Josh Goodwin ~ Your Light Will Always Shine Bright!


Loving letter to all from his Father...

Dear friends of Josh,

As you can imagine, learning that Joshua was missing while visiting a remote coast in Maui plunged us into a hurricane of emotion; shock, bewilderment, disbelief, numbness, sadness, and hope. Yet through the raging emotional turbulence, there have been, and continue to be, moments when the light of deep gratitude shines brightly. A lighthouse in stormy seas, it brings momentary respite and peace.

Following the notification of Josh’s disappearance Jorge, Libby, my wife, Cindy and I flew to Maui to meet with the commander of the Coast Guard Search & Rescue mission already engaged in a full-out campaign to find Josh. The commander was accompanied by officials representing S&R teams of the Navy, local police, fire department, State Park Rangers and a Private Detective. Meeting them, we were immediately touched by their sincere compassion and commitment to service.

We learned that over 90 searchers, specially trained and knowledgeable of the area, were working around the clock using helicopters, airplanes, scuba divers, several boats, jet skiers, and trackers. In all, they, with the help of local volunteers, combed over 1700 square miles of coastline water, shores, coves, inlets and accessible inland terrain monitoring all continually for three days. The men and women of these agencies are practiced experts and passionate about saving lives, and they know that they are racing the clock. Thus, in accordance with Coast Guard regulations based on calculated survival probability, their search mission was suspended after three days. We are so very grateful for their compassion and dedication.

Meanwhile, we, along with local volunteers, neighbors, and friends, including his “brother”, Robert who was last to see Josh, continued the search scouring every possibility again and again in the fervent hope that he would suddenly appear wondering what the fuss was about. Despite all efforts, no sign of Josh has been found. Presently he remains, officially, a “Missing Person.”

We stayed another three days on the gorgeous jungle coast retreat where Josh lived and worked. He was thriving, radiant and living his dream from his storybook Thai cottage embraced by nature at its finest where raw jungle meets the primordial sea. He was with friends he loved and doing work that fired his passion. All could see that Josh was a very happy man.

Josh's life and love touch so many people. Even in his short time on the island his humor, warmth, kindness, and epic bear hugs have become legendary and his absence is felt deeply by all.

The night before he came to the island Cindy and I hosted a send-off dinner wherein most all of his beloveds were at the table together. His daughters, nephews, sister and brother-in-law came together to celebrate an adventurous new chapter in his life. We are so very grateful that he got to experience it fully and from the pinnacle of joyfulness.

On a wall of Josh’s cottage, I found a photo that I’d given to him not long ago. It’s a favorite image of mine showing a content, peaceful, loving man, my son, beaming proudly behind the beautiful daughters who adore him. Seeing it filled me to tearful overflow with gratitude for the richness of Josh’s life and the boundless, eternal Grace of his presence.

For now, there are no answers, no trace, and no closure. Even so, as we continue to hold him in our hearts and thoughts, we know his is not far. He's in our stories, our tears and in our laughter.

I cannot thank you enough for continuing to surround Josh in love and light and for all the support you have been sending to all of Josh’s family. It is deeply felt and we are grateful.

With love, David