all the parting gifts in my heart.  I took one last look at the sky vibrating with stars, then fumbled with my phone searching for the flashlight app.  I felt for the handle and opened the rear passenger door, sliding my one small travel bag on the back seat, just then remembering to pick up the sandals I’d left outside the entrance to the main house.  I took one last look around that temple of peace, gratefully accepting the tears that came from thoughts that words had not yet claimed.  What a great thing it would be to wrap my arms around that place and every soul it touched, I thought. Upon returning home I serendipitously came across the book “Remember; Be Here Now” by Ram Dass that lead me to the following passage:"My universe involves using silence and not waiting for something to happen, because the silence is what’s happening…” That is what I did for five days in White Oaks. Ram Dass also said "I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people…” What a perfect description of my friend Jorge and what happens at White Oaks, I thought.  



What I noticed when I left the course was an absence: an absence of mental chatter.  For perhaps the first time in my life, my mind was quiet.  It was such a gift!  I looked at the world from the present moment.  I related to my family from the present moment.  I came back to work with unparalleled concentration and relaxation - in the moment, what is there to stress about? It's made me a better father and husband, a more effective employee, and strangely enough a more productive person - it's amazing how much energy all that mental chatter can consume!


I went into the course without fully understanding how life changing the experience would be. The opportunity to focus on my mental and physical health over the course of the 4 days that I spent at Hale Mana was one that I would have gladly paid for time and time again. I felt as if I had received both hardware and software upgrades, leaving with increased flexibility, mental focus, and a renewed sense of awareness and peace. The community was extremely hospitable and caring throughout my stay. Though the daily routine can be challenging at times, the benefits of completing the course are long lasting and invaluable. I look forward to my next Quepasana experience and hope to participate regularly in the future.


Even with 5 hours of meditation and 3 yoga classes, there was still ample break time, to integrate, be still, contemplate and self-care with rest. I truly feel like I worked through some major issues. Additionally, the group supporting the sit were just lovely. They crafted offerings of beauty, kindness and love that created a safe container for participants to do the deep work by ourselves, yet still feel connected and uplifted by the messages and energies surrounding us. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and plan to both serve and sit more courses. I bow at the offering and potential for change After sitting with myself for 30+ hours of the course of a 4 day silent meditation, i highly recommend that everyone start meditating... Even just 20 mins a day. All the answers, keys to happiness, and wells of infinite strength are inside you.

Thank you so much for an amazing, inspiring, peace-filled experience.  I will recommend it highly to my friends.  The beautiful surroundings, angelic staff, and the combination of activities all gave me a wonderful sense of peace and the release of grasping I so wished for as my intention for the week. I found this sense of happiness growing within me as I surrendered.  With much gratitude and Aloha.